Sabotage of Decrees of the President, or the tale of the state defense order

Sabotage of Decrees of the President, or the tale of the state defense order

The Russian democratic system, as is well known, has a special, so to speak, authentic democracy, which is not understandable to any other country. Well, if earlier such “misunderstandings” did appear more often in the minds of more and more foreign politicians, economists and experts on various development issues, then today and within Russia there are more and more “dull” people. Say what you like, our compatriots do not understand why military officials still sit in their soft leather armchairs if people don’t want people who thwart plans to re-equip the Russian army to continue working. An ordinary Russian cannot see the cause-and-effect relationships, who sees the President for the third time demanding that the Ministry of Defense carry out the State Defense Order, and the heads of the Ministry only lower their eyes, but with enviable persistence do not want to leave their homes. Yes, and how to understand if, for the hundredth part of such provinces, with ordinary work in Russia, they are fired in two accounts.

The situation in the Russian defense ministry is close to either fabulous or anti-utopian. As an analogy, let's use an example. The owner of the big manor turns on a huge dog to protect the home from thieves. At the same time, he feeds the dog with selected sugar bones, he drinks with a pair of milk, and she only snuffs in her silk-covered golden kennel and does not lead with her nose when someone knocks on the door with his hands and feet. The people in the estate are frightened - suddenly the thieves jump over the fence and get inside. “You should bury you at least!” They say to the dog and advise the owner to drive it out. But the kind owner doesn’t decide what to kick the dog out of the gate, he also continues to regale him as before. Absurd.
However, in our country-estate this is exactly what happens. The Ministry of Defense receives multibillion-dollar injections to modernize the army, but forgets about the modernization itself. We are not going to spend money, they say, because the arms manufacturers want to tear us off like a stick. Here lie the people's billions in the bins of Comrade Serdyukov and his associates. Meanwhile, airplanes with a thirty-year "experience" fly in our sky and safely fall, our ships sailing in the seas (yes, yes, they don’t go, but they are still), who still remember the beginnings of the Khrushchev "thaw"; Armed with "battered" machine guns with retired ammunition in the horns.

The people living in a supposedly democratic state are trying to ask the question: “Well, where is the new armament: where are the glittering corvettes coming down to the shipyard, where are the new Russian fighters filling the sky of the Motherland with a roar?” And in response, the people hear that you need to wait another couple of months , and the Ministry of Defense will nevertheless proceed with the procurement.

So the new red cloth distracting from the essence of the matter for the people has already been sewn by our President. Dmitry Medvedev decided that the State Defense Order was disrupted, not because the RF Ministry of Defense simply sabotage decrees and orders, and not because someone already scrolls budget money in the banks of Europe and the United States, but only because there was no responsible person. Yeah! The whole ministry, in whose staff thousands, I will not be afraid of this word, parasites, could not appoint the person responsible for the implementation of the project for the conclusion of defense contracts. Therefore, they say, Medvedev and decided to appoint "to help" these thousands of another one. This, as we are assured, will certainly figure out from whom and how much to buy missiles, ships and aircraft. Such a "defense messiah" should be the new Deputy Minister Dmitry Bulgakov. It’s hard for a normal person to imagine how this man would suddenly cut the Gordian knot of our defense department, extract money from Swiss banks or from under Serdyukov’s bed, and buy weapons plenty

The most surprising and entertaining thing is that at the same time, Comrade Serdyukov himself not only did not leave his post, but was not even given a severe reprimand. They threaten him with a finger from above, and he continues to sleep on budget billions and see color dreams.

If the situation with the procurement of new weapons in the very near future will not be solved, then our border will turn into a leaky fence through which anyone can climb. After all, the same non-barking dog still lies further, and through it, you can simply calmly step over and set about to sowing democracy of a completely different kind ...
Alexey Volodin
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