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Dmitry Puchkov: You can’t defeat someone’s propaganda - organize and lead your own.

Interview with Dmitry Puchkov, a famous Russian translator and blogger, about politics, propaganda and the Soviet Union. All this "Goblin" considered through the prism of cinema.

About Ukraine

How can you assess the current domestic political situation in Ukraine?

Ukraine is the same “mouse” at the elephant trail. Only the elephants this time are the United States and we, not Germany. Germany acts as an ally of the United States. Any empire, including the United States, is advantageous for these “mice” to be imperial “puppets”. Accordingly, their own squalid political regimes are implanted there. To this end, without embarrassment, they report that they have allocated 5 billion dollars for democracy to flourish there. 5 billion dollars on what go? First of all, the creation and maintenance of nationalist groups that will tell you that, they say, the Ukrainians are real Slavs. And the so-called Russians are some kind of Zhido-Katsaps, the Mongols in danger and something else there, but they are not Slavs. The real Slavs are only Ukrainians. Here we have here the mother of Russian cities - Kiev. But these Mongol menaces have nothing to do with us, for our great and ancient stories. Hate, respectively. For you there is an external enemy, Russian must be expelled, the Russian language must be prohibited. I draw your attention to the fact that in Finland nine percent of Swedes, and Swedish is the second state language, despite the fact that they have nothing in common with each other. Finnish - it does not look like anything, nor to any European languages. However, this is the state language. But in Ukraine, roughly speaking, half of Russians, but non-state Russian. Why? Yes, because any memory of Russia must be destroyed. For a start, exams can only be taken in Ukrainian in the Ukrainian language and instruction is only in Ukrainian, and in schools only in the Ukrainian language, and there is no question what you would say here in Russian. Media only in Ukrainian. And I draw your attention to the fact that when a coup d'état happened, it was the first law to abolish the regional status of the Russian language. Because it is unacceptable in a nationalist state. Here the Americans are diligently sponsored.

If they say that they have allocated 5 billion, then, as a specialist, I assure you that the CIA in their suitcases was delivered five times more. That, so to speak, is not taxed and not declared. For this, heroin production in Afghanistan has increased 40 times so that money is formed, which is not taken out of its pocket by the United States, but of the type of CIA broadcasts by suitcases to different places where it is necessary. Well, their puppets are functioning. That was the wrong puppet was Yanukovych. This puppet had to be replaced by another one, they picked up a good one and for this purpose staged a coup d'etat, and something went wrong. And then it turned out that the Russians who live there do not want to be cresting. They want to speak Russian and live like Russian, and not like these svidomye degenerates. If I wanted to create a Russian nationalist movement, I would never, as a hero, the image we are targeting, would not appoint General Vlasov, because he is a traitor and a scumbag. To have a traitor, scum and degenerate in the form of a national hero is, to put it mildly, strange. People who are appointed to the national heroes bastard, felon and Nazi Bandera - these are exactly the same bastards, criminals and Nazis. Why are you doing this, I want to ask? So you turn up in Germany, there are some different attitudes towards Jews there: there is a harsh national guilt that this garbage was created during the Second World War, and for generations it will have to repent and pay for it.

You now assign yourself this degenerate to national heroes. Is everything ok with your head? Probably not. Then rush to America, everything is fine with the Jews too. And what, Bandera you have the main? Well, as long as you are being used at a specific historical interval, they will close their eyes to this, then they will send you away. All Absolutely. Because you have a hero — a Nazi, a degenerate, and a bastard. Why are you doing this? Why not appoint Taras Shevchenko, who was good, spoke Ukrainian, composed verses? He is good in the eyes, so to speak, of the world around him. No, instead we have a Nazi. Well, here it is clear to spread rot to the Russians. What's next? Why do you need it? There are no logical and sensible explanations. So we appointed the bastard, so we run after the bastard. Well, you bastards yourself. “Yes, we are bastards. Yes, we do not hide it. Yes, we are Nazis. Yes, we are fine, here we are. ” What for? Well, it is clear that this is beneficial to someone. To the one who sponsors this business. And what is your SBU looking for? It is not looking for anything. It is actively involved in this. And how can it be that the intelligence services of an independent state now nurtured the Nazis? Probably someone helps them. But who helps them? Yes, the director of the CIA goes to them, sits in the presidential chair, without hiding everything gives money. And all this support. In Canada, where hordes of these fugitive Nazi bastards from Ukraine just live, these are wonderful people. In Canada, they have a huge "weight" in the government, help with all their might, carry military aid. Russians can not help, and Canada can assist these Nazis, that is, to send body armor, helmets and night vision devices. Well, in order for the civil war to be hotter, so to speak. Everything is fine. This is a field for a conflict of interests, on the one hand there are Americans, and on the other, we. Should we participate in this? Probably. If we do not want tactical nuclear missiles near our borders, then we must take part in such things and not allow such things to happen.

Profukali? Yes, profukali, because 20 years were engaged in some nonsense. Instead of increasing influence, getting rich and arming.

You say that Poroshenko is another puppet of the West. However, why did the authorities of Ukraine choose him?

It is not on purpose. There is simply no other.

This year, Ukraine received a proposal to take away 16,3% of property from the former USSR, to which our Foreign Ministry announced that Ukrainians owe 20 billion more.

I think that they are simply very illiterate and do not understand a number of primitive things, for example, that when the USSR collapsed, Russia took upon itself all the debts of the Soviet Union. Under the carpet solved a lot of questions: for example, everything nuclear weapon It was taken from the territory of Ukraine to Russia right away, because “you moron, you can not trust such things”, this is “a monkey with a grenade”, you can’t trust anything. They pounded howitzers on peaceful cities, shot at Gradov and had already switched to the use of tactical ballistic missiles, that is, completely off-the-board.

Phosphorus bombs still used.

When the howitzers begin to shoot at cities, everything else fades away. We took all the debts on themselves. If you want to receive part of the inheritance, you must first pay part of the debt. When they say that we owe them something, let them first pay for gas. Notice how the US poured money, poured, poured on the maintenance of war, but still nothing happens and, I am afraid, will not work. Because back Lugansk and Donetsk will never go. On the contrary, there is a risk that, as soon as the scales swing to the other side, their so-called “armed forces” will instantly run over to the side of the militia. Firstly, it is not clear why they were sent here, and secondly, why should I die for something, if I can run across and actively win, and come home with medals. And then they will go to Kiev.

Notice how the US poured money, poured, poured on the maintenance of war, but still nothing happens and, I am afraid, will not work. Because back Lugansk and Donetsk will never go.

Civil war is not a joke, it is a split within families when the father cuts his son, brother of brother. Why do they do this? Again, from lack of intelligence. The first thing they did was turn off Russian television. Because the alternative point of view is unacceptable, there is only one - the correct one. You can watch what happens to citizens with proper brainwashing. Ukraine went crazy overnight.

The person is talking to you, and he has two mutually exclusive paragraphs in the same sentence. I want to say: "How is it with you? Are you a schizophrenic, or what? ”. At the same time, he starts yelling at you in response that you are a putinoid, that Kiselev is a zombie. Most of Russia has learned that there is a certain Kiselev from a howl of maydauns. Who watches it, who needs it. Most people are not interested in politics at all, but nobody likes the fact that Ukraine is full of mess and idiocy, and nobody wants a repetition of the same in Russia.

Most of Russia has learned that there is a certain Kiselev from a howl of maydauns.

When there was Bolotnaya Square, then it was necessary to explain there what these degenerates want, they also shout that there’s nothing like that, we won’t have Egypt, so let’s, says Lyosha Navalny, learn the experience of Tahrir Square, and we will be right. What a “right”, if hordes of people around you are waiting to grab a stick, a knife and run to bludgeon on the heads and rob, don't you expect that in response, someone will start to defend themselves? Is it really not clear that if you run around with a can of gasoline and a cigarette lighter and say: “There’s nothing bad about it, we’ll get warm.” Warm up, ely-burns!

About movies, bloggers, the Soviet Union and propaganda

Are there any classic films that you have not yet voiced, but would like to?

A lot, but not enough time. There is not enough time for anything. With the release of insidious law [the law banning foul language in the cinema - approx. Ed.] I haven't released anything since April. I sit and wait, how it will end, what glimpses will be. Here Serega Shnurov concerts does not cancel, everything is fine with him, so I think everything will be fine soon. I will again take to work with fresh forces, but translating classic films, to put it mildly, is unprofitable. It is profitable to translate new films for hire, earning from the rental of new products.

Is it worth it to take seriously the law on bloggers that came into force on August 1 in August? How much has he influenced your activity and the structure of social networks in principle?

In my opinion, it's like rain. If it rains, you can't do anything about it. “Now we’ll all get together, run somewhere, and everything will be different at once,” these were illusions, they passed in 1991. In Ukraine, everyone ran together, but in the end they tear each other's heads out of the howitzers, which is typical - with the active help of bloggers. Have passed the law - I will execute. Like, not like - where to go.

What is the right way then?

I was born and raised in the Soviet Union, where everything was forbidden. I exaggerate, of course, but with the prohibitions there was complete order. Times have changed, everything has become wrong - to ban for a long time already useless, prohibitions do not work. Now everything is different, now we need to work on the principle: “If you can’t win, lead.” You do not like how people think? So, we need to organize the brainwashing in the right direction. I do not bring in the concept of “brainwashing” certain negative assessments, it’s just that public consciousness should be shaped for the benefit of the country, and not to the detriment. In the West, for example, this is understood and acted just so, brainwashing on an industrial scale. You can not beat someone else's propaganda - organize and lead your own and lead it through the media in the right direction. If you want people to think differently, convince them to think differently. You can not - write gone, no prohibitions and restrictions will not help you.

That is, in Russia, not enough work with the population?

Work, but in the wrong direction. In order to lead the nation to certain accomplishments, it must be united and directed. And the efforts of our state are aimed at atomization [disintegration of traditional ties - approx. ed.] society. To the fact that no one was friends with anyone, no one was united with anyone and there was no single goal. Our main “unifying” idea at the moment is hatred of our own past, hatred of our ancestors. In Ukraine, for example, act differently. There, an external enemy, Russia, was appointed to unite citizens. The media has been brainwashing Ukrainians for decades: Russia is bad, vile. Russians have been drinking blood for so many years. Let's kill them all! Notice how well this works. And they offer us to betray their fathers, betray their grandfathers and destroy everything that they have done for us at the cost of incredible efforts and sufferings. Is it effective? For the destruction of Russia - certainly, yes. Better not come up. Well, if we do not want to engage in self-destruction, we need other ideas. Therefore, we need other ways to influence the public consciousness, and not at all those that our so-called “bloggers” are so actively engaged in. They need coups and civil war, and the state needs a calm development and improvement of citizens' welfare. And interfere with this is not permissible. Actually, about this and the law.

I have not gone anywhere yet, have not registered anything. With regard to me, the law does not change anything, because, due to my age and a number of other reasons, I first think and then write. And those who publicly declare that all "cops", "Jews" and someone else there must be burned in the stoves, of course, such citizens should be in prison. On this issue, there is no disagreement among sensible citizens, I believe. Think, and then write. You have to answer for your words. Another thing is strange: lawmakers want bloggers to act like some kind of media, like journalists. But journalists are specially taught; they work in editorial offices, where people check the facts in order not to publish false information. What and how can a blogger check? He just repost what he is interested.

Social networks are such a huge gossip distributor. You told me something, I gasped, pressed the “share” button, shared it. What's next? Who and how can check the original posts? Now we will talk, will you tell me something or will I tell you, shall we run somewhere to check? Brad is the same. From the people they want, in my opinion, completely impracticable, and the result will be, to put it mildly, strange. In my opinion, the people who invent the laws and put them into action, in this case, do not quite understand what they are dealing with.

That is, you, as I understand it, do not cause joyful emotions around, and video blogging also serves as a distraction?

Hollywood is a dream factory. As a religion, opium is for the people. That is what helps you to forget about the cruel world around you.

Hollywood is a dream factory. As a religion, opium for the people.

Is this your story too?

This is for everyone. “Happy Endings” was invented by Americans during the “Great Depression”, when there was no work and there was nothing to eat. And I went to the movies, and everything is fine there. You somehow cheer up, you can forget about the sorrows and hardships. Why does the viewer go to the movies? For the pleasure. Almost all American cinema is an attraction. I bought a ticket, sat down on a roller coaster [roller coaster - approx. Ed.], you twisted, turned over ten times, exploded around, fired, you screamed with delight and went out in a good mood. Most go precisely for this - to have fun. Please note that the so-called "chernukha", where they tell you the "truth" about the so-called "life", does not collect money.

It remains in the genre of the author's cinema, a sort of art house.

Yes, someone likes it, someone does not. Not massively.

By the way, back in the spring, United Russia deputy Robert Schlegel drafted a law on rolling restriction of foreign films in Russian cinemas.

As I have already said, I haven’t shown anything since April; In the course of the economic confrontation with the West - of course, something can be banned. Will it hit Russia? Of course, there is nothing good in the prohibitions. People will lose money, a lot of money. Viewers won't see good movies. All this will cause discontent in the society, because the masses no longer want to endure hardships and hardships for the sake of certain goals. It is possible to agree that these are protectionist measures, but for a business it is not a matter of not showing American cinema, the point is making money. And our movie does not earn any noticeable money yet. Well, and if he doesn’t earn, you probably should take a closer look at him. To Bondarchuk, Mikhalkov ... What are you doing that people don’t want to watch? Why does the state give money for this? Returning to the thesis: “If you can’t win, lead”, instead of making good films, they put forward the slogan: “Let's cut the American cinema”. Let's! Let's leave only Russian films. The domestic spectator, having only seen the poster of the next Sergei Bezrukov and Gosha Kutsenko, turns around and leaves. Make a good movie, no one bothers. You can not - leave, let others try. And bans can not solve anything.

There was communism, all our leaders shouted: “Let's declare capitalism, and at once everything will“ bloom wildly ”.” Well, here and there, they declared capitalism ... Pay attention, the creators still stand at the state trough and carry out battles for the state’s money there, occupying all this with famous families and continuing to divide money among themselves. No one runs to the oligarchs with a request to give money for another “masterpiece”. Because no one gives, because he knows that the money will be stolen and they will take off the next rubbish, which will not collect anything at the box office. And here they are all at the state trough, they all strive for some methods of regulation by means of prohibitions to make. In my opinion, this will not help. And since cinemas are private shops, it generally looks, to put it mildly, strange.

Returning to the topic of bloggers and film bloggers. There is, for example, “Bad Comedian”. The guy makes ironic movie reviews. Do you feel competition among bloggers? Do you select any of the bloggers for yourself?

No, I do not feel. I live a long time, I have a lot of years. Young people see in the cinema one thing, I - quite another. If you try to communicate with people who are at least 20 years younger than you, you will notice a dramatic difference in world perception. Videos from young authors are designed for young people, not for me. For example, from my point of view, the film “Bitter” is idiotically funny, the best comedy of recent years. But Yevgeny [2] does not like it categorically, because, due to his age and for various reasons, he simply doesn’t understand the jokes there. Great jokes, great movies. I like him not.

If you try to communicate with people who are at least 20 years younger than you, you will notice a dramatic difference in world perception.

And what is the competition? Competition is if everyone wanted to crawl onto Channel One and would fight for this right, shoving others with elbows and walking over their heads. And so everyone just hang out the commercials, and the audience watching what they want to watch. I do not see any competition, because it simply does not exist. View count? I just do little commercials. It is necessary not three weekly, but three daily, then there will be more to watch. So there is no competition.

I remember your release about the film “Vysotsky. Thank you for being alive, ”where you talked about Bezrukov’s rubber face, and so on ...

And I guessed everything.

Absolutely right. Tell us how you came to this format of your commercials / broadcasts? Independently or borrowed from American bloggers?

Yes, it seems obvious. First, the Internet was sharpened strictly for the texts, because the bandwidth was bad. At the start, even the pictures were impossible to watch. However, initially it was clear that when the technical capabilities expand, the Internet will merge with the TV, the video will flow. And here it came. It’s a big difference to write texts and read texts to the camera - I personally don’t see. From my point of view, reading on the camera is much more correct, because in the text you will not convey intonation. This, I'm sorry, not the Americans came up with.

So your blogging story is a logical continuation of your activity with movie translations?

Naturally. Movies rented since the beginning of the 2000-s. The technology did not allow them to spread. The size was very large, which means no one could download. Until then, until you come up with "Youtube". It became possible to do - do. Through the commercials, I go and yell that "the king is naked." The press, for example, praises "Vysotsky" and "Stalingrad". And, in my opinion, both are frank rubbish. What do you admire there, I can not understand? I'm not talking about our so-called film critics, this is a separate caste, highly "watched" and well-read, there is trouble with taste. But there is good and there is bad. And do not have big brains to distinguish the good from the bad. Here they are distinguished, and here they enter into a friendly voice: “What a wonderful film this is!”. What is wonderful about it? Frank trash. Well, so I say that this is rubbish.

Do you think this whole story with Ukraine will find some reflection in the domestic cinema?

While this whole mess was on the Maidan, the trailer for the feature film “Maidan” was shown. Have you seen, no? The monstrous in content of the canvas. From one trailer already foam from a mouth, such heat is artistic. It starts with the fact that some evil cops are raping someone, then everyone is killed, slaughtered, but Russia is to blame for everything.

With Georgia, they turned out very badly. There they made one movie with Andy Garcia as Saakashvili, who, as it turned out the other day, on 450 000 dollars, only his nails were clipped and his hair was off his back. Now it is not there, and it all opens up - ugly, at least.

There, the heat somehow fell very seriously in the United States, insofar as the mass of the processes there are common and concern everyone, not just us. And thanks to the Internet, the media does not work at all, and one can get acquainted with different points of view; it is enough to watch films and documentaries that are now being supplied from Iraq. The soldiers of the Iraqi army are caught, men are dressed as civilians, loaded into huge trucks full of people, take people in huge trucks to the desert, lay them out in rows of 100 people and go to the backs of their heads. In my opinion, this is generally something beyond good and evil. Have you overthrown Saddam, who killed a 300 man there for the entire reign? Have you overthrown him for this? To kill hundreds of thousands? Nishtyak, thank you for democracy. In HD filmed, with good sound. Good, bad, what's the difference? Did you arrange it? This is the result of the overthrow of Saddam? Syria is ruined. And in America, citizens see it too. And there the propaganda is a million times stronger than ours. Our propaganda differs from their propaganda in the same way as Zaporozhets differs from Mercedes. It is believed that they have no propaganda. “Glory to the CPSU” is not written on their houses. Their propaganda works differently and works differently, but it is hundreds of thousands of times more effective for brainwashing the population. But, nevertheless, there are different sources of information and no one likes it. Obama, who receives the Nobel Peace Prize for three organized wars, doesn’t inspire much to anyone. The further, the more visible. No one likes what they do, including themselves.

You have worked for a long time in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, will tell you something remembered and funny.

There everything was funny. This is not really funny. Everything that happens there is sad [laughs] and ridiculous only to those present. There is a proverb: "I will die hard on the churchyard, you will not weep for everything". When people are joking in the cemetery, it is better not to joke in the presence of the relatives of the deceased [laughs]. If a person hangs himself, for example, and hangs a second week [laughs], such a person is called a “parachutist”. It is impossible to touch him, it is necessary to call special people and shoot him. If someone unknowingly takes a mop and pokes him, and he bursts, it is also terribly funny [laughs].

Dmitry Puchkov: You can’t defeat someone’s propaganda - organize and lead your own.

You had a completely stable translation of The Matrix and The Lord of the Rings. Then you went to the "correct" Goblin translation, began to translate in its original version. Why did you leave trash? What is the reason?

In a different sequence. Cinema I translate from 1995, these films translated into 2000's. I do not remember already. There was a series of favorite films "Forrest Gump", "Pulp Fiction". They were all poorly translated. And now they are badly translated, but then they translated it in general is disgusting, because it seems like a wonderful film, but people do not understand what he is talking about. In order to bring in proper form, I translated them. I want to translate the meaning correctly, what is there really talking about. The site has already been, it was visited by twenty thousand people. And they began to shout, because no one knows the English language. I do not know him well, the rest know even worse. Everyone started yelling. For example, when in the movie “From Dusk Till Dawn” George Clooney and Tarantino take a girl hostage, take her to a hotel and Clooney tells her: “Plant here”, that is, “Settle in here”, she starts to say something, and he she comments: “Plants don't talk,” literally he says Plant - “Grow here.” In my performance, he says: “Sit down and sit as quiet as a mouse,” she is going to say something, and he responds to her: “Mice do not talk,” she makes a remark. Immediately a storm of indignation: "Where did you get the mouse from there?" He says: “Grow here”, he makes a remark to her: “Plants do not talk!” And this is how it should be translated. Discussions with people like this - ... [knocking on the table], are you a fool? Sit down - keep quiet. No need to tell how to. These people do not know Russian either. Here you have not, there you have not.

The feature film "Hotheads", there was a moron admiral, all the time in inadequate condition. He fell asleep at the funeral, the funeral is already ending and the guard of honor babakhan volley. And in literary translation, the admiral wakes up, jumps up and yells: "The Japanese landed!" The funniest joke of the movie, the absurd is complete! In the original, he jumps up and shouts “Jesus jumping Christ”. This is a multi-layered curse word. Those. mentioning the name of the Lord in vain and yelling "Lord Jesus" - it is impossible from the point of view of believers, you can not say such things at all. It implies that he did not just use the name of the Lord, he blasphemes. In fact, “Jesus fucking Christ,” which in itself is a monstrous insult, but instead it inserts ethosism and says not “fucking”, but “jumping”, replacing the clear word for everyone. The Soviet man does not understand blasphemy, we did not have religion, and why the hero called Jesus Christ by name is incomprehensible. To explain this, you need to write on the floor of the page. And the then translator, instead of jumping, heard japan. What he said about the Japanese there is no understanding at all. It turned out funny. The viewer explains that there is no joke. To which they replied: “There is no joke, but the translator was sensible, unlike you, he took it and joked it, and it became ridiculous.” How is that possible? This is someone else's work, someone else's text. What does "translator joked" mean? “And here you are gray, you can not joke properly. There was a spark of God, and you are a gray craftsman, you can’t make a joke. ” Here, just "Lord of the Rings" came out.

Is that why God's spark was called your studio?

Yes. I, as a work, do not like it. I have already had a lot of years when the Lord of the Rings got to us. Some kind of children's work, I personally am not interested. But I respect you. In my understanding, if the hero’s name is Bilbo Baggins, then his name is Bilbo Baggins, and below give a footnote that Bilbo is the name of some Old Norse man, and Beggnis is from “bag”, “bags”. Explain! As Americans say "Ok" to each other. It cannot be translated, it is a feature of the American speech, it gives a flavor to what he says; it cannot be translated. Similarly, here. This cannot be translated. And there is some kind of “By-pass”, “brand-jumping”, “trend-cocks”, in general, from the third page you already have a feeling that this is happening near Ryazan. Why do you translate so at all? Probably the Shire should be like Lancaster. It is impossible. This is a foreign culture. Then I tell the citizens that Frodo Baggins is Fyodor Sumkin, and the orcs are, then, probably, “urki,” and will it be terribly funny? And they say to me: "Yes, it's funny." This is a sample of the idiotic translation, when a person does not understand what they are talking about and carries nonsense with stone mug.

Are you accustomed to hear your voice on the tape?

When you start, you listen with disgust, speak like an idiot. Because you don't listen to yourself normally, the voice through the skull is differently reflected.

Rocky Guy Ritchie I once showed 20. I type the text on a piece of paper and read it out loud on a piece of paper. Many children begin to explain to me how to. Then I say: "Try it!". Children are unaware that many actors also read pieces of paper, and I take text and a pencil and scribble, it’s wrong here, it’s wrong here. Written text may seem whatever beautiful, but when you start to say it out loud, there are combinations of consonants that you simply cannot pronounce, despite the fact that I speak quickly and clearly. Something must be corrected, it must be corrected, here in meaning it is somehow wrong, and here it is not so, and here it is not so. Having read it for the first time, I exhausted it, happily corrected it, now it is just brilliant, no doubt. The second time - the same thing, exhausted in the same way, the third time in the same way. Doubts creep in on me. When, by the twentieth time, everything was still exhausted, I was completely discouraged. I'm smart, after all, why is it so bad? Until you gradually begin to reach. It seems to you that everything is clear, but in fact there is nothing clear. Especially in jokes. If the joke is national, then it must be Russified. When I watch other people's texts or when I hear, when they show in the cinema, there are really a lot of flaws, everything is so primitive there that it’s even embarrassing to tell them that it’s impossible. At first, I tried to explain to them how to do it, but at that moment everyone looked at me like a talking dog. This is useless talk, not in horse feed.

Have you ever had conflicts with translators?

Not. I do not know them. I know Pavel Sanaeva. The rest is not. What to discuss? Last year, I sold tickets to my shows for 120 million rubles - this is 4 million dollars. People who announce on the Internet a quote that I translate for 2000 rub. per hour - translate to health. There is no competition. These are phenomena of so different order. This is not to the fact that I am a genius and translate best of all. The best - it does not mean "good", the best means that others are even worse. I translate to the best of my knowledge and understanding. Because the illusion of how well you know English is just an illusion. For me, the feature film “Seller” was especially revealing, where only the text is translated: text English into text Russian. There are no idiotic auditions. The text is always accompanied by explanations for the translator - what should be understood here. If a joke, then it is written: “Here is a joke. It must be funny, ”“ This is a funny name. It implies that a person has a wooden head, ”and this should be shown in translation. This hotel, in Russian "Zasransk" or "Dvuhopinsk" for complete freaks. The people who settle there position themselves as businessmen, and in fact, there are fewer crooks who make faces. For example, the city of Talahassi. That is, we know the name, but it is impossible to know all the consequences of this thing, unless you were born there.

A classic example is the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Starting with the fact that his name is Roger Rabbit. That is, not “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”, but “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”. Rabbit is his surname, Rabbit, in our opinion. The name can not even translate normally. Here it consists of the whole characters of 40's cartoons - 50's. I did not watch these cartoons. I don’t know who it is and what’s funny about them? Some smoking baby, some girl in a cap, who are they? First of all, you don't understand it yourself. And what are you translating there? All jokes are tied to their particular things. And if you yourself were not born there, did not grow up, your mother didn’t sing lullabies, you didn’t read any books as a child, didn’t study comics with a superman in shorts over pantyhose, you don’t understand what is happening there.

When “Batman the Dark Knight” came out, I went and looked at it in dubbing. The only impression I made from there is that I don’t really like movies because of the guys with rubber ears, and secondly, it’s not clear why Gary Oldman was called there. Then he grabbed the original, looked at the DVD and experienced a culture shock: they don’t talk about it at all. Not about that and not so. There is a wild amount of jokes. The humor is dark all over there. The joker is dumped there from the building and he yells: “We will fight forever.” And Batman says to him: “You will fight forever in a room upholstered in felt”. And there are all such jokes. They are sullen, but all funny. If the gun is hanging, it will fire at the end. For all my experience, I can show that the script is cooler than in The Dark Knight, I have never seen. So everything there is thought out and docked.

What are your immediate plans in the works?

The whole 2014 year built a new studio. By the end of the autumn finally built. I am amuse myself with the hope that from January I will earn in full force. But the occupation of the movie is not very dependent on me. Here is the law, and I can not do anything. I just do not give a rental ID. I would like to do something different. What I do not ask anyone, it is mine personally and no one has anything to do with it. And for this purpose I built myself a “TV channel”. I myself make videos. Rollers strongly different directions. About cinema, about computer toys, about St. Petersburg, news - including political ones. About the Ukrainians made the news, it looked three million times. People translated this video into Ukrainian, into English and into Chinese.

If the same “Bad Comedian” has videos to watch, then you will notice that a huge amount of time and effort was spent on installation, so that everything would be correct and balanced, and therefore money. You can do this with full enthusiasm, but it is desirable that they pay for it and pay adequately. Well, I do what, in general, brings money from all sides. I don't remember exactly when I moved to a new studio, where I had a 91 meter platform. Now I drove into 240 meters and built four film sets there.

You do not look at everything, on the Internet, you jabbed a finger at what you need. Someone interested in videos about the story. I sometimes sit and talk with historians. Historians call sane, of course. On the one hand, it’s hard for me, because for me any interview turns into an interrogation, and there is one of two things: either you blunt your interlocutor in the blink of an eye, which is basically unacceptable, or you must portray a fool, because the viewer knows nothing and You have to ask stupid questions so that the answers are clear. And while you look like a fool.

I understand that you have an interview with historians attached to actresses?

Events in Ukraine cover absolutely everything. People are being killed there - this is an irritant. “Enough about your movie, better tell about the Ukrainians. Why don't you speak? ”Well, firstly, because it’s impossible to immediately find out and see everything, since I’m alone, I cannot write ten notes about movies, toys and politics in a week. In terms of visits, yes, very useful. It is impossible to do politics in the so-called "show business" at all.

There was once a Soviet magazine "The Same Age", which printed exposes about every Western scum, and there was a note about the group "ABBA", where they talked with the producer of the group Stig Anders. Citizen Anders was asked: “Where did you get such crazy popularity all over the globe, but there are no sharp social topics in the songs? Why?". To which citizen Anders said: “This is all fine — your social songs, but if I sing about it, then one half will depart, and if I sing about that, then the other half will depart. And this, from the point of view of money, is unacceptable, so we sing songs only about love, which is close to everyone. ”

The events in Ukraine are absolutely overlapping. There people are killed - this is an irritant.

Therefore, all our Yuri Shevchuki and Andrei Makarevich, who do not climb where necessary, they naturally bury themselves. And what I am saying also sharply “halves” the audience. But I speak only about common sense, and not any preferences. And this common sense sometimes causes monstrous, to put it mildly, discussions. In my opinion, it is good that they swear, that is, there are sensible people who share this point of view, but there are idiots. It is impossible, I repeat, to voice mutually exclusive facts in one paragraph and at the same time say that everything is all right with your head.

Tell us more about your new book "Ukraine tse Russia", which came out today: how did you get the idea of ​​writing it, how long did you write it, what is it about?

Ideas come from the publisher. The publisher collects notes from my site and publishes.

So this is just a collection of your notes?

Yes, like the three previous books of the Krylov publishing house. But, in fact, the books are bought by those who do not go to the site.

And who is the readership of your books?

Here to find out. I do not know.

About politics

There is a “cold war” between the West and Russia. Against this background, suppose the following situation: The West imposes regular sanctions against Russia, which consist in the fact that the distribution of Western cinema in the territory of our country will be banned. What are you going to do? Will you translate films from Bollywood? Or maybe Chinese cinema?

Always going ["cold war" - approx. Ed.]. I do not know [laughs]. First, I do not understand how they can be banned, everything has changed so much already. In the Soviet Union, when there was a film in the cinema, you could not watch movies at home, you could watch it on TV once a year. Now it's simple: I took a “screw” [hard disk - ed.], Where all the work of Hollywood in ten years can fit. How can you "fence"? The Cold War ... You look at it wrong. American cinema is a purely commercial, propaganda product. For example, take the movie “Transformers”, there is not about the invasion of robots, as such, but about how the American citizens and the American army defeat the evil scoundrels, because the American army is stronger and America is better. This is what they implant in your brain. Good or bad is another matter. Watching what and looking for someone. Make a film where the Russian army defeats the newcomers. But we are shooting about how Stalin did not let the kombriga Kotov defeat the Germans in three days. And the Americans purposefully implant in their brains what they need. This is a cultural expansion.

American cinema is a purely commercial, propaganda product.

The film "The Expendables", where Sylvester Stallone, Stethem and other lads somewhere there are doing good deeds. Pay attention, the special forces invade the territory of sovereign states and without trial, kill everyone they consider necessary to kill. We watch movies and know that Sylvester and Arnold are good, they are good characters, and if they kill someone, then this is absolutely fair. Sylvester killed some reptile - did the right thing! And if you think? But thinking is not accepted. If famous heroes come to Russia - it’s clear that we have all the degenerates, creatures and former KGB officers and all of them must be killed without talking. How can this be forbidden to distribute? That way all the Western propaganda down the drain. On the contrary, we must take ten times more and show us.

Well, as for Indian cinema ... Indian cinema is amazing. In my childhood there was a lot of Indian cinema: “Revenge and the Law”, “Ram and Shyam”, “Zita and Gita”. Monstrous names, insane nonsense. Separated twins, love, revenge, dancing fat-ass men - all things. The films are so primitive that even the saying was: “There is a good movie, a bad movie and an Indian one”. Money at the box office, however, collected regularly and in large quantities. Recently, by the way, I watched some relatively new Indian action movie about a robot. I realized with horror that cinematic vocational schools in India are working in full force, because they mastered all the techniques there. Excellent operators, beautiful light, all right. But the stupid content has not changed a jot, the whole film is the orgy of idiocy and fat-assing men dancing [laughs]. Nightmare.

Due to the current situation in the world, will Russia remain in Hollywood cinema as an enemy image?

Naturally. Many people do not know, but in fact the main enemies of Hollywood are the Germans. In connection with, so to speak, ethnic reasons. There are a lot of Jews in Hollywood. Individual citizens whisper that Hollywood is ruled by Jews. As the Jews suffered from the Germans, the main villains of Hollywood are the Germans. And we are not such a caliber villains as the Germans. But the villains, yes.

A political order is being received - a new villain is being appointed. North Korea, Iran, Iraq - will be engaged in any, depending on the agenda. Today, as the US president said, Russia is the main horror after Ebola. Stupid, drunk, insane. Take a motorcycle "Harley-Davidson", he is all good. It is even beautiful, because it is a product of the American motor industry. That's just the wiring pumped up - they say it was done by an abnormal Russian. This is at the level of sayings and sayings. So we are waiting for new films about us terrible. We are waiting for new revelations, how terrible and terrible we are.

Is there a joke in every joke?

It is not joke. You're in the public mind is presented as a gloomy moron. At the same time, they have never seen Russian and know nothing, heard nothing. Such things are embedded in the minds of the media. Is this done intentionally? By itself. You have winter there, bears, vodka, atomic bombs and all that. Naturally, we are their competitors for spheres of influence, and therefore we will always be enemies. There is the doctrine of national security, in which the formation of states that can compete with the United States is unacceptable. The United States is making the greatest efforts to bring these states down. Take, for example, Ukraine. Events there are not so much about Ukraine, as about us. This is a dress rehearsal of what should happen to us. This is the organization of the focus of tension at our borders. This is an organization of civil war with us. Is it reflected somehow in the movies? Naturally. It is reflected everywhere: in the news, in movies, in theaters. This is not because we are good, but they are bad. This is because the world is so arranged. Or - you, or - you. I do not like? Turn on the brain, organize your propaganda. They have disgusting news about us, and we have disgusting news about them. And we'll see who wins.

There is the doctrine of national security, in which the formation of states that can compete with the United States is unacceptable.

Open ten Russia Today channels, present your point of view. I assure you, if you just tell the truth, you’ll have an information bomb. No propaganda lies, just tell the truth. Here in the summer in Ferguson killed a negro. Let our minister go there urgently, start handing out buns to blacks with the words: “Do not tolerate these creatures that kill your children. Here you are, pretty Negro, eat a bun, eat, and now take a stick and go kill a policeman. Take down the bloody regime, let them stop killing blacks. "

What is your opinion regarding the second high-profile murder of a black man who was strangled by a police officer during his detention?

In the USA, police traditions are somewhat different from the traditions of the Soviet militia. For example, American police immediately open fire as soon as they see the threat to their lives. Without hesitation, special means and physical force are used as soon as they see disobedience. Naturally, first of all - in relation to the representatives of the lower strata of society, that is, to blacks. It is strange that they began to notice only now.

I, like everyone, have information from the television and from the web. If we talk about that 18-year-old teenager who beat a policeman in Ferguson, we should not forget that the attack on the soldier of the “king” is an attack on the “king”. Touch the representative of state power do not have the right.

Open ten Russia Today channels, present your point of view. I assure you, if you just tell the truth, you’ll have an information bomb. No propaganda lies, just tell the truth.

It is clear that outraged citizens present it in a different way. The teenager went to the store, took a block of cigarettes, left without paying, and for that he was shot. In fact, everything is somewhat wrong. The teenager walked along the roadway, he made a remark. He got into a fight, beat a policeman, after which he was shot. Naturally, this was the reason for the rebellion. But, I repeat, all such things should be used for their own benefit.

The US government strongly contradicts itself: in the direction of Russia, there are always attacks because of the law banning gay propaganda, while the United States closes its eyes to the fact that in Saudi Arabia there is a death penalty for homosexuality. Putin, Lukashenko, Yanukovich, Gaddafi, Assad are tyrants, and Bush and Obama (the first has unleashed the 3 war, the second continues) the peacekeepers. Does the United States consider Russia as the main strategic enemy? Roles from the time of the "cold war" changed?

Nothing has changed. Russia does not suit them as a state, and not as a citadel of communism. For the collapse of any methods and means are used. Since the Second World War, it is obvious to everyone that it is impossible to defeat us by force of arms. Damned Stalin and his assistant Beria managed to make first nuclear and then hydrogen bombs. And we have so many nuclear weapons that it’s impossible to approach us with weapons from any side, it’s dangerous to fight with us. You can only ruin the inside and choke economically. Hence the sponsorship of various foundations and the swelling of nationalism wherever possible.

With propaganda?

Including propaganda. In the Soviet Union, they for this, starting with the 60-s, were looking for the disgruntled and dissenters inside the country. In the USSR, these were Jews, who, starting from the 60s, were suddenly told: “Do you declare freedom of movement in the USSR? But can a Soviet Jew take it and leave for Israel? ” Few people remember that the key role in the creation of Israel for some reason belonged to the bloody tyrant Stalin, and not to democratic Britain. But can they drop everything and leave? This is a difficult question. There are good world examples, such as Sicily, from which at the beginning of the 20 of the 20th century half the population stupidly left for the United States. This suggests two things: first, how wonderful it was in democratic Italy that half of the population was forced to migrate. And no collapse in Sicily happened, because there was nothing to collapse - there was no industry there. Secondly, well, let's leave half of Leningrad with us? What will happen to the city? Who will work?

Russia does not suit them as a state, and not as a citadel of communism.

In general, the Americans made a conscious choice: let's take a certain social / ethnic group and we will unwind it, skillfully igniting discontent. Why precisely Jews? What is the essence of what is happening, so to speak? Because among them there are a lot of people working in the field of art, that is, they are people whom dear comrade Stalin appointed to be “engineers of human souls”. When the Soviet government pushed religion away from the government of the state, writers, poets, actors, and directors were appointed in their place for the spiritual saturation of the masses. By the way, they still haven’t come to their senses. Nobody needs these “lords of thought” for a long time, but they still consider themselves to be the “conscience of the nation.” Apparently, Comrade Stalin laid aside the solid “brain slug” in his immature heads. Accordingly, if they are the ones who are dissatisfied [note, the same thing is happening now], then they, with their displeasure, act on the consciousness of the huge masses. So they tell you how disgusting everything is here, bad, disgusting and in general you have to run away from here without looking back. Among them were many Jews. Is it good or bad? From the point of view of propaganda, this is an exceptionally correct choice, everything is done perfectly.

From the point of view of common sense ... My neighbor - Uncle Dima, with whom I lived on the same landing, took off and went to Israel. Probably, there were some bonuses for Uncle Dima. In terms of remaining in the Soviet Union - no. We had two percent Jews, the same as the Germans. At the same time, by the way, everybody has familiar Jews, but almost no one knows the Germans. Well, the guys left, thank God, maybe they found happiness there. And what has changed in our country? Besides the howl that “they are not letting us go”, except the howl that “here is a prison of nations,” nothing has changed. Do we benefit from brain drain? Not. The population remaining here under these cries for freedom, what did they want? To open the border for Russian, so they went to you in America. Have you opened? No, only the Jews left. The task was to diligently export well-educated Jews to Israel, and not to launch Russians to America, France or elsewhere. “No-no-no, guys, we're not talking about. You generally sit quietly, it does not concern you. ” Well, yes, the Soviet Union collapsed, our Jews left en masse, and then they came back in large numbers because “you are not looking to catch you, you have a war, the Palestinians are blowing up everything”. There are, of course, people who have a certain "blood call", a religion, but who are not interested in it - they have safely returned.

When the Soviet government pushed religion away from the government of the state, writers, poets, actors, and directors were appointed in their place for the spiritual saturation of the masses.

Now, instead of the Jews appointed homosexuals. "They are limited in their rights." How are rights restricted? For Jews, they once invented a “state anti-Semitism” - obviously, it was he who allowed to live in Moscow, get an excellent education, work in the defense industry. Other laws can be shown when, under the Soviet regime, they were imprisoned for anti-Semitism, but for some reason this is not remembered, because we have “state anti-Semitism”. Do we have laws restricting homosexuals? I personally have not met. The fact that people treat this phenomenon negatively, well, yes, such is the public consciousness at this stage of the development of society. So everywhere - by virtue of the biological device of man. Like monkeys in a flock, females do not occupy any steps in the hierarchy - they are just females, because at the top there are evil male baboons, just like in human communities. Is there any way out of this? There is a way out - no need to shout about your sexual orientation at every corner. As soon as you stop yelling about it, no one will pay attention to you. If you begin to run through the streets in women's shorts and with a rainbow flag, it will cause a reaction of fellow citizens. If you deliberately provoke such things, do not expect anything good. And deliberately provoke, provoke for the sole purpose - to organize social unrest, so that the so-called “gays” start beating, cutting, choking, and this is a reason for organizing external pressure. If we collect nine pregnant mothers - the child will not be born in a month. It takes time and effort to change social awareness.

In the Soviet Union, they constantly urged to unite in groups, to work well, and in the end get welfare. Run and shout: “The state owes me this, this and this” ... Well, run and shout. From this, nothing will change. Need to work. Lived well - changed landmarks, changed preferences. Yesterday, homosexuals all infuriated at the mere mention that is characteristic, for example, even in ancient films with Jean-Paul Belmondo. And this is in a civilized Europe, in France. In the films of that time, all gays are scum, perverts. It took 20 years for the attitude to change and everyone said, "This is your ass, dispose of it as you like." Why do we have to happen at the click of his fingers? Where are our twenty years of maturation? The society should live quietly, calmly, the public consciousness should change gradually. And to take and make everyone instantly love homosexuals - this does not happen. And the United States is seeking this for the sole purpose of sowing confusion and the foundations of society.

What ruined the USSR? First of all, anti-communism and nationalism. With Western money and under the leadership of the CIA, they created national fronts in the Baltic States, in the Caucasus, in Asia, which were doing exactly one thing: they shouted that “we are Azerbaijanis, and you Russians have come!”. They told about the fact that the damned Communists did not allow them to live, they demanded the liquidation of the CPSU. And then “suddenly” it turned out that all the Communists were Russians. Well, get out of here, Russians. But about this now modestly silent. How many millions were forced to emigrate to Russia, how many killed those who did not manage to escape? “All this was started only for the sake of good goals and everything became good, except for those who were killed, but we will not remember them.” Here, the Soviet Union collapsed, Russia is in line, which also needs to be destroyed, to separate the east from the west, divide it into pieces, cut to the size of the Moscow principality when it does not pose any economic threat - all in accordance with the national security doctrine.

We are an economic threat. For in order to become better somewhere, in another place it should become worse. To be rich, the poor must be formed. Everyone can not be rich. It is better to live the one who has more money. So that somewhere there is a lot of money, there must be a little of them somewhere, it’s like a communicating vessel. If in America there is a lot of money, in Latin America there is little of it. And due to this, due to the differentiation, they say, you are all poor here and without pants, and therefore you work for us for three kopecks, that is why it lives well in the USA. Yes, we have a predatory, powerful elite in the United States, which is focused on robbing everything around, so the money is flowing to the US and US citizens live better than anyone. Ask US citizens: “Do you want to live worse? For example, is there any feed for Afghanistan, Iraq? ”, They will say:“ No, with what fright? Make a democracy and you will live as well as we. ” Well, with the help of the United States, they are satisfied with how much they have already killed, no sense whatsoever. And in the US, something does not become bad. Within the framework of economic confrontation, we should not be either, because if we grow up and swell up, Latin America will start to be friends with us, and the money will flow in the wrong place. Why do Americans need it? So we should not be. It is necessary to crush into pieces. Here diligently crushed.

Here you are during our conversation constantly returning to the Soviet Union, because you were born there ...

Well, I did not live in Tsarist Russia.

In this regard, the question: there is a perception that Russia is systematically turning into the Soviet Union. Do you agree with this statement?

No, I never agree with idiots. Russia is Russia. I repeat, regardless of the presence of kings, communists, or under the leadership of Vladimir Vladimirovich. This is Russia, in the first place, and already in the second, a kind of controlling superstructure. There is no difference: Peter I, Nicholas II or Joseph Vissarionovich - they ruled the same country.

Russia is Russia. I repeat, regardless of the presence of kings, communists, or under the leadership of Vladimir Vladimirovich.

In connection with recent events, I cannot help asking a question about the embargo on the import of certain products. Why has Russia not introduced retaliatory sanctions for so long? Is this part of some plan, and therefore the government was waiting for the right moment, or did Vladimir Vladimirovich’s patience simply “burst”?

There is an opinion that Vladimir Vladimirovich is trying to rationally agree on everything. Naturally, no one wants to agree rationally. Because why do you need to negotiate with you, if you can twist your arms, you can stab in the back with a knife and make you do what someone needs? You can even pour poison and solve the issue dramatically. Sanctions - this is the process of arm twisting. “We will make you do what is beneficial to us. Not for you, but for us. ” If I need something from you, I will immediately break your arm, cut into my jaw, put it in a corner. Is this normal in a relationship? In my opinion, the behavior is strange. What do you allow yourself? And suddenly it turns out that this behavior is normal. And any country can be grabbed as a child by the collar, spanked, put in a corner. And it does not even occur to the child that the child may not suffer like this, may turn around and pierce in Russian, with the right ear in his ear.

What do you allow yourself? If there is no mind, instead of talking, they begin to twist arms with the help of sanctions. Well, come on, unscrew. While you are spinning, I will give you first in my ear, and then from my foot into the crotch. I pay attention: we started to turn our hands, not us. Retaliatory sanctions - they are absolutely fair. Gigantic efforts were made to enter the European and world economy, since the Soviet Union was known from it who was deliberately cut out, the sanctions were already then. The first thing the US does is impose economic sanctions. Does Cuba want to live differently, not like the US wants? We will cut it out of world trade, and will live in a feudal economy. We won't let you trade at all. GDR in the same way surround "care". North Korea, you are also concerned, we will cut off all trade, and then we will talk about prosperity in South Korea and in what poverty North lives. Explaining: it is because there is communism. No, no, it's not because we threw a rope around their necks and stifle them. No, no, no, let's not talk about it. Cynical use of force? Yes. They behave like gangsters. All states behave like bandits - this is the main state prowess. And how to deal with the bandits? It is necessary to communicate with the bandits in a language understandable to the bandits. As a rule, it is the language of force. Do you want the bandits to communicate with you politely? Become big, strong, arm yourself to the teeth. Only then will you be respected and politely addressed. And if you are small and weak - you will be pushed around, you will be publicly humiliated, and if you start expressing displeasure - you will simply be destroyed. That is life.

And suddenly it turns out that this behavior is normal. And any country can be grabbed as a child by the collar, spanked, put in a corner. And it does not even occur to the child that the child may not suffer like this, may turn around and pierce in Russian, with the right ear in his ear.

Since Russia is very much already integrated into the world and, especially, into the European economy, this is a blow not so much to us as to Europe, for it is not that we did not buy cheese or something else. This suggests that people who were engaged in the production of cheese were left without money today, and tomorrow they will go on the streets to burn cars and arrange, as it is now called, “Maidan”, followed by a coup d'état. Is this good for the country? I do not think. In Ukraine, it’s enough to see what beauty is going on there. Who needs it? In addition to the United States, which everywhere sow chaos and destruction, setting up wars, no one needs it. The main task for them is to provoke the introduction of troops to Ukraine, and thereby forever confuse us with the European Union. Merkel agrees with everything, and German business suffers. Does German business need this? In my opinion - no. Categorically. Neither the German business, nor we need it.

By the way, you mentioned Mrs. Merkel. A meeting was recently held in the Bundestag, at which they once again reprimanded Angela Merkel for her "spinelessness" in relations with the United States. I quote a quote from the head of the Left Party faction, Gregor Gysi: “Merkel’s mistake is that she succumbs to US President Barack Obama. Obama constantly talks about economic sanctions, but the answer is hitting us, not the United States. ” Why do you think such a strong politician like Merkel succumbs to Obama's provocations?

We cannot see what is actually happening. Churchill seemed to say that "politics is the battle of the Bulldogs under the carpet." You look at the carpet from above, and there only the mounds run, growl, and what is happening under the carpet is completely incomprehensible. We are not a collective Vladimir Vladimirovich, to whom daily intelligence reports are put on the table. Who loves whom, who sleeps with whom, who owes whom, how much he owes, what he secretly promised, why he promised, and so on and so forth. And without knowing it, it is impossible to understand why she does it. There is an obvious harm to the Federal Republic of Germany. What for? It is not clear. Since she does it, I believe, it is not because of a misunderstanding of the consequences, but because she is forced to do just that.

There was a story when the German security service discovered that Chancellor Merkel’s phone was tapped ...

This Snowden said, that is, emerged, so to speak, "unintentionally." Which, as you might guess, is a deliberate lie. Although if they do not know about such things, it means that their intelligence for nothing is eating bread, without noticing that they are listening to the first person of the state.

So Obama knows something that can blackmail her?

He knows, of course - with her. And not from the telephone conversations.

Well, and with what help does Obama put pressure? Is it a world currency?

Including she. Efforts are being made to stop the supply of Russian gas, to deprive Germany of binding to Russia. Gas should be bought in the US, not in Russia. For the sale of American gas is useful to the United States, and the sale of Russian gas is harmful. But some things look very strange. According to the mind, we should be carefully cultivated for war with China. Well, as Ukraine - for war with Russia. Not civilized Americans should "die" in the war with the Chinese. Instead, we are shoved into the arms of communist China, so that we can conclude gas contracts and establish cooperation. What for? It's not clear yet.
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    Lukashenko once said that Belarusians are Russians with a quality mark, I won’t say that it’s the same thing, but they’re walking nearby
  8. Leonidych
    Leonidych 23 December 2014 06: 59
    one goebels was given and the rest goebels were done ....
  9. guznorodov
    guznorodov 23 December 2014 07: 03
    Wait and see
  10. avvg
    avvg 23 December 2014 07: 04
    To the author 5+ Well done D. PUCHKOV (GOBLIN)! THANKS For a frank and truthful story!
    1. andj61
      andj61 23 December 2014 08: 56
      We must be carefully cultivated for the war with China. Well, as Ukraine-for the war with Russia. Non-civilized Americans must “die” in the war with the Chinese. Instead, they shove us into the arms of communist China so that we conclude gas contracts and establish cooperation. What for? It's not clear yet.

      Bingo! Article +! Well done, goblin!
  11. siberalt
    siberalt 23 December 2014 08: 09
    Goblin Respect! It would be more often pulled out on Russian TV. A man cuts the uterus, and he won’t get into a pocket for a word.
  12. Crang
    Crang 23 December 2014 08: 11
    Always respected Dmitry Yuryevich. Reinforced concrete logic.
    1. Underwood
      Underwood 23 December 2014 08: 25
      Quote: Krang
      Reinforced concrete logic.

      already bearing fruit: see the next branch about Boeing.
  13. Region-25.rus
    Region-25.rus 23 December 2014 10: 29
    I respect the Goblin! A competent person! Plus, my findings are often similar to his on many issues! Truth to speak so clearly and quickly I do not know how))) Nature probably specially "rewarded" speech defect! That would not strangle a long tongue ahead of time bully
  14. Fingolfin
    Fingolfin 23 December 2014 11: 06
    Instead, they shove us into the arms of communist China so that we conclude gas contracts and establish cooperation. What for? It's not clear yet.

    A thought flashed through me, or maybe it’s China that is being grown for the war with Russia? What do you think?
    They have claims to the eastern lands ..
  15. Region-25.rus
    Region-25.rus 23 December 2014 15: 36
    Quote: Fingolfin
    Instead, they shove us into the arms of communist China so that we conclude gas contracts and establish cooperation. What for? It's not clear yet.

    A thought flashed through me, or maybe it’s China that is being grown for the war with Russia? What do you think?
    They have claims to the eastern lands ..

    Plusanul! Also do not discount it! Been to China many times! And ... watched very troubling things!
  16. Region-25.rus
    Region-25.rus 23 December 2014 16: 12
    probably minus "hurray-patriots"?
    1. GRF
      GRF 23 December 2014 16: 43
      not ... cooler - advanced, healthy, reasonable, serious readers who absolutely agree with everything ...
  17. anaida
    anaida 23 December 2014 19: 18
    Quote: Younger, I
    Another psycho who needs treatment.

    Why so? Put a diagnosis on the fly, dear? Can we talk about this? What exactly do you consider a manifestation of ....... mental inadequacy? I, as a doctor, are very interested in your opinion. And just to insult, for a red word .... somehow it’s not like a man, at least.