"It is difficult to come up with a more humiliating form of degradation than Khasavyurt"

"It is difficult to come up with a more humiliating form of degradation than Khasavyurt" August 31 marks the 15 years of the Khasavyurt Treaty, which ended the first Chechen war. I know about this date not by hearsay, because I personally “walked around” these negotiations and I remember very well all this public. On the one hand - Khattab, Shirvani Basayev - in general, still those characters. On the other hand - our landing party and special forces. All these people gathered in the same yard in Novy Atagi (we are talking about preliminary talks before Khasavyurt). I also remember well our great strategist Alexander Ivanovich (Lebed. - Approx. KM.RU).

Than so to fight, as we fought in the first Chechen, it’s better not to fight at all

By and large, this was the “provisional” capitulation of Russia before, in general, the criminal regime. And not even before the Wahhabi or separatist, but before the criminal one. Because the reason for the existence of that regime was one. I must say that this is not even a way out of Russia. An example is the worm metaphor - how can it voluntarily leave the organism in which it feeds? Rather, it was going beyond the boundaries of the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code. The idea was fantastic, and I would even say, not very viable in the long term. But we must pay tribute, the guys have achieved this. I will not analyze the specific circumstances that preceded the conclusion of Khasavyurt - the storming of Grozny and other events. As they say, who saw, he knows.

In fact, there is one excuse for the existence of this episode - how to fight like this, as we fought in the first Chechen war, it’s better not to fight at all. Because everything that could be done behind the back of the belligerent army to substitute, betray and sell, was done, and even more. And this was done continuously. It was just some kind of paranoia. At that moment, when someone started to win, he was stopped. When someone tried to strike, they betrayed him. And all this was done, in general, almost directly for money. Again, it was complete paranoia. But most importantly, this army was betrayed by its own people. Because Russia did not want to fight and win.

Yeltsin acted like Lenin in 1917

The only qualitative difference between the first Chechen war and the second is that in the first case Russia did not want to fight. And therefore, anyone who continues the war would be swept away. As we know, then there were elections on the nose. And at that moment, when the question of them was an edge, it became clear that if a country wants to surrender, it cannot be made to fight. And she wanted to give up. In this sense, Yeltsin acted like Lenin in 1917. Only then the enemy was the German Empire, and in this case, just criminal punks. It is difficult to come up with a more humiliating form of degradation than Khasavyurt.

Moreover, Lebed personally pursued the goals that were imputed to him. He wanted to survive politically. Because when he was sent to restore the status quo before the assault, it meant that he was sent to drown or throw himself out of the window. Like "thank you, Alexander Ivanovich for everything you did, but you have a worthy, great and status task - go and get out of the window." And he refused to be thrown out of the window. Another thing is that the price of his refusal was the shame and humiliation of Russia. But once again I speak as a professional, I think, and Lebed understood that it’s better not to fight at all than to fight like that. In this regard, we can recall the famous scene from the “Days of the Turbins”, when Turbin disbanded the cadets. In the case of Lebed the same. That is why I have an excuse for Alexander Ivanovich for Khasavyurt. Because it was Turbin, dissolving the cadets: who are you going to protect, the hetman ran away. But again, I repeat (by analogy with Lenin and Bulgakov) - the population did not want to fight.

But when there was a second war, which was waged by similar means, by the same army and approximately with the same degree of combat effectiveness, then there was the will to win. And each of the leaders understood that if he surrendered, he would cease to exist. That is, everything was exactly the opposite. And it was another country. But in order to make it different, Khasavyurt was needed. It was necessary to "dunk" the country "nose in the shit" and hold it (Dagestan, explosions of houses, etc.) exactly as long as it takes to understand that it is unpleasant to sit with a "face in the shit."
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