Betrayal of Mikhail S.Gorbachev

Betrayal of Mikhail S.Gorbachev

As the date of the coup put up by the State Committee for Emergency Situations or, more simply, the final collapse of the USSR on TV screens began to flash more and more often the moon-shaped face of the former and the last President of the USSR, MSGorbachev. The small glass eyes swollen with fat, puffiness of cheeks, giving out the action of “Restyline” or “Botax”, and a glued smile - that's what was left of the person who once pretended to be the master of the fate of the USSR. With great pleasure, he pours out another lie to listeners who are accustomed to 20 for years yet and not to this. Mikhail Gorbachev’s political corpse is fashionable to be shown on television, to be invited to the radio, to print interviews with him in the newspapers, but looking at what he is presently now, the words of J. Gashek involuntarily come to mind:

Fat ghouls on the blood of the people, that look and burst now.

And such a figure, "a fighter for democracy", "a friend of the Soviet people" and just the main traitor continues to broadcast about "how he tried to save the USSR." Thus, 18 August 2011 of the year on the radio station Ekho Moskvy in the program “48 minutes”, the former USSR President M.Gorbachev gave an interview in which he stated the following:

And when it came to the fact that we have an anti-crisis program, joined by the Baltic countries, we have a contract that we already have to publish and sign, and the date is already - 20 number. And on July 25 a Plenum was held, which considered the issue of the program, the new program and outlined an extraordinary congress on November 1991. That is, in all three areas all changes took place.

But then a “coup” unexpectedly happened, the Emergency Committee emerged and the new union treaty did not take place. This false version of M.S.Gorbachev about the events of 19 - 21 of August 1991 of the year is not only ridiculous, but also completely inconsistent. 12 June 1990 of the Year at the first Congress of People's Deputies of the RSFSR adopted a Declaration of State Sovereignty of Russia, from that moment on, the Soviet Union was virtually no more. On the same day, it was decided to create a working group to prepare a new Union Treaty, in which it was decided to organize a Union of Sovereign States. Following Russia, several republics declared their state sovereignty, including: Belarus, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan, so the USSR simply ceased to exist, and direct interstate relations began to be established between the republics, bypassing the central ministries. 17 March 1991, a referendum on the preservation of the USSR was held, and the majority of the population (76,4%) favored the preservation of the USSR. But did the people who voted for the preservation of the USSR understand what education they left their votes for? Naturally, the majority assumed to vote on the preservation of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, but it was already a question of the Union of Sovereign Soviet Republics, the difference is so obvious that the referendum itself is, first of all, a falsification of popular opinion.

This was confirmed in the course of the further steps taken by M.S. Gorbachev, B.N. Yeltsin and N.A. Nazarbayev on the collapse of the USSR, with its transformation into the SSG - the Union of Sovereign States. Only the coordinating functions of defense, financial policy and internal affairs remained in the hands of the central government; many ministries and departments ceased to exist, transferring their functions to sovereign states. And so it happened with the CIS and the Security Council.

V.I. Varennikov, Army General, Deputy Minister of Defense of the USSR in 1991, wrote:

In June, 1991, at a closed meeting of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, Chairman of the USSR State Security Committee V.A. Kryuchkov read a report by Yuri Vladimirovich Andropov, which he made in 1977 for the members of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the CPSU, where it was said that agents of influence (i.e., the “fifth column”) operate in the country and that they pose a great danger, since they destroy public and political system.

These agents of influence were many persons in the leaderships of the republics of the USSR, and M.S.Gorbachev, B.N. Yeltsin and N.A. Nazarbayev constituted the most charismatic "trinity" that decided the fate of the USSR and all its citizens as planned by the United States, England and Israel. Boris N. Yeltsin’s trip to the US in 1989 year, the creation of the Central Bank independent of Russia 13 July 1990, all these are links of one chain - a colossal betrayal of the interests of the Russian people and all peoples belonging to the USSR. Without the patronage of Mikhail S.Gorbachev and the KGB Chairman V.A. Kryuchkov, such actions of Boris N. Yeltsin would simply not be possible. This is supported by the fact that it was MS Gorbachev and B.N. Yeltsin created a branch of the Swiss Rothschild Bank in the USSR, where, undoubtedly, all gold would have been included - the currency reserves of the Central Bank of the USSR, but prevented the State Emergency Committee. Or did he help to carry out his plans even better by making the Central Bank of the Russian Federation the successor to the Central Bank of the USSR and a branch of the US Federal Reserve, taking into account the entire huge capitalization of the Central Bank and the funds of the CPSU? That is why there is no need to look for the mythical “gold of the party”, currency proceeds from the sale and lease of numerous real estate of the USSR abroad and other foreign exchange assets, all settled in the huge repositories of the US Federal Reserve. Such was the fee for the "independence" of the union republics of the former USSR.

All история The State Committee for the State of Emergency, this is a story not just of great mystification, but also of the great betrayal of the Russian people and of all the peoples of the Union republics, who in an instant became vassals of their masters, who received into their hands untold riches created by more than one generation of workers. Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris N. Yeltsin stand at the height of this satanic betrayal by their very nature. It was at their suggestion that the great empire began to fall apart, burying many millions of our fellow citizens under its rubble, plunging our future into hopeless poverty. The members of the Emergency Committee, abandoned by Mikhail Gorbachev in the crucible of the betrayal he had conceived, are simply ordinary executors who “honestly” carry out the mission entrusted to them by the USSR President to curb the “parade of sovereignties”, restore order in the field, fight crime and restore the constitutional order. They didn’t even imagine all the lies and the monstrous plan of M.S. Gorbachev, who left them to voice the resolutions of the Emergency Committee, which were unpopular with the authorities of sovereign republics. Cancellation of the decisions of the Supreme Councils of the Union Republics on their sovereignty, naturally, caused only a desire to recognize state independence and deduced the republics from the union treaty.

This was exactly what the USSR liquidator MS Gorbachev, who at the most crucial moment locked himself in Foros, was ordering, entrusting the execution of the “black” case to his subordinates: O.D. Baklanov, V. A. Kryuchkov, V. S. Pavlov, B. K.Pugo, V.A. Starodubtsev, A.I.Tizyakov, D.T. Yazov, and G.I.Yanaev. Their fear and uncertainty in the implementation of the measures imposed on them to impose a state of emergency were seen by all the TV viewers of the USSR, feeling the falsity of the measures taken. At the same time, the documents compiled by them are still relevant today. The main provisions of the statements of the Emergency Committee were aimed at stabilizing the situation in the country:

1. People, in whose hands was the power, use it in the interests alien to the people.

2. Every citizen feels growing insecurity in the future, deep concern for the future of their children.

3. An attack on the rights of workers is underway. The rights to work, education, health care, housing, recreation are questioned.

4. Crime is rapidly growing, organized and politicized. The country is plunging into abyss of violence and lawlessness.

5. Millions of people are demanding action against the sprit of crime and outrageous immorality.

Every point of this statement of the State Emergency Committee is absolutely fair and today, in the twenty years of democratic Russia’s existence, nothing of what the State Emergency Committee members addressed the people has done, on the contrary, industry and the army, agriculture and social institutions were destroyed at an accelerated pace, catastrophic rate of death was growing. Our leadership has plunged the country into chaos and destruction, giving all the wealth of Russia for nothing to the financial tycoons of the West, replacing the will of citizens with selling elections and empty speeches of agents of influence of Western intelligence agencies. In this situation, the Emergency Committee proposed to implement the following measures:

1. Immediately disband the structures of power and control, paramilitary forces operating contrary to the Constitution of the USSR and the laws of the USSR.

2. Suspend the activities of political parties, public organizations and mass movements that impede the normalization of the situation.

3. Take control, and, if necessary, under protection, the most important state and economic facilities, as well as life support systems.

4. To establish control over the media, entrusting its implementation to a specially created body at the USSR Emergency Committee.

5. Establish and maintain austerity regime for material, technical, and foreign exchange funds, and develop and carry out specific measures to combat the mismanagement and squandering of public goods.

6. To resolutely fight the shadow economy, it is inevitable to apply criminal and administrative measures on the facts of corruption, theft, speculation, concealment of goods from sale, mismanagement and other offenses in the economic sphere.

7. The Cabinet of Ministers of the USSR in the weekly period to make an inventory of all available food resources and industrial essential goods, to report to the people, what the country has, to take under the strictest control of their safety and distribution.

8. In a week to make proposals on streamlining, freezing and lowering prices for certain types of industrial and food products.

9. To require authorities in central and local areas to give priority to the social needs of the population. Seek opportunities for substantial improvements in free health care and public education.

All these items from the Decree No. 1 of the State Emergency Committee of 19 in August 1991 would be good to do today, but the authorities do not need this at all, because they only care about their own well-being, and the extra mouths of the Russian people reduce the size of the innumerable riches of the Kremlin’s elite People year from year only gaining momentum. If the events of twenty years ago were repeated today, on whose side would the Russian people stand, around whom would people build barricades and rush unarmed onto tanks? The answer is obvious - the Emergency Committee!
Nikolay Starikov, in an article devoted to the events of August 1991, writes:

The coup was not only in 1991 year. It was not there in August 1917. There was no “Kornilov revolt”. What happened in August 1991 of the year exactly repeated the events of the summer of 1917. Then Kerensky (the head of Russia at the time) ordered his subordinate, General Kornilov, to send troops to Petrograd and restore order. When Lavr Kornilov began to carry out his plans, Kerensky himself declared him a traitor and arrested him with a group of senior officers. He accused of trying to seize power, which in fact never was even in the thoughts of too honest Russian generals. After which Kerensky released the Bolsheviks from prisons and distributed weapon to those who in two months will overthrow him, Kerensky, the "Provisional Government".

This is a very accurate description of what happened in August 1991 of the year. It was such a betrayal of his closest associates that was conceived by MS Gorbachev and his overseas curators against the first persons of the state who simply carried out the will of their leader - the first president of the USSR. A few months later, the famous “Belovezhsk agreement”, which had already legally destroyed the USSR, took place. The story repeated again, it will repeat again this time, when those who today fulfill the will of Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev, tomorrow will be declared traitors and traitors and take their rightful places in “Matrosskaya Tishina”, and in court they will lie and shield themselves, dumping everything on the ruling tandem. It will not work, you will definitely have to answer for what you did to the Russian people and Russia!

Today's “fathers of the nation” are no less false than MS Gorbachev and BN Yeltsin, who behind the government’s back prepared a treacherous coup that forever changed the USSR and Russia, plunging honest and trustful people into a furnace of political passion and total destruction. They do the same in the Kremlin, preparing for future upheavals in the country, trying to destroy the integrity of Russia, like they once destroyed the USSR, making plans for the utmost destruction of our statehood and the beginning of a civil war. For this, any forces are involved, from right to left, from patriots to nationalists, all means are good for Kremlin political consultants who are trying to eliminate Russian identity and the sovereign role of the Russian people in preserving Russia in a melting pot. Plans are underway for the next State Emergency Committee, which, under the guise of fighting corruption, poverty, high prices and banditry, will destroy Russian statehood, pushing together huge masses of people, driven by a thirst for revenge.

But the new members of the future Emergency Committee need to very well remember the fate of the State Emergency Committee 1991, when they were all arrested and kept in prison. In the present moment of amnesty is not supposed, but there will be justice of the squares, when the death penalty will be the only measure of responsibility for crimes against the Russian people and Russia. Remember this all those who today are building plans for the new Emergency Committee!

Why do we, the Russian people, need to be very careful in accepting any attempts to create a new Emergency Committee? Because these Kremlin technologies do not carry a positive action for the Russian people, for Russia, but are aimed solely at street riots and attempts to create hotel estates and independent republics on the territory of Russia. We do not need a federation, we need a strong and united Russia, the birthplace of the Russian people and nations, historically living on the territory of our Fatherland - a large family of workers and creators.
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