West is mired in lies!

West is mired in lies!I listen and watch news by euronews. Yesterday, a conference called Friends of Libya was held in Paris. Who do you think were in these "friends" of Libya? Yes, those who bombed Libya and those who sent their special forces to help the "rebels". By the way, there are a lot of facts that there were no rebels in Libya, but there were trained fighters from France, England and some Arab countries kowtowing to the west.

These are the pies with kittens! It turns out that in order to become a "friend" of a certain country, you must first bomb this country, destroy it. Don't you think that the West and, specifically, the USA lately have many such "friends"? This is Yugoslavia, and Afghanistan, and Iraq. Now Sarkozy faces Iran. It looks like his soon in the "friends" of the West will try to write. The same Sarkozy speaking said that Gaddafi stole a lot of money and now this money will be returned to the people of Libya. Truly all the leaders of the West seem to have learned from Goebbels! Yes, and Sarkozy himself will not be from the poor and that something is not visible in his desire to return his, the stolen money to the French people.

The whole west is mired in lies and licimeria. Any unseemly business is justified by the struggle for democracy, for the freedom of other nations. As if we did not try to write in their "friends". But our elite and the government is already going to such "friends", keeping all the savings of the country in Western banks.

The question arises: "Do we need such" friends ", both in the west and in our power?" Maybe it's time to change this power, the power of the patriots, radeyuschih for Russia?
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