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India intends to rent another Russian submarine

India intends to develop its submarine fleet, including through cooperation with Russia. Recently it became known that the Indian Navy is considering the issue of leasing a second nuclear submarine of Russian production. Currently, the Indian fleet is operating the INS Chakra submarine, built in Russia and previously bearing the name K-152 "Nerpa" (971 project "Pike-B"). A new submarine of the naval forces of India in the near future may become another “Pike-B” of Russian construction.

Last Tuesday, December 16, a press conference was held in New Delhi with the participation of Indian Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar. Among other things, the journalists asked the minister about plans regarding the purchase of new nuclear submarines. The appearance of this issue was associated with the recent visit of the Russian delegation headed by President Vladimir Putin. Representatives of the Indian press inquired whether the military department is planning to lease a new submarine of the same type as the already transferred Chakra.

M. Parrikar replied that India could indeed rent a second Russian-built nuclear submarine. Such a deal should have several positive consequences for the Indian Navy. First of all, the new submarine will significantly increase the combat potential fleet. Secondly, the submarine will be used to educate and train new specialists who will operate new types of nuclear submarines in the future.

Statements by Indian Minister of Defense Newsdiscussed in recent times. Currently, the Indian and Russian sides are in talks, the purpose of which is to replenish the combat strength of the Indian naval forces. We consider both the change in the rental conditions of the submarine INS Chakra, and the rental of the second Russian submarine.

The unfinished Irbis submarine of the 971 Pike-B project can become a new ship of the Indian Navy. The construction of this boat started in 1994, however, for financial reasons it was seriously delayed, and also stopped several times. In the spring of last year, information appeared about the possibility of signing a Russian-Indian agreement concerning an unfinished submarine. So, India offered to pay for the completion of construction, and then to rent a new submarine.

Since that time, new messages about the possible completion and rental of the submarine "Irbis" did not appear. As follows from the words of the Indian Minister of Defense, negotiations are continuing on a possible contract. When and how they are completed is not yet completely clear. The lease of the Nerpa / Chakra submarine may indicate that the parties agree and the Irbis submarine will indeed be completed, although not for the Russian Navy.

Currently, the Indian Navy has only one nuclear-powered submarine of Russian construction. The lease agreement for the Nerpa K-152 NPS was signed at the beginning of 2004. Initially, the transfer of the boat to the Indian fleet was planned for 2008 year, but later this date was repeatedly shifted, including due to the accident that occurred in November 2008.

23 January 2012, the ceremony of the transfer of the new submarine of the Indian Navy. The ship was handed over to the Indian side for 10 years. The rental price was 900 million USD. A few months after the transfer to the tenant, the Nerpa submarine, which received the new name INS Chakra, was officially accepted into the Indian Navy. At the moment, "Chakra" is the only nuclear submarine in the Indian Navy.

In case of successful completion of the current negotiations, the Amur Plant will continue the construction of the Irbis boat. Given the state of the structures of this submarine, it may take several years to complete construction and subsequent tests. Thus, the new submarine will replenish the Indian Navy no earlier than 2016-17. Conditions for such a lease are not yet known. Perhaps the boat "Irbis", like the "Nerpa", will be transferred to 10 years. It should be recalled that in 2004, India intended to rent two submarines at once, however, for a number of reasons, the terms of the agreement were changed.

On the eve of a press conference with the participation of the Indian Minister of Defense, factory tests of the first submarine, built in India, were launched. December 15 submarine S73 Arihant departed from the quay wall of the shipyard in Visakhapatnam. The first release of the submarine at sea was observed by the leadership of the military department, the fleet command, as well as representatives of the NPCI nuclear power corporation and the BARC nuclear research center.

The development of the first Indian project of a nuclear submarine started in the mid-seventies and was carried out with the active participation of Soviet and then Russian specialists. Construction of the head submarine of the new project began in the second half of the nineties. The Arihant boat was launched in the summer of the 2009 of the year, but over the next few years it was completed and finished, as well as moored.

Sea trials of the head submarine of the new project are planned to be completed within the next one and a half years, although a serious change in these deadlines is possible. From the middle of 2011, a new submarine of the new type, named Aridhaman, is being built in Visakhapatnam. It was originally planned to build six submarines of a new type, but plans were halved. In the foreseeable future, the laying of the third boat should take place.

It should be noted that, despite the similar types of power plants used, Arihant-type submarines and the 971 project will not compete with each other. On the contrary, the lease of Russian submarines and the construction of their own will allow India to create a small, but to some extent universal grouping of nuclear submarines. The task of "Nerpa" and "Irbis" should be the search and attack of enemy ships, submarines and other targets. "Arikhant" and other submarines of their own construction, in turn, should become carriers of ballistic missiles.

Indian-designed 6000 submarines with a tonnage must carry K12 medium-range missiles at 15. According to some information, in the future, K4 ballistic missiles with a range of about 3000 km can become weapons of the Arikhant type boats. The K4 project is currently at the design stage. In the future, the creation of a new missile weaponry with even higher characteristics is not excluded.

As we see, the Indian naval shipbuilding is currently implementing a project for the construction of strategic submarine missile carriers, but so far it cannot provide the naval forces with multipurpose nuclear submarines. For this reason, nuclear submarines capable of “hunting” for enemy ships are still supposed to be leased from Russia. One such submarine already serves in the Indian Navy, and the second can be transferred over the next few years.

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  1. Evgeniy667b
    Evgeniy667b 23 December 2014 10: 36
    Why does a goat need a button accordion? So is India's Russian-built nuclear submarines? The "Nerpa" is enough for training, let the "Arihant" be finished and built further. And "Irbis" is better to finish building for your fleet. The shipyard ratio is far from in our favor. Let at least some Super be "Severodvinsk", Losy and Virginia elementary more, so the probability of survival in a combat situation is higher for them !!! In quantitative and, accordingly, fire decisions.
    1. St Petrov
      St Petrov 23 December 2014 13: 14
      the more - the cheaper. The question of price, I think, plays in such a situation internationally - a key role.

      You can tear yourself up. All the same, now a huge granny is joining the army, and we have an economy the size of ...

      although I do not pretend to be true

      PS If we get paid for the Mistral (which I'm not sure about) - it will be possible to cut a couple of nuclear submarines without a burden on the budget, it’s a pity that for a long

    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa 24 December 2014 00: 01
      Quote: Evgeniy667b
      Well, why goat button accordion? So India’s nuclear submarines built in Russia?
      India, Russian submarines are needed to strengthen its fleet. There are reasons for this. And they take ours, because the path was beaten even during the USSR, the best price / quality ratio, and there is something to study with our help, to reel in our hands for further use in our shipbuilding program.
      Quote: Evgeniy667b
      let their "Arihant" continue and build on.
      They are struggling to do this.
      The boat was developed on the basis of Project 670 "Skat" under the ATV program for 11 years. It was planned to build 3 SSBNs (+2 units in the future). The cost of one unit = $ 2,9 billion. with a relatively small displacement (6000t).
      Indian SSBN carries today 12 SLBM "K-15" with max. Dstr = 700-750 km. It is planned to install the K-4 SLBM, developed on the basis of the Agi-3 land-based ICBM, with Dpuska = 3000-3500 km, length 12 m, diameter 1,3 m; weight 17t, BB weight 2,0t.
      "K-15" carried out 10 successful launches. A special feature of the RC is that it can use both a BR (D = up to 750 km with a warhead = 1000 kg; and with a weight of a warhead = 180 kg D = 1900 km) and a KR (D = 350 km, weight 17t, length 10m, diameter 0,74m warhead weight = 1000kg). According to their performance characteristics, the Indians compare it with the Tomahawk (tactical). The "K-15" (ballistic) was based on the "Dhanush" (naval "Preikhvi") BR. A standard rocket carries an AP weighing 500kg, length 10m, mortar start, apogee - 20km.
      Passed infa about the development of SLBM "V-05" with D = 1900 km. Thus, the entire territory of China and Pakistan is targeted. The start is underwater from a depth of up to 50m, but so far it has been tested from 20-30m.
      In addition to rocket, there is something on the boat: 6 NTA x 533mm, BZ = 18ed.
      Boat has 1 nuclear reactor, thermal power 83MW, GTZA = 47000l / s, 2 turbines rotating 1 seven-blade constant pitch propeller.
      Hydroacoustic weapons presented by SJSC "Ushus", which includes the GPU "Panchedriya", operating in the low frequency range.
      PS Information is fragmentary and sometimes deliberately confused by the mass-dimensional indicators of the RO, for example. So, if you meet something different from the above, look at the weight of the MS SLBM. D shooting and the dimensions of the district depend on this.
      On photo test launch of K-15.
  2. Herr tur
    Herr tur 23 December 2014 13: 42
    Did the ship go for Nerpa?
  3. 1c-inform-city
    1c-inform-city 23 December 2014 13: 53
    971 project excellent boats. It will not be enough! stop
    1. Bersaglieri
      Bersaglieri 23 December 2014 17: 18
      We need to build 885U ourselves
  4. stoqn477
    stoqn477 23 December 2014 14: 59
    It is true that submarines are good, but given that you yourself are not enough, why give them Indians? The new Project 885 Ash has yet to be proven and not many of them yet.
  5. Dry 45
    Dry 45 23 December 2014 17: 12
    To rent? No problem, atom boat to whom else? The Chinese S-400 Kremlin for the burial of Americans, Personally, their main scored but how not to score the rent after all ..
    1. Dry 45
      Dry 45 23 December 2014 17: 33
      Litter thoughts loudly.
  6. Bersaglieri
    Bersaglieri 23 December 2014 17: 17
    Yes, "the stone flower does not come out" among the Brahmans (I mean "Arihant").
    We wouldn’t bathe, but simply would have ordered 3-4 971's for ourselves. Or would the deducted 671RTMK buy b.
    1. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa 23 December 2014 22: 28
      Quote: Bersaglieri
      We wouldn’t bathe, but simply would have ordered 3-4 971's for ourselves. Or would the deducted 671RTMK buy b.
      Quote: La Hire
      Why rent? Better buy.

      Alas, brahmanas cannot "buy" a nuclear submarine, because it is prohibited by the mn conventions on the nonproliferation of military nuclear technologies. But you can rent (receive) a PLA. What has already been used by 2 Indians.
      For the first time India was leased "K-43" (project 670 "Skat"), which received the name Chakra. She flew under the flag of India for four years - from December 1984 to March 1989.
      1. Evgeniy667b
        Evgeniy667b 24 December 2014 10: 40
        Interestingly, how many RTMok and RTMK do we have left, including in the crap? Modernization at the expense of India and rent then. And then we have little means to parry all threats
  7. La hire
    La hire 23 December 2014 21: 53
    Why rent? Buy better. Yes, and somehow scary after the story with "Sindurakshak".
  8. The comment was deleted.
  9. Don Cesar
    Don Cesar 1 January 2015 10: 00
    and I would have taken the seal!