Abandoned and deceived

Abandoned and deceived

The problem of providing housing for military personnel in Russia has never left the category of acute. Any person holding the post of Head of State said that just about every Russian officer would receive his long-awaited housing. Only each Chapter added that you need to wait a little longer. People waited, time went on, various programs were developed, certificates were offered, but even now tens of thousands of servicemen who wander in rented apartments remain in the country. At the same time, even retirement for an officer today is no longer a guarantee of his own housing. Military officials can say that housing is still being built, just ... wait a couple more years. A man, meanwhile, has given the service for twenty years, health and strength, and he may simply not wait. But it seems that few people care about.

Against this background, thunder flashed news that the Defense Ministry wants to completely get rid of the residential complexes of those garrisons where military service is no longer performed. In Siberia alone, there are at least a thousand such "endangered" garrisons. And if this is multiplied by the number of residents in each of them, then the military department wants to put an end to tens of thousands of people, putting them in an absolutely hopeless situation. What is fraught with the transfer of the military fund under municipal responsibility. The first is that residents of such townships simply “hang” between the hammer and the anvil, since neither the municipalities nor the military are willing to spend money on the restoration of infrastructure. The second is a new wave of unemployment, because people can neither sell such housing, nor move to another place, leaving it behind. A strange situation, of course, a person can leave his “barrack”, but the bills will continue to come to his mailbox. It happened to one officer family, who decided to leave the apartment in the military camp, which had long ceased to be a military man on Sakhalin and move to the mainland forever. Despite the fact that the last two years the apartment was not supplied with water at all, despite the fact that people warmed their houses with stoves in the bitter cold, the bailiffs found the reserve lieutenant colonel and handed him a subpoena. The agenda stated that a retired military man was brought to court, because the debt for utilities in that same apartment on Sakhalin is more than 100 thousand rubles. In this case, even the word “outrage” for such cynicism will be somewhat weak.

There are other examples where people living in abandoned military camps suffer from bureaucratic lawlessness. So in one of the districts of the Perm region, around 30, families of retired servicemen were forced to pay what their homes were supposed to be completely repaired. People who had time to forget what hot water and central heating are, were delighted even to this repair, when the main part of their funds. Repair has not been started. And the company, which allegedly had to re-equip the apartment building, establish new communications, simply changed its name and stated that changes had occurred in its management and that it was necessary to conclude a new contract and pay again. There was no limit to the indignation of the deceived tenants, but neither by the local administration nor by the law enforcement agencies, by a surprising coincidence, there was no reaction. Only direct intervention from Moscow after the letter sent to the President allowed the residents to return their money.

Here comes the saying, the essence of which is far from the king. Our local military officials are doing what allows them to fill their pockets. About the fate of thousands of actually abandoned people they just do not care. Someone buys a regular penthouse near Moscow, and someone is prepared for the fate of eternal wanderers in dormitories and soldiers' barracks. The 21 century seems to be already in the yard, but sometimes it seems that some people forget about it. The promises of the authorities are forgotten, the work of people who have given themselves all for the benefit of what is called homeland is forgotten, but this cart is not going to move from its place under any circumstances.

So the new initiative for the “resettlement” of people from abandoned garrisons, apparently, will not bring to good.
Alexey Volodin
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