Hungary began to investigate the "war crimes" of the Red Army

Hungary began to investigate the "war crimes" of the Red Army

29 August 2011, the Hungarian right-wing publication Magyar Hirlap posted a message about the start of the investigation by the National Investigation Department of the Republic of Hungary (Nemzeti Nyomozó Iroda), so-called. The "war crimes" of Soviet troops on Hungarian territory during World War II in the spring of 1945.

The note of the Hungarian edition has the title: “The secret crimes of the“ liberators ”. It is about the execution of Hungarians 32 in the town of Olafalu 22 March 1945. The village of Olasfalu is located in the Transdanubian region north of Veszprem and west of the other major city of Hungary, Szekesfehervar.

Between December 1944 and March 1945, the area around the city of Székesfehérvár was the scene of heavy fighting by the Red Army with the Wehrmacht and the Hungarian units. March 15 troops of the Ukrainian Front 3 (commanded by Marshal of the Soviet Union Tolbukhin) in the battle of Balaton successfully fought off desperate blows from Hitler’s forces, and March 16 were able to start a Vienna offensive operation to complete the liberation of Hungary and take Vienna . Soviet advancing units avalanche passed through Olasfalu, where the incident occurred.

Who was shot and for what - is unknown. Apparently, the shooting was carried out by a small group of Soviet soldiers. It could have been the ones who had broken the discipline of the rear men, or the soldiers who had lagged behind the units, could have been Smersh’s special unit that “cleaned up” the rear of the advancing troops from enemy elements. On the pages of "Madyar Hirlap" published a list of people shot. There are no women or children among them. Most are people of military age 18-30 years. Only two are aged in 50 years, and two are in 16 years. According to published data, some of the dead were ethnically Germans. The motives for the execution are unknown. Maybe it was revenge for the comrades who died in the battles, perhaps they were participants in the battles with the Red Army. There were enough reasons for revenge on the Red Army men - for example, when wehrmacht units were able to repel Szekesfehervar, they did not manage to evacuate the Soviet medical battalion from the city and everyone, including the nurses, was cut out.

Currently, Hungarian investigators are interviewing witnesses to the incident - villagers, 80-year-olds. And even try to make identikits of "war criminals."

Thus, the resolution on the necessity of practical conclusions from the “memory of the victims of totalitarianism” published in the Hungarian Republic by the 23 August 2011 in the Polish capital received the first practical implementation. The training of the anti-Soviet and anti-Russian "Nuremberg" is turning into a practical plane. And this is against the background of the internal Russian “desovetization” and “de-Stalinization”; it turns out that the preparation of the “soil” is underway, and then they will be offered to repent in large quantities, and pay “debts”.

The first in their time were to introduce Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Hungary into the calendar of EU countries “Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Totalitarianism”. European officials liked the idea: and now, this year, for the first time, August 23 was celebrated there, as the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Totalitarianism. Yes, and the day chosen is very symbolic - 23 August 1939 was signed the famous Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact.

That is, the European founders of the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Totalitarianism identified the guilty in advance - the regime of Stalin and Hitler, the USSR and the Third Reich. And both of these regimes - Stalin and Hitler, according to the idea of ​​the European founders of the “holiday”, are equally to blame. The fact that the Soviet Union and the Stalinist system made a decisive contribution to the victory over European Nazism and fascism, the organizers of this "holiday" prefer not to recall. The main thing now is to indict the Soviet Union, finally topple it from the winner's pedestal. Put it on one board with Nazi Germany. And then you can demand contributions, the same Germany is still being robbed. So far as the modern Russian Federation is the de facto and de jure legal successor of the Union, then it must be responsible for the “deed” and, at least, lose the status and privileges of the victorious power. This informational aggression also fits perfectly into the strategy of dismembering and finishing off Great Russia.
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