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Choice of RussiaDecember 4 we will go (or not go) to choose. Many will say an event to me too, anyway they will count without us. I think that is not entirely true. “Correctly count” can be done with 15-20% difference in real votes, but not with a break in 50% of the total number of voters. There is no doubt that the voice of everyone who did not come to the polling station will be recorded in the EP. And so I really want our choice to be deliberate. I want to express my thoughts not for those participants in the discussion who stupidly say: “Stalin was an executioner, and there was no sausage under Brezhnev,” but they cannot bring a single argument in favor of preserving the current government. (I will make a reservation that I have an ambivalent attitude towards both leaders of that era). I write for those people whose convictions are similar to mine, but for some reason they see Putin as the head of our state.

Немного stories. Let's be honest, in the eyes of the 70 generation, security officers were people with clean hands, etc. But, after all, they were human beings, and among them there were also Licking, thieves and traitors. Somehow very well intertwined fate. A prominent fighter for democracy Sobchak with a modest colonel from the above department. The results of their joint activities in the second capital are generally known. The second went up sharply, and the first was tried to be held accountable even in those years when the theft of state property was considered more of a virtue than a disadvantage. And if such a notebook "Democrat", like Salye, through clenched teeth speaks of plundering food, one can imagine what it has become. And for a short period of time a modest colonel stood at the head of a still huge country. He was noted in this gap only by one achievement, when, together with another well-known “fighter for the truth,” known by the people as “Stepashka the Fireman”, persuaded the Prosecutor General to resign. The point is not in retirement, but in the fate of the General Prosecutor's Office at this moment, for some reason, she became interested in the “mischief” of the members of the “family” of the Constitution Guarantor. However, it is worth recalling that during the indicated period of time he for one and a half years headed the native department, for which the “complete“ surprise ”was the arrival of the“ cheerful Chechen guys ”to the territory of Dagestan, and which received money just to ensure that this did not take place .

I am far from thinking that Vladimir Vladimirovich drank tea with Maskhadov and Basaev, but without doing anything, one can also achieve a certain result. And so it turns out that “certain shortcomings” in the work of the department headed contributed to the growth of authority. When we quite rightly started to freak out gangsters, many credulous citizens (and I, including those who believed) - Russia rises from its knees. However, subsequent events personally convinced me: “A change in posture is by no means an indicator of the perpetrator's awareness of his unseemly behavior. The bandits as a result of obscure amnesties flowed smoothly into the leadership, and successfully maintained at the expense of the rest of the country. I dare to assure you, in Chechnya, the 100% vote for Putin and the EP is close to the truth. Dagestan blazes, kill every day. Kabardino-Balkaria and Ingushetia join him. Their position is clear. Why Chechnya can live on freebies, but we do not. There are no sense to list other well-known facts from the increase in the number of billionaires and beggars to the innovative road to Skolkovo, which has collapsed over the year. As for achievements, there is such a section in the EP program, read a lot of funny things. Paraphrasing Mayakovsky, one can say: “Putin and the party, twin brothers” - and further in the text. Considering the above, consider whether these brothers should give their vote, and you need to give it to someone, based on what I said above.
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