China airshow-2014: air defense systems

FB-10 SRSAM Short Range Air Defense Missile System (AFS Close Range). The system is designed to intercept PGW and cruise missiles. The Chinese still have similar systems: SkyDragon-12 and FK1000 ... but they represent the use of Russian technologies. And this system “released and forgot” is more advanced and expensive than those systems.

general view of a number of vehicles


Photo 4.

Photo 5.

红 Ful 12 HQ-12 MRSAM (medium-range air defense system)

Photo 7.

Photo 9.

红 Ful 9 HQ-9 LRSAM on TA5380A (long-range air defense system). The most advanced Chinese rocket system, the ground air FD-2000, is demonstrated with the S-300 missiles built in Russia (if I understood correctly). Developed by the China Precision Machinery Import-Export Corporation in Beijing, the FD-2000 system consists of a Type 305B search radar, an accompanying radar, a 200kW diesel generator, and 8 transporters with 32 launchers.

Photo 11.

side view

is it possible that this is the HQ-6 which is being discussed below?

Photo 14.

红 红 X 6 HQ-6 MR / SRSAM-AA Gun System officially whole consist consist consist consist might might might might might might might might might might might might might might might might might might might might might might might might might might at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at .

short range air defense system (short-range air defense system). The I-6 combines the HQ-6 and 7 rocket system with an 30mm anti-aircraft gun with control on a vehicle carrying low-altitude search and targeting radar.

Photo 16.

Photo 18.

and this is just a control car with a radar

Photo 19.

general form

China for the first time demonstrated its integrated optical and electronic protection system manufactured by Guangdun.
The air defense system combines optical and millimeter-wave radar to combat enemy aircraft and missiles. This Guangdun system uses laser technology to paralyze the electronic countermeasure pod and active electronically scanned array radar of an enemy aircraft.

side view

The YLC-20 is a system that detects RF radiating targets out of sight. The system can be used by itself or as part of several similar systems connected in a single network. The system operates in a wide frequency range, provides high accuracy of determining the location of the target and great opportunities for signal analysis.

Photo 24.

general view of the whole row

The YLC-2V is a 3D phased-array radar in the S 3D range covering a large distance and all heights.

Photo 26.

Photo 30.

YLC-8B - UHF 3D radar UHF band, has a rapidly deployable antenna. Able to detect stealth targets.

general form

New Model 3D Long Range Mission Control Radar (Long Range Radar)

Photo 34.

Photo 35.

The most modern Chinese 3D radar UHF range JY-26 (Warning Radar).

Photo 37.

general view of the whole technique.

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  1. ICT
    December 17 2014
    forgotten little

    and by the way, the whole line of equipment on this base is interesting
  2. +1
    December 17 2014
    To say the least, deja vu.
  3. +4
    December 17 2014
    Chinese version of MAKS, section: "Younger Chinese brothers and sisters of Russian systems." Clones of our SAM "Pantsir", "Buk", "Osa", "S300", as well as radars of decimeter and meter ranges "Sky", "Pritivnik", VVO are guessed. Copy the best. What else?
    1. +2
      December 17 2014
      Quote: k174un7
      Chinese version of MAKS, section: "Younger Chinese brothers and sisters of Russian systems." Clones of our SAM "Pantsir", "Buk", "Osa", "S300", as well as radars of decimeter and meter ranges "Sky", "Pritivnik", VVO are guessed. Copy the best. What else?

      What are you, this is purely Chinese development, and the fact that they are similar to ours is pure coincidence smile
  4. +4
    December 17 2014
    What we sell to them is what they copy. It would be strange if they did not, because this allows the Chinese to save a lot of money and time to develop their own and ensure that their aircraft are saturated with completely modern models of military equipment and weapons. That's what we sold and are selling them everything that they want to buy without looking at the future, it is more than strange.
    And we sell mainly samples, and not large batches of BT and weapons, which at least somehow could justify, at least economically, these sales
    Really events on Damansky are already so forgotten. After all, after these events, they had to put half of the USSR Armed Forces on their ears and throw a lot of people and equipment into the uninhabited forests and steppes of the Chinese borderland, burrow into the ground there by no means and wonder whether the war with China would tomorrow or still blow.
    Then, thank God, it passed. But it can carry tomorrow, though in a completely different sense. And who will we blame then? You can’t blame your sins on Yeltsin and his comrades
    1. 0
      December 17 2014
      You forget that the political enmity of the leaders of the Communist Parties of those years played a big role there. Well, and "probe" the capabilities of your neighbor, as far as possible ...
      As always, they took not "number but skill" there, eternal memory of wars!
      Of course, we should not relax in this direction until China has relatively reached the "that level" of technology in large quantities, but give them 10-15 years and everything will be different, unless, of course, we are not engaged in import substitution "in full", which will not raise only our economy. But again, this will take time, and it works against us ...

      Shield is not possible, the sale of S-400 and SU-35 in "small" batches, if they want, let them take it, there are 100-150 dryers and no less than 60 400x

      We now have "graters" not with China, but with pin.dos.tan, who knows how it will end ... We will wait and see.
  5. +3
    December 17 2014
    The most advanced Chinese ground-to-air missile system FD-2000 is demonstrated with S-300 missiles built in Russia (if I understand correctly)

    No, not right ... FD-2000 is the export name of the Chinese HQ-9 air defense system. Of course, in this air defense system a number of design features and technical solutions of our complex are used. The HQ-9 air defense missile system uses a different missile, which differs in geometric dimensions, and the CJ-202 phased array radar (HEADLIGHT) is used to control fire. PU is located on the chassis of a four-axle all-terrain vehicle of Chinese manufacture.
  6. +1
    December 17 2014
    What an ugly technique however. Either they have a bad deal with designers, or the Chinese mentality is so peculiar.
    1. +2
      December 17 2014
      So I am not left with a feeling of a certain unaestheticness. So to speak. Take any Western or Russian technology - there is a predatory and aggressive beauty in it, but here there is a certain "boxiness". Well .. they are still trying to train others and mold them into a bunch.
      1. +1
        December 17 2014
        Aesthetics is, of course, a good thing, but here, among the Chinese, pragmatism comes first. There are more or less suitable serial chassis, and they are used to the best of their abilities and capabilities, providing the placement on it of everything that should be placed including the crew. Moreover, they understand that in a real war both beautiful and ugly systems live about the same time, turning into piles of twisted iron mixed with scraps of human bodies.
        To the professor. If you look at the early samples of weapons and military equipment used by the Tsahal, then there too, far from all were handsome. But they did their job well.
  7. +1
    December 17 2014
    HQ-12 MRSAM (Medium Range SAM)
    And what, they still produce air defense systems with missiles without a container arrangement? This is C-75 / C-125 what wassat
  8. +1
    December 17 2014
    I wonder if it all goes to the troops, or everything

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