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Base Davis-Montain, aircraft storage h. 1 zone of long-term storage and recovery

Parking, near which you have to wait for the bus. At some point, a live queue is built, and if you did not have time, then you may not be able to take pictures of anything. Buses usually go full.

The base itself is almost near, behind the road and slightly ahead, but the entrance to it is a few kilometers from the museum.

We move forward, the workers serve the monument at the entrance to the museum, A-10 is flying far away. Preparing for the airshow.

This is not the base itself, but the territory of the firms that live around this base. Apparently, they mainly deal with aircraft recycling.

But the guys from Albatross-aero could even lift such boards into the air. Grumman Albatross.

Immediately, the remains of the P-3 Orion

All valuables are removed, and the rest is cut into the color met.

Photo 8.

C-130, it looks like DC-4 and again Albatross

Photo 10.

Photo 11.

Photo 12.

At first I try to take photographs of airplanes on the other side of the bus, but I throw this idea in and hope to get on the tour a second time, but on the other side of the bus.

The entrance to the base was forbidden to take photographs, although no one followed this, but somehow it would not be according to gentlemen's. But here at the entrance is F-4

here it is in all its glory: McDonnell Douglas F-4E-41-MC Phantom USAF 68-0531 (c / n 3730) 20th FS "Silver Lobos" Holloman AFB

The 1 Hangar and its CH-46, King Air 350 and F-18

and this is a wash for aircraft, here stands a covered F-18. On this side of the road we are in the part of the base that deals with the long-term storage and recovery of aircraft. In the other part we will see a place where they are dismantled for parts.

go further: rows F-16

look like they are all wrapped in film

F-16 series

in Stupino would be one ...

Photo 22.

Photo 23.

Photo 24.

we go further, here engines are stored in special containers

different engines in different containers, but there are just on the stands. Away P-3

a lot of them there

F-16 tails, based on 400, like F-4

Lost F-14?

the base is so huge that for simplicity there are streets with their own names

so we found out that here: J79-GE-15 engines from F-4C, RF-4C, F-4D.

and behind them are some kind of turboprop?

there is something more monumental

Photo 34.

P-3 in slender rows. What a gorgeous aircraft. Maybe we where IL-18 in the same rows is?

and here it is not just containers with something, since they are also filled with nitrogen under pressure, and next to it are probably engines from F-100?

these already seem not to be useful

General Electric

and again P-3

someone else's engines

It looks like Allison T56-A-14 from P-3

Photo 42.

GE TF39 engines from C-5 Galaxy transport aircraft

before us is the C-9 military version of the McDonnell Douglas DC-9

similar to CFM-56, KC-135 engines

then the bus goes to the alley, which performs the function of the same museum: along it stand one copy of the planes, which are represented on the base and belong to the museum. I will skip this alley now and then I will stop at it separately.

For now, just look around, he is our F-14.

bye P-3 and engine containers

far away A-10, but we are not lucky there

P-3 and C-9

Photo 52.

squads F-16

huge areas

P-3 rear view, all of them here about 130 pieces

there are a lot of various modifications of P-3, this is EP-3E

this is P-3b

again a museum alley, but about it later with detailed coverage

and again in the air A-10

UP-3B with onboard 153433

Photo 62.

KC-135 with onboard 71460 Kansas

135 is a lot of order, 187

Photo 66.

KC-135 series

and on the left what is that ditch

KC-135 80041

some kind of rocket, maybe someone knows what it is? Yes, and with additional accelerator

helicopter UH-60L

squad S-3

very far different F-4, then T-34C (Turbomentors) and finally C-12

S-3 rows

away favorite UH-1

A-10 and huge refueling tanks are seen, the base then flies

written SLV-5 is kind of like the head of the Titan III rocket

Photo 82.

incomprehensible rocket

Photo 83.

helicopters away

more AH-1

B-1 and C-5

KC-135 again

Photo 86.

back view

Photo 89.

traditional P-3

Photo 90.

EC-135 or Rc-135



how many are there ... sell a couple ...

Photo 95.


and AH-1 and UH-1

Photo 98.

Photo 99.

general form

Photo 101.

engines from P-3


Photo 104.

a bunch of all the necessary equipment. And we are moving to another part of the base, but this story is about next time.

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  1. A1L9E4K9S
    A1L9E4K9S 17 December 2014 07: 35
    A selection of photographs is informative, not a bad stock in case of war, but just what kind of war?
  2. Aibolit
    Aibolit 17 December 2014 08: 13
    One Poplar or Yars and all are not stocks. You can’t keep everything in one place.
    1. aszzz888
      aszzz888 17 December 2014 11: 17
      That's right, like eggs in one basket ...
      1. gridasov
        gridasov 17 December 2014 11: 50
        In my opinion, the meaning of what is shown is how economically and responsibly the equipment is. And the environmental conditions and arrangement and a lot of everything thought out. It is worth learning.
    2. Funnels
      Funnels 18 December 2014 05: 19
      Why missiles to spend, a dozen or two metalists, and in a month there will be a clean field.
  3. rugor
    rugor 17 December 2014 08: 57
    Scribe, this is how much dough rye leaves the earth! And the poor blacks eat the last horseradish with salt.
    1. Orik
      Orik 17 December 2014 09: 14
      Quote: rugor
      Scribe, this is how much dough rye leaves the earth! And the poor blacks eat the last horseradish with salt.

      I think the place for the Vabrano base is not accidental, the climate is favorable, there is little rain, it is dry. Rust is minimized by this and due to conservation.
  4. Igor39
    Igor39 17 December 2014 09: 06
    And we have cut everything for metal for a long time, even good fuselages ...
    QWERTY 17 December 2014 09: 11
    What kind of rye? there is a desert, does not rust anything, and therefore they store it.
  6. Arxon
    Arxon 17 December 2014 09: 15
    It’s a pity we don’t keep it so well, in case of war everything will come in handy. I would like a report about our aviation equipment storage bases, how they are stored, how much and why.
  7. Bongo
    Bongo 17 December 2014 09: 16
    EC-135 or Rc-135

    This is the EC-135J - an early version of the "doomsday aircraft." It served as the aircraft of the commander-in-chief of the US armed forces and operated from Andrews AFB (Maryland) until they were replaced in this capacity by three Boeing E-4A VKPs
  8. Mad dok
    Mad dok 17 December 2014 09: 18
    Cover it all with something more powerful. So, just in case ...
  9. zadorin1974
    zadorin1974 17 December 2014 09: 30
    Everything is stored and looked after. Something is prepared and sold in third countries. Only we cut and break. Sad !!!
    1. Pacifist
      Pacifist 17 December 2014 10: 04
      The point is different. We have the creation of such storage databases is very expensive. In the conditions of our climate it is impossible to create such a storage site, and leaving the territory turns into a real nightmare. In addition, there is a semi-desert, i.e. dry, hot climate, and with the general background of precipitation and temperature changes, the destruction of equipment is many times faster and ensuring its safety will cost astronomical amounts. So there is a problem. It is easier for them in this case, nature has helped.
      1. max702
        max702 17 December 2014 10: 36
        Quote: Pacifist
        We have the creation of such storage databases is very expensive. In our climate it’s impossible to create such a storage site,

        I thought the same way, we don’t have such geographical conditions, even under the conditions of the USSR, they were really lucky here, but we must pay tribute to the economy and provision of the US army was always on top.
        1. Tanarri
          Tanarri 17 December 2014 18: 22
          And in Kazakhstan or Mongolia to make a storage base is not fate?
  10. mark2
    mark2 17 December 2014 09: 55
    Good selection. The first impression - "What are these thrifty Americans, and what are ours?" Why are there no such collections about our storage bases. Surely they are. Where did the same numbers about 15000 tanks come from? That is why, as we all have a state secret, there are problems with patriotism. Everyone is talking about the Americans. How much they have. Advertising? Yes advertising! But thanks to this ad, the whole World is in front of the US 6th Fleet. And about the Russians? Even we ourselves say "drunkards and lapotniks". One has only to watch TV. But they judge us on TV. Few people will test the breadth of the Russian soul for themselves. Everyone will judge us by our TV programs. And we need more such articles, TV programs. Launch some videos promoting the Russian way of life. They showed and told. What to hide? Who needs it, and so already found out all the secrets. The people just do not know what and where their homeland possesses.
  11. Pazifist87
    Pazifist87 17 December 2014 10: 03
    Interesting photos, I look forward to continuing about the museum alley. smile
  12. Roshchin
    Roshchin 17 December 2014 10: 30
    In a businesslike way. Not only are they sensibly stored and disposed of, but they also take money for display and dismantle power. Recently drove through the St. Petersburg Ring Road. On one side is the Pulkovo Airport complex. Dismantled aircraft stand at the margins, of which IL-86 stands out without engines. Some time ago, two whole IL-86s stood on the main airfield. It looks like such air dumps at all Russian airports. It's time to centralize this matter. In this regard, it is not shameful to use overseas experience. The article is interesting, few words, a lot of information. Respect to the author.
    1. zadorin1974
      zadorin1974 18 December 2014 08: 25
      In the same state, I saw 86 three years ago in Krasnoyarsk.
  13. Herr tur
    Herr tur 17 December 2014 11: 02
    A reassuring article - if they don’t disperse it all, it means the war is planned to be limited further - Russians, Arabs, Ukrainians will fight and not all of them, but lovers of contract money.
  14. Leader
    Leader 17 December 2014 13: 28
    Thanks for the article - interesting.
    And how ours is stored is another story. I can only say that some military commissaries of all ranks need sometimes just be shot ...
  15. lexx2038
    lexx2038 17 December 2014 14: 04
    Davis-Montan Air Force Bays dialed in a Google map, looked, a huge operating base - interesting. Recommend.
  16. Karimbaev
    Karimbaev 17 December 2014 15: 39
    why in the former USSR so do not store equipment?
    1. k174oun7
      k174oun7 17 December 2014 19: 09
      Mentality however
  17. Evgeniy667b
    Evgeniy667b 17 December 2014 18: 05
    Anyway, it's expensive to see how it relates to technology. But we are barbaric. 605 Tu-16 regiment was cut. They would fly, yes fly. Still useful.
  18. itr
    itr 17 December 2014 20: 30
    Good report
  19. sherik
    sherik 18 December 2014 00: 45
    What should be the reasons for this to unreserve all this?
  20. koresh282
    koresh282 18 December 2014 01: 08
    What what, and storage - logistics, etc. they have from and to. Well done. We are to them - as to the moon in this regard.
    1. Pazifist87
      Pazifist87 18 December 2014 12: 12
      Well, we are still unlucky with the climate, it’s much easier to store planes in the desert. Although domestic preservation ... this is ... horror in general.

      Z.Y. It’s not a topic, I paid attention to a strange thing for a long time - the Air Force Museum in Monino, the planes are in the open air, the former museum in Moscow on the hodyne, the same. Armored Museum in Kubinka - all tanks carefully stand on the hangars)))
  21. Nordmenn
    Nordmenn 19 December 2014 21: 17
    Do not scold the Americans ... but in this regard they are well done.