Forward to the past?

Recently on the pages of "Military Review" there was an article "Future of Russia", we bring to your attention one more opinion, somewhat different from what was stated in the DMB article.

Quite recently, exactly 20 years have passed since the Soviet Union ceased to exist as a state. Yes, just as a state, because as an intangible substance this concept is still alive in the minds of people of the older and middle generations. You can still talk a thousand times about the Union as a state built on a fratricidal war, on totalitarianism and bureaucracy, but most people have a different association with the country in which they were born. It does not even need to talk about the formation of the image of the state for Soviet citizens, which was conducted with the help of television channels, radio programs and multimillion-dollar periodicals. Not only how the speakers spoke about the record harvests and the increase in the well-being of ordinary Soviet people, but also the feeling of the present, not the recorded one, the brotherhood of nations, unity, security and some kind of childish naivety. 10 ice cream kopecks, cheap soda, the absence of any boundaries between members of the same family, portraits of Ilyich at every step - the classic utopian idyll, which was realized in the scale of one country.

It is these paintings that make an impressive number of our fellow citizens say that they would gladly return back to their native USSR. Such people, of course, can be understood, because they did not have to take the grief of monstrous repression, the negative of almost universal leveling, clarification about their origin and other related signs of the Soviet state.

But among us there is another social stratum that feels outrage at the mere mention of the Soviet empire with its leaders and party monopoly. Among such people are dissidents who fought so that each of us could express our opinion without fear of being behind bars in a couple of hours. This and the crippled soldiers of numerous wars, which the Soviet leadership called the international assistance to the fraternal peoples. Moreover, the "fraternal peoples" often did not even ask for any help from the USSR. This includes ordinary people who could not keep in touch with their relatives living in the so-called countries of the “decaying West”.

In general, for everybody, the Soviet Union is associated with purely personal forms, objects, and processes, which are now meaningless to try to impose on others.

Recently, however, there are many ideas aimed at a certain reincarnation of the inviolable Union. I do not want to make far-reaching conclusions about the competence and adequacy of people who come up with such ideas, but today this can be considered a complete absurdity. If we talk about a certain longing for the years of adolescence, this is one thing, but trying to transfer the past to the framework of the present reality is another thing. Well, in any way, with all the desire, today Estonians and Russians, Armenians and Azeris, Abkhazians and Georgians will not get along in a peaceful neighborhood within the same state. Here, without any share of slyness, it should be noted that during the times of the USSR, these peoples smiled at each other, to say the least, through clenched teeth. Sometimes only a cry from Moscow kept the “brothers” from not rushing at each other with knives and stakes. With all personal respect for the brotherhood of the Soviet peoples, the feeling of the fact of the artificiality of this enormous education does not leave ... And the harsh suppression of national speeches, and the "stick" system of strengthening the state, and the bloody repressions of entire nations - all this is the other side of the beautiful cover called "The Indestructible Soviet Union ". No one is going to dispute the fact that the very idea of ​​creating a state of like-minded people can be considered exemplary. But then, at what cost this “consolidation of society” took place, often does not climb into any gates ...

Some believe that the collapse of the Soviet Union is the work of all world intelligence agencies, Jewish conspiracy and Masonic insinuations. However, in this case, it must be said that the root cause of the fall of the Union was not the “ardent desire” of the United States, but the imperial ambitions of a large country. No sane person can understand why our army was sent to Afghanistan. No one in the world understands what our rulers in Angola wanted to achieve.

Today, the chance to understand the logic of the Soviet leadership is fully provided. The Americans, having received full world hegemony, also want to shine the imperial crown, starting all new and new military operations. The United States has already received one blow in the form of an economic crisis, the endless war in Afghanistan has already managed to kill thousands of lives, and the adventures in North Africa can lead to the most unexpected consequences. All this once again proves that whatever form of government is elected by the Empire - democratic, totalitarian, pseudo-democratic or monarchical - its result is either self-destruction or destruction from the outside.

You can turn to one of the historical facts when in Europe they tried to revive the Roman Empire, which, incidentally, also had a lot of positive. So these attempts ended with new wars and new fragmentation of states.

That is why a return to the past, whatever it may be in the eyes of many of our compatriots, looks at least naive. You can make ice cream on 10 kopecks, put machines with cheap soda, return the anthem, you can even start your revolution, but this is not a return to the USSR. This is at best like a low-quality retro. Only from this nostalgia can blood be shed again, from which our earth has not yet had time to dry out from the time of previous adventures. And all the more it is not necessary to repeat to the West about the need for fundamental changes in Russian society.

Mr. McCain scares us with the Libyan scenario, but he also needs to point out some chapters of the textbook. stories. Yes, in our state, not everything is perfect - any adequate person recognizes it, but so what is it - grabbing up drafts and riders, rushing headlong to a better life. Sorry, Comrade McCain, we already went through this. But you should try. "The Great American Revolution" - in my opinion, it sounds very ...
Valentin Afonin
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