Analytical program "However" with Mikhail Leontyev, 30 August 2011

The NATO forces, disgraced by the semi-annual resistance of the unfortunate Jamahiriya, finally pulled over and took Tripoli. At the same time, they got tired so that now it became clear to everyone that there was no civil war in Libya. And it could not be. This is, in fact, a banal colonial war. With hastily gathered fake native cover.

NATO’s semi-annual war in Libya consisted of the massive destruction of military forces, command and control facilities and life support infrastructure. At the same time, the recruitment, arming and training of so-called “rebels” and a massive disinformation campaign in and around Libya were carried out. During the assault on Tripoli, the British and French special forces generally played a decisive role and now openly manage the so-called "quest for Gaddafi".

No one doubted the inevitability of such a completion of the military stage. The material capabilities of the resistance of the insignificant Libya have been exhausted. However, if there was still no civil war, then right now it can begin. And, according to former French Prime Minister Villepin, it will last for many years. Direct military occupation of Libya on the Iraqi-Afghan type is unlikely. And to establish order by the forces of the so-called "rebels" is not possible. But Mr. Sarkozy was just going to pump oil. Libya in general was of international interest only as a European gas station. With a crazy tanker.

The so-called "Transitional National Council" is a cumbersome, unknown representative group, formally headed by former functionaries of the Gaddafi regime, who defected to the so-called "rebels". There are practically no leaders of influential tribes in the Council. But there are radical Islamist organizations, including al-Qaida.

That is, the terrible al-Qaida and the fight against "international terrorism" are no longer relevant. This stage of the world clash between Good and Evil is closed and repentant with bin Laden and Mullah Omar. I remember that the Americans in Vietnam carried out a "Vietnamese" war. This is when American manpower was tried to be replaced by local cannon fodder. By analogy, the current model resembles the "Vietnamization" of velvet revolutions. As a result, they are somewhat ceasing to be velvety. Obviously, Libya is not the perfect clearing for this model. Libya’s choice is most likely due to the peculiarities of Sarkozy’s and Cameron’s temperaments. However, much more serious objects for the application of this model are already obvious: Syria and, if absolutely lucky, Iran.

Reportedly, the Transitional National Council of Syria was finally formed in Istanbul, headed by a certain Burgan Galyun, a political scientist from the Paris Sorbonne. Under pressure from the Turkish authorities, a significant part of this Council was made up of "Muslim Brotherhood" and representatives of various Islamist groups.

And this fake Council with a man with the symbolic name Galyun, and the whole campaign around Syria is literally written off from the Libyan one. With the exception of the absence of a relevant UN resolution guaranteeing missile-bomb support for peaceful protests. Syria, of course, will be a more serious state than the Jamahiriya. But the consequences of its collapse can be much more serious. At the same time, the scheme of the revolutionary "Vietnamese" - in this case, "galvanizing" - is designed, of course, with strong air support, to ensure the stripping of the undesirable regime. However, it does not contribute to the restoration of order on the territory cleaned from it. It remains to assume that the restoration of order and is not the goal of this customer. And only one sweep.
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