African Union blamed rebels in Libya for black massacres

African Union blamed rebels in Libya for black massacresThe African Union / AU / today accused the rebels in Libya of carrying out mass killings of blacks, considering them to be mercenaries of Muammar Gadhafi’s army.

The chairman of the AU commission, Jean Ping, said that this is about the killings of ordinary migrant workers who are being persecuted and killed by the rebels. This, he said, is one of the reasons why the AU does not recognize the rebel Transitional National Council (PNS).

“PNS confuses black people with mercenaries,” Ping said. “In his opinion, all blacks are mercenaries. They kill people, ordinary workers, mock them. We are preparing to evacuate all black migrants from Libya.”

The head of the AU also called for an immediate cease-fire and the formation of a coalition government in Libya. According to him, the world community ignored the proposals of the AU to resolve the Libyan crisis, but Ping’s road map for Libya, said Ping, is still relevant.
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