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Aurora Project: Top-secret aircraft and strange sounds

In the evening of November 29, residents of the southern regions of Great Britain and the east coast of the USA heard strange sounds. People heard a series of loud sounds, like shooting or explosions. Soon the Internet recorded a record of this noise made by a resident of London using a mobile phone. The exact causes of the appearance of noise are still unknown, which is why various versions appear.

Aurora Project: Top-secret aircraft and strange sounds

In various publications of the foreign press and numerous discussions, there are various assumptions about the nature of strange noises. A series of sounds could be caused by the destruction of meteors or other natural phenomena. Nevertheless, such versions cannot explain the fact that noises were heard on a fairly large territory, both in Britain and in the USA. In addition, the British heard the noise for a long time: about half an hour. All this is the reason for the emergence of more unusual and interesting versions.

Perhaps the most original assumption about the nature of mysterious sounds is related to promising projects of military equipment. It is assumed that residents of the two countries heard sounds made by a pulsating air-jet engine (PuVRD) of a certain aircraft. Indeed, during operation, such engines produce a very loud noise, consisting of many separate explosions. Therefore, the version of the operation of the PuVRD quickly gained a certain distribution. In addition, in the context of the work of a mysterious engine, the interested public remembered the American secret project Aurora, which for two decades has been exciting the minds of lovers aviation.

Since the early nineties, rumors have been circulating in the United States and other countries about the development of a prospective reconnaissance or strike aircraft, code-named Aurora (Aurora). According to the press and some specialists, the project was so secret that only its name and some basic features became public. However, any official information about the project was not published. Due to the lack of accurate information, interest in the Aurora project gradually fell. Thanks to the latest events of the hypothetical aircraft remembered again.

The first mention of the Aurora project appeared in the spring of 1990. Aviation Week and Space Technology reported that in the 1985 year, the Pentagon allocated about 145 million dollars for the secret production of aircraft. It was noted that the equipment built on this money will be secret and will not be included in the official lists of the air forces and other structures that have their own aircraft. Part of the allocated 145 million was planned to spend on the project "Aurora". According to the magazine, already in 1987, 2,3 was allocated a billion dollars for the Aurora project. Other details of financing and project work were not disclosed.

The absence of any information other than the name and estimated amount of funding led to the emergence of numerous assumptions and versions. The most widespread version of the development of prospective reconnaissance aircraft. For several decades, the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird reconnaissance aircraft was in service with the US Air Force, capable of flying at speeds up to M = 3,2. The aim of the Aurora project could be the creation of a new aircraft of similar purpose, which has even higher flight characteristics. Soon, various variants of the appearance of a promising aircraft and its possible characteristics appeared.

For obvious reasons, all these versions have not been officially confirmed or refuted. The Pentagon and aircraft building organizations simply deny the existence of the Aurora project. In the mid-nineties, former head of Lockheed and its Skunk Works department, Ben Rich explained the situation. According to him, under the designation Aurora hid some developments on the subject of promising low-profile aircraft. Part of the work on this project was subsequently used to create a new aircraft, including the bomber Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit. Scout "Aurora", in turn, never existed.

However, the statements of the former head of the aircraft building organization did not suit everyone. Until now, from time to time various publications have appeared, according to which the Aurora aircraft was actually developed and even tested. Recent reports from the UK and the United States have become another reason for such disputes and speculations.

Back in the early nineties, several variants of the proposed technical appearance of the Aurora appeared, which, despite their ambiguous character, are still worth attention. According to one of the options, the prospective reconnaissance aircraft had to reach a speed of at least M = 5, which accordingly affected its design. The aircraft, sometimes referred to as the SR-91, could have a delta wing with a sweep around 75-80 °. The aircraft could have a total length of up to 34-35 m and a wingspan of the order of 18-20 m. The empty and take-off masses of the Aurora could roughly coincide with or differ from the corresponding SR-71 characteristics.

To achieve high airspeed the aircraft required an appropriate power plant. It was assumed that the Aurora could get a combined engine with turbojet and direct-flow circuits. A number of popular schemes depicted an engine with a common air intake and a single nozzle for both circuits. In this case, depending on the mode of operation, these units had to interact with a turbojet engine or ramjet. The first was intended for flying at relatively low speeds, the second for hypersonic flight.

According to different versions, the Aurora aircraft would be able to reach speeds that are 10-15 times the speed of sound. The ceiling could exceed 35-36 km. The range was assumed at a level of several thousand miles with the possibility of increasing due to refueling in flight.

New reconnaissance aircraft could get a number of modern reconnaissance equipment. The reconnaissance complex could include optical observation devices, a radar station and other equipment, including means for transmitting the collected information. The possibility of creating a shock version of the aircraft was not excluded. In this case, the SR-91 could carry air-to-air or air-to-surface missiles. The crew could consist of two people.

It is noteworthy that all options for the possible appearance of the Aurora aircraft involve the use of a once-through jet engine in combination with a turbojet. However, when discussing a recent incident with unidentified noises, a pulsating jet engine is mentioned. This version mismatch puts the latest Aurora discussion in an interesting light.

There are various descriptions and drawings of the hypothetical aircraft "Aurora", but all of them are fantasies of their authors, based on fragmentary information. All confirmed data are limited only by B. Rich's statements on work on the subject of low-profile aircraft.

It should be noted that in the late eighties, Lockheed and Boeing conducted research on the development of promising hypersonic aircraft, including reconnaissance aircraft, capable of replacing existing SR-71. Nevertheless, the ratio of design characteristics, high cost of construction and complexity of operation put an end to these ideas. Later it was decided not to replace the SR-71 with similar equipment and to reconnoiter with the help of satellites or unmanned aerial vehicles.

In recent years, the United States has been developing experimental designs for hypersonic aircraft. So, the Falcon and AHW projects have already reached the flight test stage. From time to time, there are reports of new test launches, both successful and unsuccessful. At the same time, the statements of people who allegedly witnessed tests of some mysterious and secret supersonic and hypersonic aircraft regularly appear. In the context of such testimonies, the Aurora project is regularly mentioned.

In late November, the British and Americans heard strange sounds, like shooting or a series of explosions. The nature of this noise has not yet been established. It is possible that the reasons for this unusual phenomenon will not be established, which to some extent will contribute to the emergence and spread of various versions, including those related to certain secret projects. In the discussions of the sounds, they have already recalled the hypothetical Aurora project and other promising developments in the field of hypersonic technology. If the reasons for the appearance of a series of sounds are not exactly established, then we should expect the appearance of a variety of new versions.

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  1. kostyan77708
    kostyan77708 12 December 2014 06: 50 New
    this is how the mattress begins to feel that they will soon receive in the face, and so they start throwing in about the super-duper weapon that they supposedly have (recently, gentlemen didn’t pay much attention?). as it was before the collapse of the USSR, they also scared with all sorts of different non-existent technologies that were invented in Hollywood, but at that time our leadership was led, and this hour will not fail!
    1. Deniska
      Deniska 12 December 2014 10: 57 New
      Everything would be fine ... And where is the sound recording?
      1. Glenn witcher
        12 December 2014 16: 53 New
        For example, the here.
        1. alex86
          alex86 12 December 2014 23: 06 New
          И из приведенной записи "таинственных" звуков, и из нижеприведенных видео (и из слышанных мной испытаний ПуВРД) совершенно ясно, что это не он - звук от ПуВРД - это не отдельные взрывы, а ровный (хотя и очень резкий) звук, поскольку частота "взрывов" 25-40 Гц, что вполне вписывается в воспринимаемый ухом человека звук. Да и ПуВРД для такого серьезного аппарата - не вариант. И вообще, делать далеко идущие выводы на основе неких звуков - как-то несолидно. (У нас в Зеленодольске корабли на испытаниях стреляют почему-то ночью, если записать - то то-же можно напридумывать...)
          1. siberalt
            siberalt 13 December 2014 01: 10 New
            Download the frequency test of sounds on the Internet and try to hear 25-40 Hz. Unless, of course, you have Hi-Fi speakers. You will feel air vibrations resembling distant peals of thunder, more likely with your body, not your ear. When listening to frequencies above 16-18 kHz, experiment carefully. You can get a temporary concussion of hearing, as with otitis media.
            1. Voronbit
              Voronbit 13 December 2014 02: 21 New
              as a professional studio musician .... I have not seen a single person over 40 years old. WHO at least somehow reacted to a pure 12 kHz sine wave .. Adamas I hope a reliable source (SAU faculty once graduated)
              1. Voronbit
                Voronbit 13 December 2014 02: 38 New
                moreover, my friend, a quartz oscillator ........... and we - and OH ... ourselves ... POWER DOES NOT MATTER (I think that within reasonable limits
            2. alex86
              alex86 13 December 2014 10: 34 New
              My phrase about 25-40 Hz - from the test report (not tested). He himself heard live (and below the video) - so no peals, a sharp sound, very loud and annoying.
          2. Voronbit
            Voronbit 13 December 2014 02: 15 New
            not pulsating-yet direct-flow fau
            1. Voronbit
              Voronbit 13 December 2014 02: 55 New
              and your density is height, speed
            2. alex86
              alex86 13 December 2014 10: 41 New
              Fau PuVRD had valve valves - there couldn’t be direct-flow, because for it you need to accelerate first and quite strongly ...
          3. Hariton
            Hariton 31 March 2015 19: 44 New
            this program is quite ancient, and the tests, as I think, passed, but here the accident is an option. IMHO
      2. The comment was deleted.
  2. saag
    saag 12 December 2014 07: 12 New
    где проект "Аякс"?
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 12 December 2014 10: 39 New
      It seems to be closed.
    2. Rus2012
      Rus2012 12 December 2014 11: 09 New
      Quote: saag
      где проект "Аякс"?

      closed without starting ...

      pulsating jet engine (PuVRD)
      - PuVRD, even the resonant one (which without valves) cannot accelerate aircraft to any high speeds ...

      Если бы у янки были более-менее нормальные ПВРД, про ГПВРД - ващще молчу, то "Аврора" была бы возможна...

      Here's what can be considered close to the topic -
      MKR "Storm" Lavochkina
      Length, m - 20,396
      Wingspan, m - 7,746
      Height, m ​​- 6,642
      Wing area, m2 - 44,6
      Starting weight, kg - 98.280
      Mass of the initial marching stage, kg - 33.522
      Head Weight, kg - 3403
      Range, km - 7830
      Operating altitude range, km 16 - 25,5
      Working range of numbers M 2,8 - 3,3
      March number M 3,15
  3. Tatar 174
    Tatar 174 12 December 2014 07: 55 New
    And Vaska listens and eats ... Well, in the sense we are listening and are silent, for now. And why put all the trump cards? Do not.
  4. thinker
    thinker 12 December 2014 08: 07 New
    But what about the Voronezh radar in Kaliningrad? The southern regions of Great Britain are probably in the zone of its operation. We find out, but later.
  5. LvKiller
    LvKiller 12 December 2014 08: 31 New
    Ну и сколько у них этого "оружия возмездия" количественно? Пупочек не развяжется? На карту мира давно смотрели? Кто-то говорил, что пин.д.о.с.ы ведут себя как дети малые, но это тоже ложь - они сумасшедшие. Вот и вся правда.
  6. ABC ABC © ®.
    ABC ABC © ®. 12 December 2014 08: 39 New
    Gentlemen aviators and plagiarists, calm down, judging by the photograph in front of you is the usual "Peking Duck." The graphics are very good. This model can only be attributed to the fourth to fifth generation. According to bochramonics, it can be advanced significantly. The external form is more aerodynamic, but far from perfect. 3-4M speed can withstand, but fuel consumption will remain very high. The use of a ram motor should be approached more reasonably. No country will be able to produce sixth generation aircraft for the simple reason that ABC ABC © ® did not patent its ideas, did not publish the theoretical justifications for aerodynamics for sixth generation aircraft. And without the theoretical justifications of aerodynamic theory, it is impossible to create sixth generation machines. ABC ABC © ® has no desire to publish, patent in Russia, and the authorities are aware of this. Gentlemen Mérimerie, you have lost several years in vain. A waste of time, finance and engineering opportunities. After all, I turned to you a few years ago. But not only to you, but also to your embassy. But they thought they knew everything. Airbus and their embassy, ​​together with the ambassador considered themselves above all heaven. And the Canadian Embassy is silent. And therefore, merikamer, do not be discouraged, you are not the only ones. Multi-volume novels can be written about Russian plagiarists, so there is no point in writing about them. ABC ABC © ®. Commentary. Everyone has the right to express their point of view.
    1. doxtop
      doxtop 24 December 2014 11: 17 New
      Quote: ABC ABC © ®.
      Gentlemen aviators and plagiarists, calm down, judging by the photograph in front of you is the usual "Peking Duck."

      Absolutely agree!
      Прежде чем "гутарить" про "аврору", давайте вспомним едва летающий Х-47в. А он то уж в стопицот раз меньше гипотетической "авроры".
      wink hi
  7. 0255
    0255 12 December 2014 09: 28 New
    Все "фотографии" Авроры в сети отвратительного качества, так же как и "фото" НЛО или лох-несского чудовища. Я тоже могу сказать что слышал звук двигателей данного пепелаца.
    Recently they wrote that the United States is developing a 6-7 fly-through unmanned SR-72. The states have announced the development of an unmanned reconnaissance reconnaissance, but how have they not reported a manned Aurora for 30 years?
    1. Deniska
      Deniska 12 December 2014 11: 00 New
      The Loch Ness Monster was a FACT !!!!
      1. FACKtoREAL
        FACKtoREAL 12 December 2014 13: 08 New
        no need to drag a giraffe here!
        местные знают что,это Джон Буль без плавок на спине плавает со своим "лох-несским чудовищем"..
  8. tomket
    tomket 12 December 2014 10: 05 New
    Читал подобную статью в "Техника-Молодежи" в году 1992....Видимо подвижек в проекте пока нет...
    1. Ascetic
      Ascetic 12 December 2014 10: 48 New
      Quote: tomket
      Читал подобную статью в "Техника-Молодежи" в году 1992....Видимо подвижек в проекте пока нет...

      So, in 1986, they told us about SOI with pictures, including about a two-haired hypersonic aircraft (space plane) TR-3B-Astra - a flying triangle similar to a UFO. Basically for e
      These years, in this regard, except for the pictures, nothing has changed. Unless the SDI ordered to live long.
      1. gridasov
        gridasov 12 December 2014 11: 47 New
        А ничего и не изменится. Представьте себе , что весь процесс полета на сверхзвуке рассматривать несколько с иной стороны. ЛА стоит , верней висит , а воздух движется. Как минимум выбросим элемент двигательной установки. Воздух трансформируется в качественно разные состояния. Нельзя воздух разогнать до такого состояния. Он будет "твердым" в свойствах. Поэтому вернемся назад и скажем , что для достижения таких скоростей нужно понимать , как минимум , как гиперэкспотенциальной рост сопротивления использовать в обратном векторе. Т,Е эту силу преобразовывать в полезную движущую силу. И такая методология , пусть и в обоснованной концепции есть. Только создатели всех этих проектов не знают об этом. И это очевидно по комплексу тех свойств , которые мы наблюдаем.
        1. Asan Ata
          Asan Ata 12 December 2014 23: 17 New
          Hyperexpotential? Hm. lol
      2. tomket
        tomket 12 December 2014 12: 08 New
        Quote: Ascetic
        years in this regard, except for the pictures, nothing has changed.

        Ну да , "бесшумные черные треугольники" , "пульсары"... даже серия в х-файлах была посвящена "Авроре".
  9. gridasov
    gridasov 12 December 2014 12: 01 New
    Вообще можно с полной уверенностью понимать, что никто даже не приблизился к пониманию того как развиваются алгоритмы трансформации свойств не только на объекте полета , но и в среде полета. Эти комплексные вопросы как элементы многозадочности и решаться должны как "многорешаемости". Это не игра слов. Алгоритмы процессов превращения в веществе среды должны быть в гармоничном сочетании с алгоритмами превращений как на поверхности истечения так и внутри ЛА. И это абсолютно очевидно .НО ведь нет методов анализа таких системных взаимосвязаных процессов. Поэтому вопрос в этом и состоит , что нужно сначала научится видеть реальность , а не собственную иллюзию. И научится это выражать в математическом виде, который способен учитывать и показывать все очевидные и не очевидные процессы в их высокодинамичной трансформации. Кто не переварил прошу не отвечать. Хамства и так более достаточно вокруг.
    1. ikrut
      ikrut 12 December 2014 14: 59 New
      As an aeromechanic (mechmath) in the first specialty and an aircraft technologist (graduate school) in the second, I am ready to agree with you.
    2. gladcu2
      gladcu2 13 December 2014 17: 00 New
      In other words. The behavior of airplanes at such speeds is not amenable to mathematical description due to the lack of response of a sufficient amount of physical data.
      By the way, YouTube is full of recording strange sounds. Maybe this is it?
  10. vass
    vass 12 December 2014 13: 23 New
    In general, it is rather a natural phenomenon, which may have technological roots, but not the flight of the device. It is not possible to solve the problems of movement in air with great speed without solving many other questions. The simplest is the amount of fuel to achieve speed and how long it lasts. Not to mention resolving issues of air resistance and its other manifestations. It is unlikely that such materials can be created that can not fall apart and preserve the insides. even Buran and the Shuttles had protection against a fire pillow. Like descent vehicles. But this is in certain places and only in extreme necessity. we need the work of physicists and mathematicians on new possibilities of bypassing air or the possibility of changing its properties around the apparatus. But this is far from reality. These are dreams and while we see how wonderful combat aircraft feel, which do not have the highest speeds. The charm of speed has passed a long time ago and maneuverability, protection, and the forefront have come to the fore. active and smart weapons. So far, everyone has been resolving issues with anti-shipable high-speed missiles and there’s not much sense. And another task is to overcome missile defense at an accelerated rate. So far, it’s not very successful either.
    1. gridasov
      gridasov 12 December 2014 14: 13 New
      Не думаю , что человек далек от реальности понять многие закономерности мира в котором мы живем. Видимо нужны приоритеты такого рассуждения когда критерием будут выбраны уровни развития внеземных цивилизаций. То, что доминирующая роль должна принадлежать физикам и математикам это неоспоримо. Потому , что многие процессы можно и нужно все-таки моделировать на основе логики рассуждений, математического обоснования и только потом практического исполнения. А не браться вкладывать неоправданные ресурсы в "мыльные" непродуманные проекты. Вообще-то стоит признать за очевидное , что найти уже сейчас человека с трезвым аналитическим складом ума, в том числе и среди ученых весьма сложно. А это определяющий фактор развития науки.
    2. Petrovi42202
      Petrovi42202 13 December 2014 01: 03 New
      In principle, all this is described by rheology and sopromat. But man in the modern approximation is still far from all this. One must look for previously unattainable parties. And only when there is complete confidence in this area, you can do the development.
  11. The comment was deleted.
  12. OSR
    OSR 12 December 2014 13: 34 New
    It’s not only with the country's salaries that they have been able to capitalize for decades on dubious projects with zero results.
    Основные тезисы статьи: "мог бы", "наверное", "предположительно" и т.п. - ВЫВОД: проект, аналогичный СОИ. lol
    1. Petrovi42202
      Petrovi42202 13 December 2014 01: 05 New
      Это из разряда "да, нет, не знаю, может быть, наверное". Это все равно, что пальцем в небо тыкать.
  13. Denis
    Denis 12 December 2014 15: 13 New
    In addition, the British heard a noise for a long time: about half an hour. All this is the reason for the appearance of more and more unusual and interesting versions.
    Perhaps the most original assumption about the nature of mysterious sounds is related to promising projects of military equipment. It is assumed that residents of the two countries heard sounds made by a pulsating air-jet engine (PuVRD) of a certain aircraft
    А что про "руку Москвы" не вопят?
    would not be alone in senility
  14. bigELDAK
    bigELDAK 12 December 2014 15: 44 New
    Что тут скажешь секретность,ну или наша "РАССЕЙСКАЯ культура".Уверен что большая часть читателей сайта слыхом не слышала про SSTO,x-33,ну или про КВРД .Обыватели как всегда ссылаются на "лох-несское чудо-юдо",лишь энтузиасты и наблюдательные примечают детали(воздухозаборники,компоновку,расположение деталей это многое может рассказать)
    This video is a little over 2 years in the public domain, than not an engine for a new hypersonic scout ...

    Well, according to PuVRD, yes, the sound is not pleasant, what can you do ...
  15. vladsolo56
    vladsolo56 12 December 2014 17: 03 New
    If there is even a project, then there is no money for its implementation, and most likely there will be no more. US rapidly poorer
  16. ddglory
    ddglory 12 December 2014 19: 55 New
    I think that alternative energy sources should be sought to ensure the declared parameters. As an example, anti-gravity will soon move from the realm of fantasy to our reality.
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 13 December 2014 17: 08 New
      The US is not getting poorer. Increased stratification of social classes towards impoverishment. It speaks only of the crisis of capitalism. But money and means of production have not disappeared.
  17. propolsky
    propolsky 12 December 2014 19: 57 New
    Intelligence should not slander the development and testing of such a project, either in Siberia it flies the same (we cannot hear it from there), or it is our test for lice.
  18. Akulina
    Akulina 12 December 2014 21: 27 New
    Of course, I am not an expert in military equipment .. But what kind of reconnaissance aircraft is this, which rumbles in such a way that you can hear it in the UK and the USA at the same time.
  19. edeligor
    edeligor 12 December 2014 21: 52 New
    Creating a hypersonic aircraft for amers and other technological powers is not a problem. I mean engines, airframes and related technologies. BUT! There is a huge problem that engineers of advanced countries cannot solve, namely, the problem of the appearance of plasma on the surface of an aircraft at such speeds. Let me explain, there are huge problems in exchanging information with this aircraft - it is blind and deaf! The point of making it inhabited?
    1. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh 12 December 2014 22: 59 New
      I agree with you. It’s impossible to make a manned airplane
      chatting is a huge risk. Therefore, probably, Aurora was covered up.
  20. polkovnik manuch
    polkovnik manuch 12 December 2014 22: 14 New
    Wait and see !
  21. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 12 December 2014 22: 57 New
    Aurora project existed, but I thought it was closed, so
    как сменили концепт: вместо скорости - незаметность ( "стелс" технологии ).
    And in hypersound they are trying to make a glider cruise missile.
    1. Voronbit
      Voronbit 13 December 2014 01: 56 New
      two mutually exclusive things; -GZ and planning KR
  22. Voronbit
    Voronbit 13 December 2014 01: 47 New
    It’s nice that they don’t forget about GZ .... BUT still is a problem which has more questions than real engineering solutions
  23. Voronbit
    Voronbit 13 December 2014 02: 04 New
    guys, 6 speeds of sound in the lower atmosphere - control ... damn it ass
  24. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 13 December 2014 11: 02 New
    По любому в нижних слоях это Челябинский метеорит в облаке плазмы, который ничего не видит и не слышит. А на скоростях 2-3 км/сек маневры и в верхних слоях чрезвычайно "размашисты" из-за возникающих перегрузок. Короче, полет такого аппарата - это хорошо уже изученный аэродинамический спуск "шаттла" в верхних слоях. Насколько опасны такие спуски - показала катастрофа, когда атмосфера "разорвала" корабль со слегка поврежденной теплоизоляцией. Преимущества таких аппаратов и их применения в разведке и войне представляются сомнительными. Как и в лазерном и ЭМ оружии, атмосфера накладывает свои ограничения.