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Artashes Geghamyan: The strategy of dismembering Russia has already entered the hot phase

Artashes Geghamyan: The strategy of dismembering Russia has already entered the hot phase Dear reader, on January 15 of this year, the Russian federal news agency REGNUM published an article under the heading “Artashes Geghamyan: Is the strategy for dismembering Russia entering a hot phase?” ... Putting a question mark in the heading, I nevertheless expressed doubts about this. Alas, the short since historical By the standards of the time (seven and a half months), it was shown that at present the question mark can be removed from the heading. To draw such a conclusion, unfortunately, there are many reasons. If there were any doubts about this, then they were finally dispelled after the European Union Justice Ministers adopted the Warsaw Declaration in Warsaw on August 23, 2011 on the occasion of the European Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Totalitarian Regimes. The special danger and far-reaching consequences that the implementation of this document is fraught with brilliantly, reasoned, convincingly and intelligibly explained political analyst Modest Kolerov in the article "The heirs of Hitler's allies, the United States, nationalists and" de-Stalinizers "in the EU are preparing" Nuremberg "against Russia, dated August 26 this year, printed by REGNUM.

It took me to understand the fact that the Warsaw Declaration created fertile ground for dismantling such organizations as the CIS, SCO, EurAsEC, the Customs Union of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus and, of course, the military-political union of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) . After all, it is no secret that the cementing basis of the spiritual closeness of the peoples of the CIS member states is a feeling of kinship and blood involvement in the generation, which at the cost of tremendous sacrifices and deprivations has managed to save Europe from the brown plague of fascism. The generations that followed him were brought up in the spirit of the sons and grandsons of the winners of the united country - the savior of the Old Continent. Currently, the implementation of the Warsaw Declaration of August 23 from 2011 will result in the souls of the children and grandchildren of more than six hundred thousand Armenians participating in the Great Patriotic War, half of whom have not returned from the front, will be in disarray. It's no secret that for more than 20 years their brains have been allegedly washed with the ideas of "democracy" and "liberalism", but in fact they change their psychology, which they inherited from their fathers and grandfathers, the psychology of the people who won fascism. Moreover, they strive to impose on the younger generation the syndrome of repentance, the psychology of the defending generation for what, as recorded in the Warsaw Declaration: "Europe suffered under the rule of totalitarian regimes (read USSR - AG), regardless of whether it was communism , national socialism .... " In the case of the Republic of Armenia, the calculation is simple.

The Armenian people, according to the logic of the initiators of the Warsaw Declaration, who experienced the horrors of the Genocide in the Ottoman Empire in 1915-1923. and who, during the Second World War as part of the USSR, again at the cost of colossal sacrifices, achieved victory, it turns out he must repent for the fact that "Europe suffered under the rule of totalitarian regimes", and our parents and we not only did not revolt against this regime, but by feasible and honest labor multiplied the power and wealth of the country, our Great Motherland.

This is not nostalgia for the Soviet times, and especially for the marasmic and mediocre leaders of the USSR of the late 80 of the XX century. This is only an understanding of the fact that, even in modern conditions, a highly thought-out systematic work is being carried out to impose Russia, as Modest Kolerov rightly pointed out in his above-mentioned article, “Nuremberg against Russia”. At the same time, the rest of the CIS countries have been prepared the role of lackeys - whistleblowers of the crimes of totalitarianism. Further, we should expect that on this basis a large-scale information war will be launched against the successor of the totalitarian USSR - Russia. The first signs of this war have already appeared in the form of anti-Russian hysteria in the media of allied countries of Russia. They don’t spare funds for these purposes, generously financing various non-governmental organizations that conduct targeted anti-Russian propaganda, with the frequent and deliberate use of the word Russian instead of Russia. This sophisticated Russophobic propaganda clearly echoes that unbridled slander and misinformation on inciting ethnic hatred, which is conducted in Russia itself. I repeat, the goal is the same - incitement of hostility between Russians, who are the state-forming nation, and representatives of more than 100 other nations and nationalities, citizens of Russia.

After this preamble, we will try to understand whether there is a connection between what is happening in the space of the Greater Middle East and how this may affect the South Caucasus region and Russia as a whole. Is there a connection between the 23 of August of August of the Warsaw Declaration and the events that take place in Libya and Syria? What consequences can the Declaration have for the post-Soviet states covered by the EU Eastern Partnership program, in which Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia are involved.

To understand the true essence of what is happening in Libya and Syria, we present excerpts from the television interview of Paul Craig Roberts, given to them by Press TV ( Recall that he was the Deputy Minister of Finance in the administration of Ronald Reagan, whom the President of the United States called "the real father of Reaganomics," he later edited The Wall Street Journal, and is currently the author of a regular column in The Washington Times. So, in the above interview, Paul Craig Roberts declares: "We want to overthrow Gaddafi in Libya and Assad in Syria because we want to expel China and Russia from the Mediterranean." Further more. "What is our interest in the protests in Syria?", Asked Paul Craig Roberts, and answers him like this: "The Americans are behind the protests. We are interested in this, because the Russians have a naval base that provides them with a presence in the Mediterranean. So, you see, Washington intervened in Libya and is making more and more efforts to intervene in Syria because we want to get rid of the Russians and the Chinese. " It seems that comments are unnecessary. Judging by the reports of various sources of information, the regime of Muammar Gaddafi is doomed. Whether the National Transitional Council (NPS) will be able to maintain a united Libya and prevent it from disintegrating into three states in accordance with the boundaries of the historically existing areas: Tripolitania in the north-west, Cyrenaica in the northeast and Fezzan (Fezzan) in the south, time will tell. Will there be peace in the land of Libya, which is in its area (1 million 759.540 square. km, of which 90% occupy the desert) is the fourth country in Africa and the seventeenth in the world? This is a topic for separate analysis. One thing is indisputable that after the recent events in Libya, the focus of world power centers will be focused on Syria. In the event of further escalation of tensions in Syria, it is inevitable that Turkey’s neighboring Turkey be drawn into the internal conflict, if only under the pretext of suspending the impending “humanitarian catastrophe” associated with the massive crossing of the Syrian-Turkish border by refugees. A certain role will be assigned to the Kurdish population and not only Syria, but Iran and Turkey. Naturally this role is supposed to be destabilizing. And all this will take place in the border states of Armenia, Turkey, Iran, as well as in Syria, where more than two hundred thousandth Armenian diaspora has been living for about a hundred years. There is no doubt that the policy of controlled chaos, which is successfully implemented under the firm name of the Arab Spring, can be extended to both Armenia and Azerbaijan. As for the tragic consequences of such a policy for the Azerbaijani people, then let the Azerbaijani politicians, who by their destructiveness torpedo a peaceful settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, think about it.

Under these conditions, blasphemy is not surprising when the notorious murderer, officer of the Azerbaijani army Ramil Safarov is raised to the rank of a national hero, who killed a sleeping Armenian officer with an ax at a seminar held under the auspices of NATO in Hungary. Today, a criminal has been declared a hero to follow in Azerbaijan, who is still serving a life sentence in Hungary. And all this, I repeat, is accompanied by threats to solve the Nagorno-Karabakh problem by military means. Moreover, these threats emanate not from such politicians, such as, for example, Elnur Mammadov, head of the presidential administration department of Azerbaijan, but from the mouth of the president and defense minister of this country. For clarity, we note that recently Elnur Mammadov, in a burst of revelation, said: “Victory at the Eurovision Song Contest - 2011, the success of our athletes in international tournaments, prowess such as Mubariz Ibrahimov and Ramil Safarov gave Azerbaijani society a second wind.”

All this is not only a problem of the Azerbaijani people, but naturally, I am greatly worried and disturbed by the events unfolding in Armenia itself. So, after the bloody events of March 1 of 2008, which resulted in the death of ten of our citizens, the newly elected President of the Republic of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan managed, with his measured internal policy, to prevent the situation in the republic from slipping to new bloodshed. And this is in conditions when in 2008-2010. and right up to May this year. the closest entourage of the first President of Armenia, Levon Ter-Petrosyan (hereinafter the LTP, AG), with solid financial support from external forces, consistently pumped radical sentiment in the country. At the same time, the entire ideological machine of LTP, through a wide network of print and electronic media, through the use of Internet capabilities, very skillfully presented to the citizens of Armenia their main ideological attitude that Russia is the backbone of the “hated predatory regime of Armenia”. Under these conditions, the stormy discussions that unfolded in Armenia around the legislative initiative of the government on introducing changes and amendments to the laws of the Republic of Armenia on Language and On Education became a gift for LTP and its supporters. With the adoption of these bills, an opportunity was provided to open 8-10 schools in Armenia with instruction in Russian and foreign languages. Newspaper publications in the media controlled by LTPs were filled with anti-Russian headlines and the situation was artificially intensified, although with the adoption of the above laws it was supposed to open no more than two schools teaching in Russian. It is very disturbing that, with the exception of the National Unity Party, not a single political party in Armenia, not a single public organization, has expressed its position on such a principled issue. The National Unity Party expressed its principled position on this issue in the article “Artashes Geghamyan: Armenian school prepares for a life that does not exist”, published on May 26 2010. REGNUM. Further escalation of anti-Russian and Russophobic sentiments by the propagandist machine LTP reached its apogee after the state visit to Armenia 9-10 on August 2010, the year of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. Recall that in the framework of this visit, the Ministries of Defense of Russia and Armenia signed Protocol No. 5, according to which the tenure of the Russian military base in Gyumri was supposed to be extended by 49 years. And in this case, the fact that during the ratification of this document in the National Assembly (hereinafter the National Assembly) 12 on April 2011 of the year of the year, only three deputies of the National Assembly of Armenia spoke on this issue during the ratification of this document could not fail to arouse caution. At the same time, one of the speakers was an independent non-partisan deputy, Viktor Dallakyan, who, with constructive positions, expressed some concerns of the Armenian side. The ex-speaker of the parliament Tigran Torosyan also spoke at the debate. He sharply criticized Protocol No. 5 and voted against. And only a member of the National Assembly, Ara Simonyan, who is a member of the Presidium of the National Unity Party and a member of the board of the Northern Perspective Public Organization, gave a political assessment of this document and justified the crucial importance of Protocol No. 5 to ensure the security of the Republic of Armenia. At the same time, it is very significant that the NA reminded the legislators that the new edition of the 3 article of the current agreement clearly states: “In addition to fulfilling the function of protecting the interests of the Russian Federation, the Russian base during its stay on the territory of the Republic of Armenia forces of the Republic of Armenia; security of the Republic of Armenia. " The low turnout of deputies from parliamentary parties, who position themselves as supporters of the Armenian-Russian strategic partnership, leads to certain reflections. Moreover, their actual withdrawal from participation in debates on this issue is alarming. And this is in the conditions when, after signing Protocol No. 5 of 9, August 2010. Up to November 11, when the National Assembly approved the draft law, over one hundred and fifty articles were printed, a lot of interviews were made on TV channels that were anti-Russian, clearly biased, when the adoption of Protocol No. 5 equated to loss of independence. In fact, in support of the demand for extending the stay of the Russian military base in Armenia, a couple of articles were published in both the republican and Russian media. And only BakuToday 1 September 2010

In this connection, I would also like to note that, not without the support of the political leadership of the Republic of Armenia, the National Unity Party was given the opportunity to defend the position of the President of the Republic of Armenia on this issue live on the popular author’s program of one of the Armenian TV channels (, - video archive). Such a detailed description of the above facts pursues one single goal, namely: to show that purposeful, systematic subversive work of the anti-Russian forces is opposed by fragmentary speeches of a very limited circle of politicians. Naturally, in this series one can mention the Union of Constitutional Law, the Democratic Party. Meanwhile, Internet broadcasting is already being widely implemented today, which is generously funded by not the adherents of the Armenian-Russian strategic partnership, but by the relevant centers of power, which very specifically interpret the democratization of the Greater Middle East. Moreover, professionals of ideological war are involved in this work, and not mass-organizers of large-scale expenses of various kinds of events, which, according to their organizers, are intended to unite the efforts of supporters of the development of Armenian-Russian comprehensive cooperation. On the opposite side, a very serious force acts as a united front and does not notice this eloquent testimony of political red striking and absolute misunderstanding of the processes occurring in the region of the Greater Middle East and South Caucasus. I repeat, the powerful ideological offensive of information warfare professionals using modern information technologies, which opens up wide possibilities of the Internet, does not carry any ideological burden of various kinds of political mass. The danger of such an ideologically blurred situation is that professional politicians from the LTP environment and a powerful ideological machine serving their interests and generously funded by the West are opposed to the commercialization of Armenian-Russian relations. The essence of this commercialization is that enormous financial resources are invested with one sole purpose: to present a deideologized mass of citizens - participants of various kinds of extras as proponents of the Armenian-Russian rapprochement.

If this is done, then it needs someone? But this is apparently necessary for those who want to position themselves as almost the only force standing guard over ensuring the inviolability of the Armenian-Russian strategic partnership. Further, according to the scheme, when through lobbyists in certain structures of the Russian authorities, this is presented as the presence in Armenia of a powerful organization advocating for the Armenian-Russian strategic partnership. It is very indicative that the activity of these forces is absolutely not criticized by the ideological machine of the LTP, its immediate environment. Apparently, analysts from abroad, under the dictation of which the LTP environment operates, are well aware that eventually this will lead to the erosion of the true essence of the Russian-Armenian strategic partnership, the complete discredit of the centuries-old friendship of the Armenian and Russian peoples, and the peoples of Russia. Without an understanding of the indisputable truth that this friendship was based on spiritual kinship, all efforts, which are reduced to various kinds of cultural events, will be in vain. Yes, and today the sympathies of the majority of the Armenian people towards the Russian people are still strong and for some time can withstand the disastrous and dangerous consequences of the commercialization of Armenian-Russian relations. It causes serious concern and deep regret that such a state of affairs in the Armenian-Russian relations remains, to put it mildly, not noticed by the high Russian structures responsible for this sector of work. At the same time, it should be noted that the discussion is not about the Russian structures working in Armenia. But this situation is quite satisfied with the West.

Against this background, I would especially like to highlight certain actions that are seen in the actions of the forces grouped around LTP, the Armenian National Congress (hereinafter the ANC). Since its foundation, the ANC has positioned itself as a radical opposition, however, due to the changed attitudes from the outside, since August of this year. Congress tactics has undergone significant changes. Thus, meetings of the working groups were arranged within the framework of negotiations between representatives of the ruling coalition of Armenia and the extra-parliamentary opposition ANC. Meanwhile, it is no longer a secret that changing the behavior of the ANC is again directed from the outside and has very specific goals. Changes in the mood of the ANC began in October 2009, when in Zurich the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Turkey, through their foreign ministers, signed two protocols: the Protocol on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between the Two Countries and the Protocol on the Development of Bilateral Relations. This unprecedented foreign policy step of President Serzh Sargsyan by his manliness, which was fully supported (and lobbied for many years) by the US Department of State, was also approved by the Russian and French foreign ministries, as well as by the EU leadership. After the initiation of these protocols, the Armenian side was faced with a very ambiguous and unpredictable in its political consequences work on the preparation of these Protocols for ratification by the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia. It was after the signing of the Zurich Protocols that the radical opposition, rallying around the LTP, stated (with some conditional and formal reservations) that it supported the striving of the Armenian leadership to normalize Armenian-Turkish relations: After several months, persistent rumors spread in the Armenian political circles that the Armenian leadership National Movement (hereinafter referred to as the ADM) conducts separate negotiations with the Armenian authorities. Judging by the information leaked to the press, the final goal of the talks was to ensure that the Armenian National Movement (ADM) had access to the authorities through compromises with the authorities of the Republic of Armenia, and not radicalization of an already very complex internal political situation. These processes, as shown by the further development of the situation, were initiated and directed directly by the US Embassy in Armenia. Having crowned the efforts of the ANM top with success, then the significance of the LTP and other parties - the founders of the ANC in the internal political life of Armenia would be significantly shaken. Naturally, he could not allow such a course of events to develop. Therefore, in the middle of June, the ANM congress was convened 2010. The LTP, which was among the delegates to the congress, in his speech, unexpectedly for many of those present, said: "Recently, the Armenian authorities tried to exert influence from within the ANM and to split the ANM and the ANC. However, thanks to the vigilance of the majority of the members of the ANM board and council, this sabotage was revealed at the time and the danger of a split in the congress was completely neutralized. LTP, of course, was perfectly informed that the initiator of establishing contacts between the ANM and the Armenian authorities was the US Embassy and personally the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the USA in RA Marie Yovanovitch. LTP could not tolerate and forgive that in the process he was overshadowed. Following the results of the congress, the chairman of the ANM board and his first deputy changed, at the same time several dozen prominent representatives of this party left his ranks, which from May 1990-year up to 1997 had full power in Armenia. Since the task of 1 for the West at that time was still to create the prerequisites for the ratification of the Armenian-Turkish Protocols by the RA National Assembly, the efforts of the diplomatic department accredited in Armenia were aimed at fostering a dialogue between the ruling coalition of Armenia and the ANC, which ultimately culminated by success. Here, in fairness, it should be noted that on the eve of the end of her diplomatic mission in Armenia, Marie Yovanovitch in early June of this year. visited the office of the Free Democrats party, whose founders were the very “schismatics,” the former leaders of the ANM. This fact is remarkable because at the time of the meeting with the US ambassador the mentioned party was not even registered with the RA Ministry of Justice, that is, it did not have official status.

Nowadays, when the arc of instability from North Africa spread to Syria, when the Grand National Assembly of Turkey of the new convocation 22 of August of this year removed the qualitatively new situation from the Parliament’s agenda on ratifying the Zurich Protocols. This statement is also supported by the exceptional haste with which the Turkish side is rushing Azerbaijan with the signing of an agreement on gas supply and transit. Thus, in his recent interview with Reuters, Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz said: “I recommended to our friends (meaning my Azerbaijani colleagues, A.G.) to accelerate. We want to sign the agreement even earlier (deadline at the end of September). , The Republic of Turkey, did everything possible to reassure this project (about supplying Turkey with 6 billion cubic meters of gas per year and transit through Turkey to Europe 10 billion cubic meters per year from the second phase of the Shah Deniz field development). ” The statement made by Brigadier General Seyed Hasan Firuzabadi, Chief of the General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, which sounded in the first decade of August of this year in an interview with Iranian media, also deserves special attention. The brigadier general accused the Azerbaijani authorities of oppressing Muslims and cooperating with the Zionists, and also stated that Azerbaijan is the "Aran" and the people here are "Aran, in whose veins Iranian blood flows." In fairness, we note that in this matter, in the best traditions of five thousand Persian diplomacy, the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that Hassan Firuzabadi did not make the above statements.

The kaleidoscope of these events in a completely different light comes from the vile initiative of the director of the Varaguir program of AMGA Armenian TV channel Rudik Hovsepian, who in these hot summer days, in a hurry, initiated the collection of signatures for subsequent transfer to the US Department of State to prohibit the entry of the RA President Serzh Sargsyan to this country. In the media leaked information that in September of this year. within the framework of the events dedicated to the 20-anniversary of the proclamation of independence of Armenia, the visit of the President of the Republic of Armenia to the USA is planned. It is noteworthy that nothing like this law-abiding US citizen and his accomplices of Armenian origin was undertaken after the signing of the Armenian-Turkish Protocols, when the President of Armenia visited the United States in Los Angeles, in the Beverly-Hills Hilton, had a very impressive meeting with prominent representatives of the Armenian diaspora in California. For the sake of justice, we note that even then a certain part of our compatriots living in the United States did not cause the idea of ​​normalizing Armenian-Turkish relations, to put it mildly, to cause special enthusiasm and was accompanied by a picket at the hotel. However, there was no such radical approach as the collection of signatures to prevent the entry of the President of the Republic of Armenia to the United States. Here, the demarche of the Central Committee of the ARF "Dashnaktsutyun" of the West Coast of the USA did not appear at random. Recently, they issued a statement that they refuse to take part in a gala dinner in Los Angeles in honor of President Serzh Sargsyan of Armenia, which is supposed to be held in September of this year. on the occasion of the 20 anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Armenia. In a statement, they motivated their refusal by saying: “The celebration of independence cannot serve as a pretext for glorifying discredited officials, in this case, the president, due to the policy of which, after 20 years of independence, Armenia is increasingly bogged down in the swamp, and democracy and democratic values continue to be trampled on to ensure the reproduction of the criminal regime. " And this formulation comes from representatives of the party, which from February 1998 of the year up to the signing of the Zurich Protocols was not only represented in the Government Coalition, but also strongly supported the second President of the Republic of Armenia Robert Kocharyan, the current President of the Republic undoubtedly Serzh Sargsyan. What is the reason for such a radicalization of the position of individual, fortunately, far from the most authoritative representatives of the Armenian Diaspora of the United States. After all, the process of normalization of Armenian-Turkish relations, which was the main irritant towards a certain part of the Armenian diaspora, was suspended, and the internal political situation in Armenia from the stage of tough confrontation turned into a sluggish current negotiation process between the authorities and the once radical extra-parliamentary opposition in the ANC. What is behind these far-fetched actions of individual representatives of Californian Armenians, why on the eve of the 20 anniversary of the establishment of independence of the Republic of Armenia it was necessary to try to discredit the Armenian state represented by its President at any price? Is it not because the policy pursued by the President of the Republic of Armenia at this extremely difficult time turned out to be quite justified? Namely, the dangerous development caused by the opposition of the authorities and the radical opposition after the bloody events of March 1 of the year 2008, was basically suppressed. Secondly, the entire responsibility for disrupting the process of normalization of Armenian-Turkish relations falls entirely on the Turkish side. Thirdly, the process of peaceful settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict was at an impasse solely because of the destructive policy of the Azerbaijani authorities, and this fact is already indisputable. Suffice it to recall the events of recent months. Thus, July 24, 2011, with the assistance of President Dmitry Medvedev of the Russian Federation, a meeting was held between the heads of Azerbaijan and Armenia on the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. As you know, it did not end in success. Then Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov 8 July this year. conveyed to the Presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan the message of the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev on the settlement of the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh. Further, 9 of August of the current year. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev met with President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, during which they exchanged views on topical issues on the regional agenda, in particular, the state of the negotiation process on the Nagorno-Karabakh settlement. The results of this meeting can be judged by the fact that Ilham Aliyev refused to take part in the CIS summit in connection with the 20th anniversary of the commonwealth, which will be held on September 2-3 in Dushanbe. In the light of these events, one involuntarily comes to the conclusion that the balanced foreign policy pursued by the President of Armenia, Serzh Sargsyan, has frustrated the plans of the Azerbaijani-Turkish strategists in the Karabakh direction. Their efforts were aimed at inciting the President of the Republic of Armenia to take such decisions that would lead to the inevitability of deploying peacekeeping forces along the entire perimeter of the Azerbaijani-Nagorno-Karabakh confrontation, that is, on the northern borders of Iran. Such a position of the leaders of "one nation and two states" is quite consonant with the strategy of well-known world power centers, which have always actualized the creation of a "sanitary cordon" along the entire perimeter of the Iranian border. And in the light of serious geopolitical shifts in the region of the Greater Middle East, Syria will now be in the epicenter, the presence of peacekeeping forces in the South Caucasus region, directly at the borders of Russia, is fraught with dangerous consequences. It is not a secret that the Russian Federation stands out from tough positions in matters of resolving the internal political situation in Syria, which preclude the intervention of external forces in the internal affairs of this sovereign state. If not without the participation of external forces there will be a simultaneous destabilization of the situation in Armenia and Azerbaijan, then this will create a position of controlled chaos and explode the situation in the South Caucasus. And there you can see already Central Asian states - members of the CIS. And, following the logic of recent events in North Africa, such a policy of the world centers of power will be implemented with simultaneous attempts to destabilize the situation in Russia itself. Russia, in alliance with the weakened CSTO member states, will have less and less opportunity to resist the actions of Western strategists who establish a "new world order" based on controlled chaos. The Warsaw Declaration of August 23 of August 2011 is most likely to achieve this goal. On the one hand, the provisions laid down in the Declaration, if implemented, will inevitably loosen the foundations of the unity of Russian society. On the other hand, through the Eastern Partnership program, the authors of the Warsaw Declaration will involve Russia's partners in the CSTO (Armenia, Belarus) and the CIS (Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Moldavia) in the work of collecting materials exposing the criminal activities of the totalitarian USSR. At the same time, the appropriate propaganda machine against this background will unleash another round of information warfare, which aims to whip up anti-Russian, Russophobic sentiments. This, in turn, according to the principle of communicating vessels, will immediately spread into Russia itself.

We can cite other weighty arguments confirming the fact that purposeful and layered work has been carried out to erode the foundations of the statehood of Russia and its allies in the CSTO. However, it seems that the foregoing leads to the conclusion: The strategy of dismembering Russia has already entered the hot phase.

Artashes Geghamyan - Chairman of the National Unity Party, Chairman of the Board of the Northern Perspective Public Organization
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  1. Owl
    Owl 30 August 2011 08: 37
    It is necessary to add the "de-Stalinization" course proclaimed by the "traitorous president", the actions of the Russian administrative structure to betray the allies and the actions of the Russian "authorities" to betray and destroy the Russian people.
  2. Maximum
    Maximum 30 August 2011 09: 44
    Well, nothing ... we have enough rounds for everyone!
    1. LESHA pancake
      LESHA pancake 30 August 2011 18: 00
      and soap ropes too.
  3. stas
    stas 30 August 2011 14: 21
    Citizens of the Russian Federation who will comment on this article, please tell me who is the creator of the site "Military Review and by whom it is controlled."
    A selection of articles posted on the site indicate that he has no relation to any of the Duma parties. Although the content should be controlled by the Communist Party.
    Most of the articles are basically aimed at criticizing Medvedev and Putin. I myself am not their supporter, quite the contrary. But the absence of articles criticizing the current democrats (Svanidze, Kasyanov, Chubais and other bad people), together with the absence of positive and official articles in support of Medvedev and Putin, may indicate that there is a steady creation of distrust in the leadership of the Russian Federation.
    It does not remind you of the preparation for the script, which was tested and completed in Libya and other Muslim countries. It’s important to bring out crowds of people under the slogan no matter what slogans, they can then be changed to the necessary ones. Then, NATO forces will be introduced to defend democracy and nuclear weapons and the job is done.
    The site "Voennoye Obozreniye" is well thought out, anyone who disagrees with criticism can be easily minus and deprived of his voice.
    1. PSih2097
      PSih2097 30 August 2011 15: 29
      Go to the school "German Stas" and teach Great and Mighty, in terms of spelling.
      1. stas
        stas 30 August 2011 17: 42
        Well, you don’t strictly judge the “German” for your mistakes.
        I did no harm to anyone.
        And yet, on whose mill does this site pour water? After all, there is an elementary zombie.
        Some will get it right, but some will be influenced. And our democrats will lead them to the streets, shouting "down with the government and the President", as in Libya. And how it will end, it's even scary to imagine.
        The USA will consider that they have fulfilled their task regarding Russia. What remains is China, which has a "revolutionary" Russia nearby, with a large territory and a small population. That's the whole answer.
    2. zczczc
      zczczc 30 August 2011 17: 09
      I was also interested in this, but I realized that they just earn money, here are their other projects:

      On the other hand, what's the difference who supports them? The rules are the same for everyone - everyone with a positive rating can negative / plus, everyone can write posts and articles. I do not see any element of repressive behavior on the part of the site administration. Negative and plus after all, we ourselves.

      Or am I misunderstanding something?

      By the way, they are hosted here -
      The site owner did not have to search for a long time - (Andrey Ermilov)
    3. alexs3524
      alexs3524 1 September 2011 06: 32
      By the way, I also thought about it
  4. Banshee
    Banshee 30 August 2011 16: 00
    Well, Stas, that's right, the fifth column is going to be there.
    Everyone is so corrupt, ready to take people to the streets.

    Personally for myself I can say that yes, I don’t trust that sweet couple, but very much against their policies. And they themselves create such an attitude to themselves.

    I really don’t care who created this site and who is behind it. I like talking to smart people here.

    Yes, and on the street if anything, go. And I will not be the only one, there are many of us who will not forgive themselves for not having come to 1991 ...
    1. stas
      stas 30 August 2011 17: 50
      Thank you for understanding.