The war is not over yet, and the Islamic world is waiting for further "modernization"

The war is not over yet, and the Islamic world is waiting for further "modernization" While the Western world is celebrating victory over Gaddafi, others understand that the overthrow of Gaddafi only further destabilizes the situation in the region and in the world. Thus, the German organization in defense of peace, the Federal Committee of Friedensratschlag, concluded that “the United Nations could be considered the loser in this war.” It was the UN that allowed such a situation that the North Atlantic Alliance attacked the state and in fact “beat out” its regime. According to German leaders: “The principles for the prohibition of violence (paragraph 2.4), territorial integrity and state sovereignty (paragraph 2.2) and non-interference in the internal affairs of countries (paragraph 2.7), enshrined in the UN Charter, were forgotten.”

According to the writer and publicist Yuri Krupnova"We need a tribunal for Libya." It is criminal, immoral and just short-sighted to keep silent when such events occur. “Today is Libya. Tomorrow is Syria. The day after tomorrow, Russia itself. ” The UN Security Council resolution has been violated - Moscow is silent, the ground operation of the NATO forces and their Arab allies against the forces of Gaddafi has actually been carried out, we are silent again. The only way for the official authorities of the Russian Federation to save face is to conduct an international investigation into the NATO intervention in the internal affairs of Libya "or at least the public Tribunal for Libya as a non-governmental organization." Analysis and analysis of the situation around Libya will make it possible to change the situation around Syria, and Russia itself, “to interrupt this chain of gangster regime changes, raider attacks of entire states”.

Now in the world, the situation of the 30s is actually repeated, when the aggressors tried to "pacify". As a result, impunity led to World War II. The Russian Federation should "stop pursuing the same policy of appeasement, good-naturedly ranting about the" inadmissibility of NATO expansion to the east ", while NATO has now ten years in the heart of the East, in Afghanistan." It is necessary to investigate all the crimes of NATO, starting with Iraq and Yugoslavia.

According to Alexander Rahr, a political scientist, a member of the German Foreign Policy Council: "Many representatives of the Western establishment believe that the" Arab spring "is just beginning." Therefore, in this regard, we should expect a serious "modernization of the entire Islamic world", which will affect all states of the region to one degree or another. The first in this line is Syria, under the blow and the current ally of the West, Saudi Arabia, plans for its dismemberment have already been made public. But currently "the focus of the West is on North Africa." Democratization will affect all countries of North Africa, including Algeria, Morocco.

Algeria in North Africa is one of the first candidates for "modernization". This state has hardly been touched yet, but the “bells” have already gone. One of the “bells” is a terrorist attack in a military academy, for which al Qaeda has taken responsibility. At the same time, representatives of the radical group reported that the army of Algeria was chosen as the target for their attack, since the Algerian government supports the leader of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi. "While the Libyan Muslims were preparing to end their battle with Muammar Gaddafi, the Mujahideen in Algeria made a blessed attack against the criminal regime, an ally of Gaddafi," Reuters reported.

It should be noted that the winners, with the support of NATO and a number of countries in the Arab world, the Libyan opposition, have already begun to complain about bad Algeria. They say that Gaddafi hid there, during the war the Algerian authorities helped the regime of the Libyan dictator. The authorities of Algeria have not yet recognized the authority of the National Transitional Council. In addition, according to recent reports, it was in Algeria that the Gaddafi family moved - a wife, two sons and a daughter. With its policy, Algeria actually challenged the Western coalition. Representatives of the EU and the United States have already expressed their dissatisfaction with the policy of Abdelaziz Bouteflika. The Algerian authorities have severely suppressed the speeches of their opposition. There are forces on which to rely on - radical Islamists, organizations of Berbers, with whom Paris has established channels of communication.

The political scientist believes that in the EU countries and in the USA there is a clear intention to encourage any regime that opposes autocratic regimes. A unique chance has come to modernize the countries of the Arab world. The idea of ​​the Union of the Mediterranean Sea will also be realized. What is happening in the countries of the Islamic and Arab world will in many respects resemble the situation of the end of 1980-s - the beginning of 1990-s associated with the fall of the communist regimes.

The war is not over yet

As long as Gaddafi is alive and free, the war in Libya is not over yet. The Libyan rebels themselves think the same. Thus, the chairman of the opposition Transitional National Council (PNS), Mustafa Abdel Jalil, called on the North Atlantic Alliance to extend the 5-month military campaign in the Libyan state and launch new air strikes on the positions of government forces that remained loyal to Muammar Gaddafi. Jalil called on the NATO countries and other participants in the war with the Gaddafi regime to "protect them from the tyrant." Since he "still poses a threat not only to Libyans, but to the whole world," Reuters reported.

In turn, US Admiral Samuel Locklear said that the Alliance will continue to help the rebels. In his opinion, the regime of the Libyan leader is on the verge of collapse, and the military operation will be completed. The operation, according to the statement of the American admiral, will continue at least until September September 27.

The “small homeland” of Gaddafi Sirte is still not surrendering. It is attacked by NATO aircraft and rebel artillery.
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