"New World Order" of Hitler - this is the "global concentration camp"

29 August 1941, the world media announced the German-Italian declaration on the establishment of its “new order” in Europe. Today, few people know about the content of this document and other similar plans. There are even opinions that Hitler's power for Europe would be less evil than the domination of the USSR over Eastern and Southeastern Europe.

Therefore, it makes sense to get acquainted with the basic provisions of the plans of Hitler and Mussolini, to find out what the world would have been if it were not for the victory of the USSR. Everything that the German Nazis planned for their “new world order” was written in Mein Kampf - this is Adolf Hitler’s book My Fight, in German Mein Kampf, which was published in the 1925 year, it combined elements of autobiography outlining the ideas of German national socialism. Other ideas of the future can be found in the relevant orders, transcripts of meetings at the rate of A. Hitler.

In accordance with the Nazi-introduced hierarchy in Europe, it was supposed to have several vassal pro-fascist regimes, such as the Horthy regime, or Antonescu. For all other states of the planet, a certain “differential” approach was planned: for the countries of Western Europe (such as France, Belgium, Holland, England, etc.) the main principle of conquest was “Germanization”; for Eastern Europe, the most important raw materials, including the oil-bearing regions of Asia - “colonization”; for Central Russia, the Caucasus and the Transcaucasus - “depopulation”.

A representative of the prosecution from France, Faure, spoke about the “Germanization”, on the example of France, at the Nuremberg trial: “The Germans sought to eliminate any elements of the French spirit. First of all, they banned the use of French in an extremely rough form ... Even the inscriptions on the gravestones should have been written only in German ... ”. That is, the main blow was delivered to the language, one of the main foundations of any nation. Then there was an active propaganda of the concept of Nazism, the elimination of the ideological foundations of the people, it undermined their psychological spirit.

Robert Jackson, the chief prosecutor at the same process from the USA, made his addendum to the description of the “new German order”: “The population of the occupied territories was ruthlessly thrashed. Terror was put on the order of the day. " Civilian people were arrested without any charges, they were not given the right to have a lawyer, they were executed without any trial or investigation. And this is in Western Europe, where the Nazis behaved, in their opinion, "civilized."

In the East, a regime of complete, unlimited terror was established. With the inherent Germanic Nazis practicality and rationality. SS Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler instructing his troops and political police, said: “Our task does not include the Germanization of the East, which consists in teaching the population German language and German laws; we want to ensure that only people of pure German blood live in the East. ” To solve the problem of living in the East "people of Aryan blood only", Hitler invented the technology of "depopulation". In 1940, the essence of this technology was voiced in the book by Rauschning (a former ally of the German führer) published in New York, according to Hitler, it was about “eliminating whole racial units”.

For the USSR, this technology of “desertion” resulted in the fact that during the war years we lost only civilians of about 17 millions, and about 10 millions were enslaved into slavery. The legalization of slavery, including children, is one of the characteristic features of the “new European order”. Not only citizens of the USSR, but also French, Poles, Balts, etc. worked at the industrial and agricultural enterprises of the Third Reich. If it had not been for the Soviet Union's victory for these slaves, death would have been expected on construction sites of the “new world order” all over the planet.

In fact, Hitler’s “new world order” meant a global concentration camp for the peoples of the world. Huge territories would be “deserted”, they were connected by transport highways going from one most important raw material field to another. Huge concentration camps would be created, those that were built in Europe would be simply “pygmy” compared to them. After all, “racially unclean units” were huge masses of people. Unfortunately, at present these ideas are alive and in the opinion of many analysts, they are the essence of the ideology of the elite of countries of "Golden billion". According to them, the planet is already overpopulated to maintain a high standard of living for the “elect”, the population must be significantly thinned.

If Hitler and his allies had won up, the Slavic peoples, the Baltic peoples would have disappeared from the political map of the world - the Baltic states should have been incorporated into the German Empire. At the beginning they were to create a protectorate, then infuse it into the Third Reich, by colonization by the Germans and "destroying unwanted elements." Part of the Balts was to become servants, loyal "dogs" - guards over slaves, punitive.

The Mediterranean was supposed to be the sea of ​​the Italian Empire. It would include the lands of the North and parts of East Africa. In Europe, Mussolini's ambitions spread to part of the Balkan Peninsula.
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