Frequency impulses and temperature fluctuations control the world

For many years, scientists have been following the climatic and geological changes taking place on our planet. In some years, temperature indices may unexpectedly deviate from average values, in others, unpredicted earthquakes occur. Sometimes it seems that with all the apparent equipment and deep knowledge of human civilization is a kind of toy in the hands of powerful forces. A variety of ongoing monitoring emphasizes that the planet Earth and all the species inhabiting it remain largely dependent on the so-called global conjuncture. This may include solar activity, and the location of the Earth relative to other planets in the solar system, and the processes occurring due to changes in the state of the Earth's interior. At the same time, there is a whole scientific community, which is inclined to believe that climatic changes, the influence of the Sun and the tectonic activity of the Earth are capable of influencing and influencing the dynamics of the development of human society.

Frequency impulses and temperature fluctuations control the world

For a long time, South American researchers have noticed that seasonal Southern oscillations, such as El Nino and La Nina, can lead not only to climate shifts, but also to serious social consequences. Studies conducted over several decades have produced amazing results. According to these data, the state of social tension in the countries of the southern hemisphere occurred against a background of fluctuations in temperature levels. This could be taken as a ridiculous coincidence if such a connection were not so frequent. The researchers concluded that the events of the eighties, which took place on the African continent, can be fully attributed to climate change in the direction of an unexpected increase in the temperature of air masses. When the average annual temperature fell, this led to a "stagnation" of the social component of activity.

Russian satellites that are working in orbit, broadcast to Earth new evidence of the connection of the development of human civilization with the processes occurring with the planet. It was possible to find out that the flashes that occur on the Sun at certain intervals also affect the socio-economic sphere of human life. Having created a graph of solar activity using a computer program, scientists combined it with local conflicts and cataclysms that occurred on Earth. Surprisingly, more than two thirds of the outbreaks coincided with manifestations of aggression by a certain group of people or the occurrence of a natural emergency. So one of the most active periods of solar activity over the past 50 years was at the beginning of the nineties. It was during these years that irreversible processes of the collapse of the USSR, numerous local wars and confrontations took place.

In 2011, the Sun again behaves extremely actively. At the same time, the Earth is again shaken by violence. According to astronomers, on our luminary comes the period of the emergence of a large number of "spots". It is through these spots that the most powerful streams of charged particles move in the direction of the Earth, which, in contact with the magnetic field of our planet, cause magnetic disturbances. As is known, many people tend to react to the so-called magnetic storms. The degree of such a reaction may depend on the psychophysical state of a person, as well as on the level of his body's predisposition to electromagnetic impulses. It is no secret that the human body is a very sensitive "receiver" of electromagnetic waves. Every minute hundreds of waves of various frequencies from mobile phones, computers, antennas of radio receivers and other devices pass through our body. But if the frequency impulse is accompanied by a resonance, then it can even affect the human brain activity. It is worth recalling that in the 3-m Reich there were special laboratories in which experiments were conducted on the effect of wave pulses on the human body. A simple example of such an effect can be an example using infrasonic frequencies, after which a person succumbs to an unexpected feeling of panic. If we imagine that such waves can affect a crowd of people, then the current events in the same Libya or Syria may well be linked to external physical factors.

In such a situation, of course, it is impossible to talk only about the physical causes of current world events, but it is not worth denying their partial influence either. Doctors can confirm the words that the human brain is extremely sensitive to certain frequencies. That is why the frequency effects on the human body can provoke almost uncontrollable acts on the part of man. It can be seen that as soon as the impact of such impulses ceases, people feel morally devastated. This may lead to a new social crisis.

No one will deny that changing weather conditions on Earth, the lunar cycles very definitely affect the behavior of emotionally unbalanced people. As early as the middle of the last century, a pattern was obtained by American scientists, suggesting that during periods of full moon and solar activity, a greater number of suicides are being committed.

Man has long understood that he is inextricably linked with nature. Today, perhaps, we are at a new stage of human self-knowledge. This stage brings us to the fact that all of humanity is a gigantic (on the scale of the Earth) system that can react to external changes. And if this is so, then perhaps there are already people on the planet who have desired to use such influence in their own interests. It is enough to find out about the approaching phase of the Sun’s activity or “super moon” to provoke a social surge. And it will be even more terrible than the invention of the atomic weapons.

In this regard, the task of scientists is to prevent the use of their knowledge for purposes related to the processes of managing people.
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