A letter to the President of Russia, Dmitry A. Medvedev

A letter to the President of Russia, Dmitry A. Medvedev

Dmitry Anatolyevich!

I don’t blame me, I can’t force myself to preface your first name and patronymic name with "respected" - well, it doesn’t work. There is such a country - Libya. At one time, you even met with its leader, Muammar Gaddafi. He is on the left in the photo. And then it was a respected man, in fact, which he always deserved. If only because in his country, although it was not all right - but the grandmothers did not die of shame in supermarkets, due to zealous guards on stealing five-rue cheeses. This is happening in your country, Dmitry Anatolyevich. And - in mine.

But suddenly something happened. And you have changed the opinion about the Libyan colleague for no reason, and declared him a dictator. Not very clear - and before that you were not reported that Gaddafi was a dictator? Or were you cheated? Or did you think that the leader of the country is not entitled to order the destruction of the bandits attacking the soldiers and the police? Robbery military warehouses? Then tell it honestly to your subordinates - the soldiers and the police. And say that the installation has changed. Now allowed to kill them with impunity. And responding to the assassinations of sovereign people is now a sign of bloody dictatorship.

In general, you supported the "world community", which openly lied to everyone - including you, when it said that it only wants to stop the violence in Libya. And - they gave a green light not just to violence, but to his orgy. You are familiar with the Internet - and videos of Yu-Tuba, where freedom fighters cut heads of policemen, soldiers, civilians in Benghazi, Misrata, Adjdabiya, Zlitene - they are, they are available, they are not secret. Although you can supply and what on Yu-Tuba not. And I think with the same content. Will you tell your subordinates that now the same fate awaits them? And what to cut the head of a soldier is a sign of democracy?

Today, Libya is finished off. No longer hiding, all channels and the media openly confirm the participation of foreign troops in the ground operation in Tripoli. Do not hesitate, voice its code name. Absolutely nothing fearing, they send reinforcements. Remember - did you agree to this by refraining from voting on the Security Council? It seemed to me that it was somehow formulated there.

And you are silent. You have washed your hands like a Pontius Pilate. Just do not say, please, that you had no idea what the coalition will undertake, having received the UN mandate. You have diplomats, you have intelligence, you have experts. You, the president, have everything to realize what exactly you are doing. But you did not realize. And now the chief gangster from the Libyan PNS recognizes with grief in his voice that 20 thousands of Libyans perished during the Libyan conflict. I think that's more - and starting from Monday, the arithmetic progression of the number of victims gradually turns into a geometric one.

In general, frankly speaking, you did something wrong. Not that they thought and they did not decide.

However, we cynically approach this petty problem. She is already in the past. It is impossible to re-vote, to resurrect the dead too. The question is a little different.

There is such a country, Dmitry Anatolyevich. Syria. With its president, Bashar Asad (he is on the left), you also met. And he, too, did not seem to you to be either a gangster or a dictator. Like his mode.

You know - and much better than me - that Syria is next. For this, in essence, almost everything has already been prepared. Gangsters, terrorists and rebels kill soldiers, policemen, civil servants of Syria. Some kind of sorry trash literally the day before yesterday announced the creation of the Transitional Council of Syria (well, exactly like in Libya). Your friends and your colleagues from democratic countries have already declared Bashar al-Assad personally a dictator and fiend. Things are easy. For the consensus of Russia on the fact that she washed her hands. And bashfully turned away.

Yes, I am aware that you have firmly and resolutely declared that you will vote against the Security Council if it receives a resolution on Syria that is similar to the Libyan one. I assure you - here I fully agree with you. However, both you and your special representative Margelov have already made certain statements that are very scary. Scared that there is a chance that you change your mind. And start a new disaster.

I will say straight. I, as a citizen of a country whose president you are, categorically do not want to see you a second time at your post. There is no reason why I am ready to change my opinion. For you there is nothing in the past three and a half years. Hollow emptiness. I do not know if you will run for the second time. I hope no. However, you will be our president for at least six months. And I very much hope that you will complete this period with a single - but very worthy deed. Do not let a flock of your comrades break another country. Ancient, beautiful - and in which, by the way, lives a very large number of our (and your) citizens.

Actually, I hope, it is clear that this is not an open letter. Therefore, neither subscribe nor respond to it is not worth it. We will assume that I showed emotion and uttered a substitute-substitute of a strong Russian word. Looking at what's happening in Tripoli today. Courage to them and good luck what else can you say.
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