At the Zelenodolsk plant named after A.M. Gorky will mark the third MRK type "Buyan"

At the Zelenodolsk plant named after A.M. Gorky will mark the third MRK type "Buyan" 27 August 2011, the solemn ceremony of laying the small rocket ship Velikiy Ustyug, the third serial ship of the 21631 project developed by Zelenodolsk Design Bureau, will be held. The project was developed for the Russian Navy. The purpose of the small rocket ships of this project is the protection and defense of the economic zone of the state. Unlike its prototype, the small artillery ship of the 21630 project, the MRK has almost twice the displacement.

The lead ship of this project was laid on 27 August 2010 of the year, on the eve of the Day of the Republic of Tatarstan, and received the name "Grad Sviyazhsk". The second order of the same project, laid out on 22 July 2011, is given the name "Uglich". Among the distinguished guests at the tab of the second ship were Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan Ildar Khalikov, as well as Rear-Admiral Sergei Alekminsky, commander of the Caspian Flotilla, who, congratulating the factory workers, said: "Today we are at the tab of another unique ship, which is in its class the best, the most advanced. Having passed through the plant, through the workshops, having assessed your capabilities, I hope that the time period for the construction of ships will be reduced, because the Navy needs such ships very much. "

And here the third serial ship of this project is born.

Small rocket ships of the 21631 project are multi-purpose ships of the river-sea class, equipped with the most modern models of artillery, rocket, anti-sabotage, anti-aircraft and radio engineering weapons, which allow strikes against both naval and ground targets.

Thanks to the government of the Republic of Tatarstan, Gorky people have large and promising orders. This year, the plant will have to hand over 5 ships, two of which have already been sent to Vietnam - these are the frigates of the project "Cheetah-3.9" (the designer is OAO Zelenodolsk PKB). The other day on the second ship took the flag of Vietnam.

Currently, Zelenodolsk plant named after A.M. Gorky is the only shipbuilding enterprise in Russia, which launched the serial construction of high-speed passenger ships of river and sea purposes. Starting from 2006, 5 units of comfortable new-generation ships created on the basis of the integration of shipbuilding and aviation technologies were transferred to the river fleet. Today, the plant is building 2 units of the A145 project ships designed to serve guests and residents of the city of Sochi during the preparation and holding of the 2014 Olympiad of the year. In September, the first ship should be presented at the X International Investment Forum in the city of Sochi.

The ships of this project have a modern look, meet the safety requirements of navigation, meet international environmental standards. Being high-speed comfortable passenger vessels of the gliding type with automatically controlled movement dynamics ("mechanized bottom"), they replace the morally and physically obsolete SPK of the type "Meteor", "Komet", "Kolkhida", "Sunrise". The order is constructed in accordance with the requirements of the world-famous certification authority BUREAU VERITAS.

Zelenodolsk Plant named after AM Gorky, OJSC was recognized for its work at the Russian level - it was awarded the title “Best Russian Exporter of 2010 of the Year” in the shipbuilding field. The presentation of models of ships under construction and high-speed vessels, new projects of motor ships (A45-90, A45-4) aroused wide interest among the participants of the XV International Economic Forum and other prestigious exhibitions.

Over the past two years, shipbuilding has been intensively developing at the Gorky Zelenodolsk plant. The laying of new serial orders both for the Russian Navy and for friendly states through military-technical cooperation significantly improved the image of the plant as a dynamically developing shipbuilding enterprise.
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