New Ottoman Empire

New Ottoman Empire

The current situation in the Arab world, gives Ankara a chance to realize their aspirations, the construction of the Ottoman Empire-2 or the Great Turan.

The tense situation in the neighboring Syrian state, where President Bashar Asad is solving the difficult task of simultaneously suppressing “bridgeheads” of destabilization and “democratization” of the system, causes great concern in Ankara. Fearing the movement of masses of refugees, including Kurds, to Turkey and the development of the “Arab syndrome” in the Turkish state itself, the Turkish armed forces in two brigades took up positions in the Syrian border area. Turkish President A. Gul sent an ultimatum message to Assad, in which he demanded that he make "significant changes in the country, before the changes that occur against his will leave the country without Assad." These ultimatum were joined by Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, who said that “the Syrian problem is an internal Turkish affair. We can not stand and silently watch what is happening. " At the same time, the Turkish authorities are calling military personnel who have been fired in the past five years from the reserve. And at the end of July - the beginning of August of this year, virtually the entire top of the high command of the Turkish armed forces was replaced (it is known that the army was traditionally opposed to the Islamization of Turkey).

An interesting message flashed that during the visit of Turkish President Gul to Saudi Arabia, negotiations were held on the future of Syria. It is believed that the Saudians were persuading the Turks to strike at Syria, offering a large sum as “financial support”. But the Turks are breaking down, they are looking for a more profitable scenario, there is no desire to fight one on one with a strong Syrian army. They would take this step with the support of NATO and Israel. In addition, the Turks need a guarantee of Iran’s non-interference, Iranians need to be distracted so that they cannot provide substantial assistance to Syria.

In this regard, you can evaluate newsreceived from Israel: the United States sold the decommissioned military equipment from Iraq to a Jewish state; The Israeli army mined the border with Syria, ostensibly from a stream of fugitives.

Syria, after the fall of Libya, becomes a real cornerstone of the entire Middle East policy. Turkey is being pushed to strike against Syria, and Turkish politicians would not mind returning “their Syrian province”. But to start a big war is scary. With the Syrian-Turkish war, Washington will solve several problems at once: it will eliminate the "Syrian splinter"; will continue the project of reformatting the Middle East; will strike at Iran, Russia, China; remove part of the threat from Israel; will be able to win another time period to solve their financial and economic crisis, including the work of the US military-industrial complex in Turkey.

So far, the political position of China and Russia, plus Iran, is hindering a strike on Syria. Thus, the head of the Iranian Mejlis’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, A. Boroujerdi, said: “We have a choice - either to let Syria be torn apart by America and to give NATO the opportunity to attack Syria under a false pretext, thereby increasing the tragedy of the Islamic world. There is another way. Help Syria to end conflicts in this country. ” Syria is important for Russia, as a country where there is the potential for creating a full-fledged Russian naval base, one of the few countries in the world where we are still friendly.

Ottoman Empire in the XVI - XVII centuries.

The idea of ​​the "Great Turan" ("Ottoman Empire-2")

The basis of the ideology of the modern Turkish elite is neo-Ottomanism, neo-tanturkism, plus Turkish Eurasianism. The plans of the builders of the “new Ottoman Empire” include the spread of their political, economic, and then military influence in three main directions: the northern - Balkan peninsula, the eastern, northeast - the Southern and Northern Caucasus, the Crimean peninsula, the southern and south-western - Iran, Iraq, Syria.

Currently, the expansion is going in all directions, everywhere the situation is favorable. But, the Arab unrest gave the southern and southwestern direction a special urgency. Ankara receives carte blanche for military operations. It is already leading them - in the north of Iraq, for the time being, however, on a limited scale. In “Great Turkey” I plan to include the republics of the South Caucasus, a number of territories of the North Caucasus, if degradation processes cause the disintegration of Ukraine, then the Crimea. In the southwestern direction, “Turkish” is considered the north of Iraq, the north of Syria. With the seizure of northern Iraq - Kurdistan, the Turks will solve the problem of hydrocarbons, the Kurds plan to partly destroy, partly push out into adjacent territories.

Can not stand the blow of the Turks and Iran. For Turkey, a member of the North Atlantic Alliance, his allies will speak, at least air support from NATO and possibly Israel, the Turks are provided. In this scenario, Iran will lose at least the north-western part of its territory.

After the issue with Syria and Iran is resolved, Ankara will be able to concentrate all its attention in the Caucasus. Azerbaijan and Georgia, in this scenario, are the first candidates for annexation. So, Georgia can begin to absorb from Ajaria. To think that the "friends" from NATO will save them, Washington is stupid. "The Moor has done his work; the Moor can leave." Having completed the Anschluss with Azerbaijan, Ankara will receive the richest hydrocarbon deposits of the Caspian Sea.

After that, Ankara will be able, along with other geopolitical players, to participate in the division of Russia. Its sphere of influence is the Crimea, the North Caucasus, a number of regions of southern Russia. If Russia maintains relative stability, in the raging vortexes of the world crisis, the new large-scale Russian-Turkish war is unlikely, rather, it will take place in the form of sluggish border clashes. The Russian armed forces, although weakened, still represent a rather formidable force. With such a development of events in Armenia, it will be necessary to integrate more deeply into the Russian space, otherwise death.

Ankara can also turn a number of subversive operations in the North Caucasus, in the Crimea, even in the depths of Russian territory - Kalmykia, Tatarstan and Bashkiria. Separatist, nationalist trends in them have not gone away and are waiting in the wings. This is a kind of "fifth column" in Russia, which is waiting for a signal, and they are connected not only with the Turks, but also with the Anglo-Saxons. In the event of an uprising in a number of regions, with the simultaneous strike of Turkey, the situation could be very difficult. But, do not despair, the Russian people came out victorious from big troubles and geopolitical disasters. In the face of terrible danger, our people have always shown miracles of heroism and devotion to their homeland - Great Russia. So it was, is and will be.

If Turkey decides on a war with us, this will be the end of all the plans of the “Great Turan”. We will not only suppress all cancerous tumors of separatism and local politics of nationalism, but also solve a thousand-year geopolitical task - the seizure of the straits of the Bosporus and the Dardanelles, thereby ensuring ourselves permanently access to the Mediterranean Sea. This is a historical pattern - Russia may be outwardly weak, but after waking up the “Russian Ivan,” the enemy will greatly regret it. It is impossible to take Russia by force.

In this scenario, Russia will restore an independent Syria, allow the Kurds to create their own state at the expense of Turkish territory. The Caucasus will again be all Russian, including the lands of Western Armenia (now part of Turkey), but without political sovereignty, only as a province in Russia. Constantinople will be restored, becoming the southern capital of Great Russia.

Therefore, the Turks need to think very hard, and is it worth it? All games on the side of the West, will lead Turkey, as a result, to a complete collapse.
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