Is the disarmament of the rebels in Libya real?

An ordinary person in the course of events occurring in the territory of Libya, can develop a sense of the real deja vu. Still, how many “democratic” operations under the banner of the overthrow of the totalitarian system have happened in the world only in the last decade. The cadres of universal fraternization between NATO members and Iraqis about the capture and barbaric execution of Saddam Hussein have not yet had time to go to the archives, as already on the screens joyful faces of liberated Libyans loom on the screens. However, despite all the similarities with the Iraqi and Afghan wars, there is a Libyan operation and a completely different side. If in previous cases of “democratization”, the Americans, together with NATO, changed the existing system practically without the support of the local population, then in Libya such support is evident. So it seems that the main sowers of democracy in the world should rejoice, but something still does not give peace to the Western world. What is this? - try to answer this question.

Is the disarmament of the rebels in Libya real?

The situation in Libya turned into a full-scale confrontation between the army of Gaddafi and the so-called "rebels" with the clear support of the latter third countries. These countries actively supplied very scattered crowds of people with various kinds of weapons, including MANPADS, small arms, explosive devices. If today the question of overthrowing the colonel is almost resolved, then the question is how to hint the "winners" that it would be nice to give the rifle back and return, remains open. One can imagine how the belligerent opposition members of the Jamahiriya will react if an uncle arrives in American or French uniform and “asks” to return the weapons provided to the owners. At best, he will be asked to retire for good - for health, and at worst - he will also be forced to respect the new Libyan authorities with the help of a machine-gun bursts from the barrel, courtesy of the allies.

By the way, with the Libyan authorities is also not entirely clear. It seems that they have their leader, Abdel Jalil, but with all due respect to this man, he is unlikely to succeed in consolidating society after a bloody war. There is still need to know the principles of intra-Libyan relations. In fact, the Libyan state, even under the iron rule of Gaddafi, was a confederation of various clans. If the interests of these clans were respected, then everything was quiet and peaceful, and if not, then be trouble. That is the trouble, or, as they call it in the West, liberation and they came to the Libyan land. We can definitely say that in such a situation, the leader of each clan will try to grab a piece of cake sweeter and bigger.

Let's not forget that the European and American "partners" also want to get their share. And the word "share" here, perhaps, is not even quite appropriate. These citizens, who are already cunning, want to get everything: oil and gas fields, control over the country's transport system, the function of indirectly managing all the resources of the Libyan state. But will the rebels, whom the Allies led to Tripoli, want so easily to give back what the West so desires. The question can be called rhetorical. Already today, there is a tendency for the rebels to accumulate not only the weapons with which they were supplied by NATO, but also the weapons seized as trophies.

It is worth saying that among the so-called fighters for the liberation of Libya there are quite a few people involved in terrorist groups. For al-Qaida today, Libya is a real arsenal, where you can perfectly replenish stocks of weapons without spending a cent on it.

Already, many European and Middle Eastern (primarily Israeli media) are sounding the alarm about the uncontrolled proliferation of weapons from the territory of warring Libya. Under the guise of the winners of Colonel Gaddafi and his army, people with machine guns and grenade launchers cross the Libyan-Egyptian border almost unhindered. From there, weapons are delivered straight to Gaza through a network of underground tunnels.
Many politicians, public figures are already calling for the transitional Libyan authorities to begin disarming their army. And here the question again arises: will people who are accustomed to earn a living want to be destroyed? Apparently, not only Colonel Gaddafi, but also European states can get into the rebel trap. Armed people may well begin the “anti-cross” campaign, seeing how their Muslim brothers are “impoverished” in London, Paris and other cities. These people may come up with the idea that if they succeeded in throwing Muammar himself off the power pedestal, then others are just “pshik” for them.

Based on such considerations, in the near future Israel and Europe can be covered by a real terrorist wave with the support of Libyan weapons. Only by the most modest calculations of samples of one only small arms in the hands of insurgents more than one hundred thousand units. If you add to this bombs, grenades, shells and MANPADS, then the terrorist underground can only rejoice in such an arsenal ... It turns out that Sarkozy, Obama and other advocates of democracy in Libya themselves are sawing the branch on which they sit. Sophisticated politics - nothing can be said ...
Alexey Volodin
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