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The war in Libya continues. On the actions of NATO forces

The war in Libya continues. On the actions of NATO forcesDespite the feverish efforts of the Libyan opposition and the Western press, diplomats show the world that the war as a whole is over, it is not. The legitimate government and the loyal forces of Gaddafi continue to resist. So, 25 August came several reports that talk about the continuation of the war: the Libyan government forces conducted a successful military operation against rebel forces, which were sent to the city of Sirte, the Associated Press reported. According to the agency, in the area of ​​the Bin-Javad settlement, Gaddafi’s supporters set up an ambush in which a column of insurgents fell. During the battle, at least two dozen rebels were killed, the rest rushed to the direction of the city of Ras Lanuf. According to the newspaper The Daily Telegraph, the conditional front line now runs precisely in the area between these two settlements. Opposition forces are trying not to engage in direct combat. As it is known, the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was born in the vicinity of the city of Sirte, therefore, traditionally, he has strong positions in this area. Countrymen dictator are his most loyal supporters. According to the opposition, it is in the area of ​​the city of Sirte that all who are still faithful to Gaddafi are concentrated.

The clashes in the Libyan capital itself are not completed, according to Reuters, opposition forces continue to storm several buildings in the very center of the city, perhaps Gadhafi’s family members are hiding there, the defenders are not giving up, offering stubborn resistance. So, the battles are in the vicinity of the hotel "Corinthia"

According to the French edition of the Paris Match, the attempt to capture Gaddafi in Tripoli failed. August 24 received a message about the exact location of the Libyan leader. The divisions of the Arab special services (apparently, AOE and Qatar) arrived at the Colonel’s probable shelter, but he had already left. This is one more confirmation of the fact that the UN resolution was violated; external forces units took part in the storming of the Libyan capital. Earlier it was reported that the special forces of the United Arab Emirates and Qatar participated in the storming of the Bab Al-Azizia government complex. "This is an Arab affair, so it’s right that the Arab allies came to the aid of the Libyans," the special forces officer quoted The Evening Standard newspaper as saying.

New appeal Gaddafi

In the evening, 25 August leader of Libya Muammar Gaddafi made an audio message to compatriots in the evening, in which he called them to continue the struggle, Al-Jazeera reported. In particular, Gaddafi called on "men, women and children" to clean the capital of the country from the rebels, and the tribes of Libya - "to continue to fight against foreign intervention." The colonel also expressed the opinion that he was still supported by the “overwhelming majority” of Libyan citizens who would not add up. weapon and will continue to fight the rebels.

In addition, the Libyan government spokesman Musa Ibrahim, in a telephone conversation with the Associated Press, said that the leader of the Libyan Jamahiriya was alive and well, did not run away from the country and continues to lead the battle for "freedom and independence." According to Musa Ibrahim, Gaddafi is in good spirits, and all his relatives are safe, intact and not arrested, as previously reported by Western media. Gaddafi and his supporters are “ready to continue the struggle for weeks, months and years,” the Libyan government spokesman added. At the same time, Gaddafi’s comrade-in-arms declined to say where he is located, as well as where Gaddafi and his family are, but said that the regime still has “a significant part” of the Libyan capital.

In principle, the rebels confirmed that Tripoli was not fully taken yet, saying that only a few blocks of the city remained in the hands of Gaddafi’s supporters. The appeal of the Libyan leader to his people was broadcast by the Syrian TV channel Al-Uruba. It is unknown whether it was live or recorded.

NATO forces actions

The North Atlantic Alliance declared that it would continue the military operation in Libya until the complete defeat of the forces of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. This was stated by NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen. “It’s hard to imagine that attacks on civilians will stop as long as Gaddafi remains in power or claims to do so,” said August 25 Alliance Secretary General, giving an interview to the BBC.

Meanwhile, as the Military Outlook has already reported, the Alliance’s forces operate in the Libyan state, not only supporting the Libyan opposition from the air, but also on the ground, which is a violation of international agreements. Thus, the assault on the Libyan capital was carried out by NATO units (including the so-called private military companies, although all of them are under the control of official structures) with the participation of Arab mercenaries from Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan. 24 August this fact was first recognized by representatives of the British military department. In addition, at present, fighters from the Special Air Service of England (SAS), who were dressed in local clothes and equipped with local weapons, are searching for the leader Gaddafi.

British journalists from The Guardian proudly told the world that it was the English elite special forces that played a major role in the assault on Tripoli. Namely - the 22 th regiment of SAS (it acts in the interests of the foreign intelligence of England - Mi 6), which is responsible for offensive-assault operations, anti-revolutionary and anti-terrorist actions. This information was confirmed by other British publications, citing sources in the depths of the Ministry of Defense of England. According to them, at the present time, the fighters of the English division are looking for "Libyan Sauron." In order to hide their stay in Libya, the British soldiers dressed in Arabic clothing, armed with "Kalash". This is not the first message about the participation of British units in this war, in late February, journalists learned about the attacks of SAS units against workers of the Libyan oil industry in the south of the state.

Other countries, including “democratic” France, have not yet recognized the fact of the participation of their units in the assault on Tripoli. But the British journalists had already set everyone up - they reported that in the operation "Dawn of the Mermaid" there participated, in addition to British fighters, special forces units from the "democratic" Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, as well as some Eastern European countries and France. So, Misrata was protected from the forces of Gaddafi not only by the Libyan rebels, but the SAS soldiers and the French gendarmerie intervention group (GIGN, fr. Groupe d'Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale) were thrown to their aid. This elite anti-terrorism unit of the French gendarmerie is a detachment of the army, not the police.

It was reported that the assault on the city had been prepared for a long time. Back in May, they began to create “fifth column” cells in the capital of Libya by transferring experienced militants to the city, since there were few opponents of M. Gaddafi. They arrived by sea or land, sometimes under the guise of fishermen, in groups and alone. They started to lead a normal urban lifestyle, waiting for the signal to start the operation.

A large role in the operation to take the city was played by mercenaries from private military companies. This fact confirms the unexpected high resistance of the participants of the attack to losses. In fact, the Libyan rebels became here only a decoration, and most of the work to capture the capital was performed by Western mercenaries. PMC units were staffed by experienced military personnel, including former special forces soldiers. The same The Guardian reports that the mercenaries were not only from England, but also from France, the USA and, possibly, Italy. In turn, Canadian General Charles Bouchard said that the Alliance had decided to "cut the linking chain" between the Libyan rebels and NATO by sending junior officers to Libya.

A significant role in the subversive work against Libya was played by representatives of not only Western intelligence services and structures, but also Arab ones - Egypt, Qatar, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates.

In fact, the ground operation was talked about a long time ago, it was a logical step, since the war had reached an impasse.
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  1. Matroskin
    Matroskin 26 August 2011 09: 04
    Now you can see what the UN is. Factory for the production of toilet paper. America and NATO wipe their ass with theirs resolutions.
    1. ballian
      ballian 26 August 2011 09: 24
      The last chapter is a collection of anonymous gossip and rumors - there is no information, much less official recognition of the participation of NATO military ground units in Tripoli capture - just like any information about their human losses - no one saw them either alive or dead.
      "... Mercenaries from private military companies also played an important role in the operation to capture the city. This fact is confirmed by the unexpectedly high resistance of the attackers to losses."
      And this is generally a masterpiece of "proof of participation"
      "For the first time it was recognized by representatives of the British military department" - that is, the newspaper allegedly wrote to her someone whispered in her ear - is it like "recognized"? :)))) British potsreoty will be delighted with these "Rambo"
      1. ballian
        ballian 26 August 2011 09: 31
        12 th
        The minuscans are not able to refute me - but only in the quiet minus?
        This further confirms my correctness - namely "gossip and rumors".
        1. figwam
          figwam 26 August 2011 11: 21
          For a long time, shots of Europeans along with rebels who spoke good English were shown. US intelligence recognized that it was hunting for Gaddafi. Many Western newspapers admit the presence of special troops of France, England, etc. in Libya.
          And what kind of evidence do you need, are you waiting for a written confirmation from Obama?
        2. LESHA pancake
          LESHA pancake 28 August 2011 10: 28
      2. Smirnov Vadim
        Smirnov Vadim 26 August 2011 09: 31
        You can not a modest question, so simply out of curiosity - how old are you, dear?
      3. solodova
        solodova 26 August 2011 10: 17
        Oh, sorry, I forgot, yesterday on TV there was a confession from the British that their units were working there as "intelligence", and that they were dressed like locals.
        1. Varnaga
          Varnaga 26 August 2011 10: 59
          The UN is gaining more and more features characteristic of the League of Nations, in fact, soon this organization will face the same fate
      4. dmb
        dmb 26 August 2011 15: 44
        It is very good that you do not leave the site. So you are interested, and you are a thinking person. Otherwise, you would have been the very place where Mr. Svanidze, choking on happiness, rejoices over the next "triumph of democracy. Yesterday he mastered several" periods "of hubbub on Channel 2, where this great man barked with Kurginyan. The result is natural, only both The sides are shouting a lot. And Satanovsky pleased. There is no particular doubt that he is an enemy, but unlike the rest of the Svanidze fraternity, he is an intelligent enemy, understanding that obvious things cannot be denied. Not literally, but I will remind him of yesterday's words: "What is happening in northern Africa, it is the desire of the Wahhabist Saudi Arabia to overthrow secular regimes and replace them with theocratic ones. ”Taking into account the NATO bombing, make your own conclusion.
  2. solodova
    solodova 26 August 2011 09: 46
    Yes, they are not able to refute you, the media are lying, all around disinformation. It is unlikely that there, on the spot, the whole picture of military operations is clearly visible. And you are ballian, it is unlikely that you have reliable information. The fact that you are being minus means that the majority do not like not so much your attempts to evaluate events as the events themselves.
    This means that the propaganda of the Westophile press does not work. Regardless of who wins, the principle of "no one is judged to win" will not work in Russia.
    You are minus - wonderful, opinions should be different. So you are not being ignored.
    I’ll also put a minus for you now, although I rarely do it. )))
  3. Professor
    Professor 26 August 2011 09: 46
    In fact, the ground operation was talked about a long time ago, it was a logical step, since the war had reached an impasse.

    Not even a dead end. The troops, loyal to Gaddafi, surrender position by position. The opposition practically owns the whole country.
    At the end of the war, two options are possible: chaos and civil war, or a dictatorship compared to which Gaddafi will look like Red Riding Hood.
  4. Roman Skomorokhov
    Roman Skomorokhov 26 August 2011 09: 57
    ballian, I did not minus, but I will try to object.

    Well, from what, I'm sorry, busting, now it makes sense to publish a full list of the parts involved in this war?
    This, as noted, runs counter to some international agreements. To which, as is clear, in general, should be, but still.
    Therefore, naturally, it makes sense to retain the full appearance of the fact that this is, after all, a civil war, that is, a disaffected part of the population is trying to overthrow a contented one. And NATO only throws bombs, nothing more.

    As for the mercenaries ... Well, that's plausible enough too. The US has ENOUGH money to pay for ENOUGH cool guys from Blackwater PMCs. Why not? Especially if you remember that the nearby Algeria and Tunisia have been used for the last 30 years as a base for PMCs.

    As for the meticulously confirmed infblib ... Yes spit. Who is right, who is guilty - history will understand.
  5. Crazyzy
    Crazyzy 26 August 2011 10: 44
    ballian mind.

    If the Western countries officially recognize that their specialists or mercenaries participated in operations in Libya, this will mean that the norms of international law and UN resolution 1973, to which NATO and their allies hide behind, have violated a full-scale ground invasion.
    Which in turn can cause an international scandal.

    To teach Aboriginal warfare in a month is simply unrealistic.
    For half a year, the "rebels" did not know how to fight, and if anything skidded in their jeeps, NATO cars and cried for NATO to support them more actively with aviation.
    And here, practically in a day of fighting in Tripoli alone, the "rebels" suffered much greater losses than in six months of fighting on all Libyan fronts!
    1. ballian
      ballian 26 August 2011 11: 16
      In - 1 they did not deny, but directly recognized that dozens of their military advisers and instructors are sitting there, and they are taking part in PLANNING large complex operations,
      the participation of ground combat units in battles is a completely different matter, if it speaks of some kind of "decisive participation" then there should be no less than hundreds of losses - it is impossible to hide the losses of soldiers,
      and the statement here that some mythical mercenaries are "resistant to losses" is generally nonsense - the guys make money this way, and are not going to die, unlike the rebel volunteers.
      Do not believe the rumors launched about "inability to fight"
      The mere fact that they did not allow themselves to defeat the regular army in the mountains of Nablus (there was the last offensive from there) says a lot - during these months, Gaddafi’s forces have dried up among the mountaineers, on the contrary, they have been training, (say yourself you don’t make a soldier in a month, and months passed), replenishment of weapons - time worked against Gaddafi - sooner or later the scales swayed.
      Here is the report of the Izvestia correspondent who visited the Nablus mountains south of Tripoli in mid-July (a month and a half ago) and observed the hostilities from "their" side.
      attacked even then - there is described the capture of two towns defended by government troops - then there were 100 kilometers left to Tripoli.
      And pay attention - NATO aircraft did not appear there, and the correspondent notes the good organization with which they are fighting.
      1. figwam
        figwam 26 August 2011 13: 17
        Take off your pink glasses !!!
        Have you heard of the French Legion?
        These guys were created for such military operations. At present, a French floating hospital stands on a roadstead off the coast of Libya, where boats of the 200s and 300s are transported.
      2. LESHA pancake
        LESHA pancake 28 August 2011 17: 04
        In this way, it is possible to recognize the military intervention of the West in the internal affairs of Livia, and it means any resolution of the Security Council that the West understands how to endorse its actions.
  6. Crazyzy
    Crazyzy 26 August 2011 13: 06
    What only independent bloggers on the Internet have been talking about for a long time has finally become the property of even the so-called "independent" Western press, and already from the pages of dozens of influential European and American newspapers it is absolutely openly written about direct participation in ground operations against the Libyan armed forces special forces units of England, France, Qatar and the UAE

    The landing of the coalition special forces on August 21 this year. successfully failed, strewn with the corpses of the hapless occupiers of the streets of Tripoli, and in such quantities that it is simply impossible to hide it. Through teeth it was necessary to admit the death of 400 special forces (for "decency" referred to as "rebels") and the injury of another 2000, although these figures are significantly underestimated.

    The tormenting question is, "Why does the media only broadcast reports from the insurgent side?" There is no information from Gaddafi's units. Nobody gives them a word for sure, but it's a pity ... the soldiers deserve the respect and attention of at least Russian correspondents.
    Great Britain confirmed the participation of intelligence of the alliance in the search for the Libyan leader
    1. ballian
      ballian 26 August 2011 14: 46
      fucking 400 corpses and even "recognized" - but believe the rumors and nonsense.
      By the way, about the "Amin's palace" on the link - after all, 20 of our special forces and paratroopers died there, and there were more than 100 wounded.
      And also remember the fall of Baghdad and Kabul - there generally the NATO just drove there - and no one said that it was the aliens who helped them neutralize the Taliban and Iraqi soldiers.
      Some see war as a computer game where robotic soldiers fight, not humans.
      1. MaxArt
        MaxArt 26 August 2011 17: 12
        Honestly, I don’t understand what surprises you so much? A little higher, you divided the forces opposing Gaddafi into mercenaries and rebels. Allegedly, some work off their money, while others are ready to die. Excuse me, this is ridiculous, because both are mercenaries, just some - the local population, and others - the landing. If you sincerely believe that NATO units did not set foot on Libyan soil, let me remind you: British intelligence, if I am not mistaken, operated in Libya a few months ago, during the bombing raids. You need to be a very naive person to doubt the presence of Western special forces, and believe only in the "instructors".
        1. ballian
          ballian 27 August 2011 09: 59
          You imagine 2 and a half thousand wounded killed (that is, the defeat of the landing) and the Kadafists can’t even present one chela-non-Arab? Whoever is interested in newspaper rumors, let them swallow it.
  7. aktanir
    aktanir 26 August 2011 13: 40
    Unhappy Gaddafi !! So much ostentatious shocking in my whole life and for what? To end humiliatingly - to be on a rope like Saddam, and even with the hands of his own people (who will guide them, I think, is understandable). Well, Europe and America avenged you for cheap show-offs.
  8. aktanir
    aktanir 26 August 2011 13: 43
    Although intransigence impresses him, you will not say anything, an iron man. And on the other hand, what to do, realizing that they still will not be left alive.
  9. rumpeljschtizhen
    rumpeljschtizhen 26 August 2011 14: 51
    the guy tried to fight against the whole world of respect .... but he will lose ... but how !!! beautiful
  10. Crazyzy
    Crazyzy 26 August 2011 15: 06
    During the assault on Taj Bek (Amin's palace), 5 officers of the KGB special forces, 6 people from the "Muslim battalion" and 9 paratroopers were killed. The head of the operation, Colonel Boyarinov, was also killed. (Posthumously Hero of the USSR)
    Watch "The Invisible Front" (Afghan) - a series of documentaries about the Afghan war.

    Iraq. Remember the beginning:
    The British could not do anything with the defenders of Basra for 6 days. And then they paid money to a couple of other generals and the resistance ended.
    Same thing with Baghdad.
    1. ballian
      ballian 27 August 2011 09: 49
      So everyone paid and everything was bought? - Well, this rotten regime and people deserve to have it. It is strange that it does not occur to you that something similar happened in Tripoli.
      1. LESHA pancake
        LESHA pancake 28 August 2011 10: 30
        And WORTH SCALES came to replace GADAFI.
  11. Rashid
    Rashid 26 August 2011 19: 57
    You can argue up to a mumble. The trouble is that there will be no international scandal. Who will raise this scandal at the UN - Medvedev’s diplomats, or what? The second trouble is that the Arab world is fragmented, everyone is at war with each other - this is the visionary policy of the West: divide and conquer. The third trouble in Gaddafi itself. He believed the West, began to flirt with them, revealed all his cards, cunning with Russia on the supply of weapons and in the end was left without support, without weapons and without money.
  12. Dovmont
    Dovmont 26 August 2011 21: 07
    Honestly, I am indifferent to both the Semites and their cousins, the Arabs. The more they are destroyed, the better for us. I am more concerned about what scenario is being prepared for Russia by the backstage global government?
  13. Michael
    Michael 26 August 2011 23: 44
    Here on the "Eye of the Planet" caught my eye:
    Open letter to Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev

    [info] chern_molnija
    August 25th, 10: 37

    Dear Dmitry Anatolyevich, I looked at your comment on the latest events in Tripoli ... Do you know what, but could you please refrain from making statements on the Libyan topic? Well, at least until everyone there is killed, and everything that is needed is expropriated. Well, I beg you very much.

    There are so many interesting topics: modernization, innovation, de-Stalinization, re-certification, reducing time zones, switching to economical light bulbs ... Well, cast in granite your priceless statements that we all look forward to so much.

    And you have already done a good job with Libya: where necessary, have voted; where necessary, abstained; whoever was fired. Enough is enough, huh? No matter what you plan to get for it, they will no longer add it. Well, you still can’t stop? Well, you love Russia, right? So I beg you very much: STOP ALREADY, DISPLAY OUR COUNTRY!
    1. LESHA pancake
      LESHA pancake 28 August 2011 10: 32
  14. Makl
    Makl 27 August 2011 21: 14
    Quote: ballian
    You imagine 2 and a half thousand wounded killed (that is, the defeat of the landing) and the Kadafists can’t even present one chela-non-Arab? Whoever is interested in newspaper rumors, let them swallow it.

    I can imagine cannabis from the UAE and Qatar. and "white" is not necessary.