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Detachment "Seals"

"Seals" is an elite special-purpose squad that participates in operations conducted in any locality. Particular emphasis is placed on training and equipping the detachment for operations in coastal and marine conditions. The name “SEAL” (“Seals”) is an abbreviation of the names of the localities in which the detachment is being trained: Sea - Air - Land (sea - air - land). Their small, well-trained squad silently conducts night operations of national importance. "Seals" are deployed around the world in order to protect the public interest. Navy Seals and their high-speed boats, guided by colleagues from the Special Service of Small Combat Ships, form the units of the US Navy Special Forces, headed by the Command of the Special Forces of the US Navy.

1. "Seals" - Divers. (Photos are accompanied by lines from the SEALs credo). In years of war or unrest, there is a special kind of warrior who is ready to come to the aid of his nation. An ordinary person with an unusual desire to succeed. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

2. "Seals" - "Outright villains". Hardened from hardship, he stands with America's finest Special Forces to protect the nation, America's citizens, and their way of life. I am this person. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

3. Fighter of the "Navy Seals" squad. My "trident" is a symbol of my dignity and honor. Bestowed on me by heroes who passed before me, it embodies the trust of those whom I am called to protect. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

4. "Navy seals", these fighters will overcome any terrain. By adopting the Trident, I accept responsibility for my own career and lifestyle choices. It is an honor that I must justify every day. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

5. "Seals" - Jumping frog. My dedication to the Fatherland and the team is impeccable. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

6. "Seals" - Fighters, rushing to the limit. I humbly serve as the guardian of my fellow citizens and am always ready to defend those who are unable to defend themselves. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

7. "SEALs" - Fighters who cannot be stopped. I do not extol the nature of my service, nor do I seek recognition for my service. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

8. "Seals" - Night charge. I voluntarily accepted the dangers of my profession, putting the welfare and safety of others ahead of my own. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

9. "Navy Seals" - Fighters on the boat. I serve with honor both on and off the battlefield. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

10. "Navy Seals" - Graduates. The ability to control my emotions and actions regardless of the circumstances distinguishes me from other people. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

11. "Navy Seals" - Marines. Uncompromising cleanliness is my standard. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

Detachment "Seals"

12. "Seals" - Red smoke. My character and honor are strong. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

13. "Seals" - Divers and a submarine. My word is my pledge. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

14. "Seals" - The appearance of soldiers from the water. We are ready to lead and be led. In the absence of command, I will take charge, lead my comrades, and complete the operation. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

15. "Seals" - Soldiers on a submarine. I am an example in any situation. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

16. "Seals" - Army ninjas. I will never leave the service. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

17. "Navy Seals" - Sea Fighters. I persist and thrive in adversity. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

18. "Seals" - Smoke against the sunset. My people expect me to be physically and psychologically superior to my enemies. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

19. Sniper of the SEAL squad. I will rise again every time I am knocked down. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

20. Seals - Red Flash. I will do my best to protect my comrades and carry out the operation. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

21. "Seals" - Sentinel in the rays of the sunset. I am always on alert. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

22. Weapon detachment "Navy Seals". We demand discipline. We are open to innovation. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

23. "Seals" - Silhouettes of fighters. The lives of my comrades and the success of the mission depend on me - my technical, tactical prowess and attention to detail. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

24. "Navy Seals" - Elite troops. My preparation will never end. We prepare for war and we fight to win. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

25. "Seals" - Silhouettes of fighters. I am ready to fight with full force to complete the operation and achieve the goals set by my country. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

26. "Navy Seals" - The landing of fighters on the shore. The fulfillment of my duty will be swift and brutal if need be, but will always be guided by the very principles that I serve. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

27. "Seals" - Fighters in a halo of sunlight. Brave warriors have fought and died for high principles and a fearsome reputation that I must maintain. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

28. Fighter of the "Navy Seals" squad. In the worst of conditions, the example of my comrades will strengthen my resolve and silently guide me through my every case. I will not fail. (End of the SEALs credo). (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)
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  2. makrus
    makrus 26 August 2011 16: 30
    Yes, sorry "chenuk" with the fighters.
  3. Bos-s
    Bos-s 27 August 2011 02: 12
    Agitation of eared seals.
    1. Bos-s
      Bos-s 28 August 2011 18: 29
      Undercurrent: biologically fur seals as a species belong to the eared seal family wink lol
  4. Svyatoslav
    Svyatoslav 27 August 2011 13: 18
    And what is this kitty with AK?
  5. zczczc
    zczczc 27 August 2011 13: 37
    And what's the point of looking at promotional photos of American special forces? Neither the characteristics of weapons, nor the description of possible combat missions, nothing - just beautiful staged photos.

    Well, let's still advertise SS attack aircraft here - I remember, they even had their own newspaper ...
  6. roninas
    roninas 27 August 2011 23: 20
    Well, the characteristics and tasks are known .. The bottom line is that we almost do not have this. There was a "Pennant", power and strength, the fighters knew at least 2 foreign languages. Perhaps the GRU "bats" can still do something. It is long overdue to create special operations forces, where professionals should serve, better officers, because the training of a normal fighter takes from 3 to five years. Well, and the appropriate supply, equipment, weapons, equipment
    1. Mesniy
      Mesniy 1 September 2011 00: 47
      The first Chechen fighters pennant was thrown into the mountains, the Czechs caught all - knocked out in 2 weeks.
      1. roninas
        roninas 1 September 2011 22: 39
        You amaze me more and more with your "awareness." Where does this information come from? In the first campaign with the Maykop special forces of the GRU, this only happened .. You have no idea about the people who served and are serving there, I mean Pennant (and this, by the way, officers, that is, professional soldiers who came not for money, but for other values ​​that you do not understand) So tell this story to preschoolers
      2. Kazak_30
        Kazak_30 2 March 2012 13: 54
        Info to the studio!
        Tired of trolls!
  7. SVD
    SVD 30 August 2011 17: 30
    It is a pity that we do not have admirable publications about our troops. One black negative ... But, even in our units there are special forces companies - many fighters will make excellent competition to these cats!
    1. zczczc
      zczczc 30 August 2011 17: 38
      Yes what publications, DOSAAF where? Something there seemed to be recreated, but everything was stuck on the non-return of DOSAAF property. Those. Now DOSAAF is an organization to which everyone should give a ton of real estate back, but no one is in a hurry to do this, as a result, they either sue or score, but they do not work for the intended purpose of raising young people.
      1. Mesniy
        Mesniy 1 September 2011 00: 48
        and did a good dosaf during the sovdepii? Just a feeding trough was
    2. roninas
      roninas 1 September 2011 22: 47
      There are. And will be. But there are no such units (in scale) and the method of selection and training. That only one "hellish week" is worth. These people serve not a year. And not even two, they are professional soldiers, in every sense of the word. we do not have this, unfortunately. served a year, even though the special forces, and home
  8. Igor Vladimirovich
    Igor Vladimirovich 24 September 2011 20: 59
    8. "Navy SEALs" - Night charging. I voluntarily accepted the dangers of my profession
  9. rayon_kz1
    rayon_kz1 25 November 2011 19: 47
    well done informatively
  10. dred
    dred 27 November 2011 16: 18
    you fell from the moon from where all the information from what other reliable sources.
  11. zavesa01
    zavesa01 27 November 2011 16: 41
    In fact, US special forces are growing from the British CAC. The basic principles of training are taken from there, as well as from a foreign legion. Britain began active preparation of the CAC after the Second World War and was trained by their instructor in the German division of Brandenburg, and they, in turn, appeared after the exercises in the USSR in 38. On which were the Yankees and Britons, but no one except the Germans did not appreciate the actions of the landing. Unfortunately, during the Second World War, the USSR practically did not use the landing force for its intended purpose, but only as infantry units. Unlike the Germans, they actively used special forces. The Britons began training special forces by direct order of Churchill.

    For some reason, their eared ones are silent for some reason. Otto Scorsese was the first to start fighting swimmers in the 20th century.
  12. Igarr
    Igarr 11 February 2012 10: 18
    Agitation ... was said .... confirm.
    Especially these slogans ... Captain America ... complete nonsense.
    14 and 17 pictures - what do AKM take with them to water? Doesn’t it work?

    For roninas, our parts for this purpose are the Sea Devils. The name is not ours - these same seals were assigned.
    Here is the link ... http: //
  13. Georg Shep
    Georg Shep 4 March 2012 12: 00
    Let these cats clash with our cats. Then we'll see.
  14. Pripyatchanin
    Pripyatchanin 16 June 2012 20: 30
    And on the 17th photo, a cat with Kalash!
  15. enot555
    enot555 31 January 2013 20: 54
    propaganda of course, but the idea is felt that we have almost none. Now the generation is only thinking about money. But it’s clear that you won’t be fed up with ideas alone, but you won’t get far on money alone
  16. Andreitas
    Andreitas 8 July 2013 10: 52
    On 14 pics also with Kalash