Detachment "Seals"

"Seals" is an elite special-purpose squad that participates in operations conducted in any locality. Particular emphasis is placed on training and equipping the detachment for operations in coastal and marine conditions. The name “SEAL” (“Seals”) is an abbreviation of the names of the localities in which the detachment is being trained: Sea - Air - Land (sea - air - land). Their small, well-trained squad silently conducts night operations of national importance. "Seals" are deployed around the world in order to protect the public interest. Navy Seals and their high-speed boats, guided by colleagues from the Special Service of Small Combat Ships, form the units of the US Navy Special Forces, headed by the Command of the Special Forces of the US Navy.

1. "Seals" - Divers. (Photos are accompanied by lines from the credits of "Fur Seals"). In the years of war or unrest there is a special kind of warrior who is ready to come to the aid of his nation. An ordinary person with an unusual desire to succeed. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

2. "Seals" - "the notorious villains." Hardened in hardships, he stands in the ranks of America’s best military special forces to defend the country, the citizens of America, and their way of life. I am this man. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

3. Fighter squad "Seals". My “trident” is a symbol of my dignity and honor. Given to me by heroes who have passed before me, he embodies the trust of those whom I am called to protect. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

4. "Seals", these fighters will overcome any terrain. Having accepted the Trident, I accept responsibility for my own choice of profession and lifestyle. This is an honor that I have to justify every day. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

5. "Seals" - Jumping Frog. My devotion to the Fatherland and the team is impeccable. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

6. "Seals" - Fighters, rushing to the limit. I humbly serve as guardian of my fellow citizens and am always ready to stand up for those who are not able to protect themselves. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

7. "Seals" - Fighters who can not be stopped. I do not praise the nature of my service and do not seek recognition for my service. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

8. "Seals" - Night Charging. I voluntarily accepted the dangers of my profession, putting the welfare and safety of others above my own. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

9. "Seals" - Fighters on the boat. I serve with honor on and off the battlefield. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

10. "Seals" - Graduates. The ability to control my emotions and actions regardless of the circumstances sets me apart from other people. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

11. "Seals" - Marines. Uncompromising cleanliness is my standard. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

Detachment "Seals"

12. "Seals" - Red smoke. My character and honor are firm. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

13. "Seals" - Divers and a submarine. My word is my pledge. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

14. "Seals" - The appearance of fighters from the water. We are ready to lead and be led. In the absence of command, I will take responsibility, lead my comrades and complete the operation. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

15. "Seals" - Submarine fighters. I serve as an example in any situation. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

16. "Seals" - Army Ninjas. I will never leave the service. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

17. "Seals" - Sea fighters. I persist and succeed in adversity. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

18. "Seals" - Smoke against the backdrop of the sunset. My people expect me to be physically and mentally superior to my enemies. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

19. Sniper squad "Seals". I will rise again every time I get knocked down. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

20. "Seals" - Red Flash. I will do my best to protect my comrades and carry out the operation. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

21. "Seals" - Watch in the rays of sunset. I am always on alert. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

22 Weapon squad "Seals". We require discipline. We are open to innovation. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

23. "Seals" - Silhouettes of fighters. The life of my comrades and the success of the mission depend on me - my technical, tactical skill and attention to detail. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

24. "Seals" - Elite troops. My training will never end. We are preparing for war and fighting to win. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

25. "Seals" - Silhouettes of fighters. I am ready to fight in full force in order to complete the operation and achieve the goals set by my country. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

26. "Seals" - Landing troops on the beach. My duty will be quick and cruel, if necessary, but will always be guided by the very principles I serve. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

27. "Seals" - Fighters in the halo of sunlight. Brave warriors fought and died for high principles and frightening reputation, which I must maintain. (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)

28. Fighter squad "Seals". In the worst conditions, the example of my comrades will strengthen my resolve and silently guide me through my every business. I will not lose. (The end of the motto "Seals"). (Photo credit: Navy SEAL & SWCC)
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