McCain hinted that the Russian Federation can comprehend the fate of Libya

McCain hinted that the Russian Federation can comprehend the fate of Libya
Western “democratizing scumbags” are now threatening Russia and China

While the US and its Western allies in the NATO bloc, who passionately entered the street rampage criminal rage, methodically pursue the regime of Muammar Gaddafi (while mockingly raping not only Libyan sovereignty, but also remnants of the post-war international law system), prominent representatives of the American establishment decided to drop the last appearance of “reboot” decencies and in direct text make it clear to the Russian “partners” that they are greatly mistaken if they expect to insure themselves against repeating the Libyan scenario by permanent foreign policy concessions and faint-hearted adaptation to the American "general line of the party and government."

The honorable mission to send a “black mark” to the Russian elites was assumed by the former US presidential candidate, and in combination the honored Russophobe and Washington neocon John McCain. According to him, the events in Libya should be a warning to the Russian leadership. “Bashar Asad is the next (for Gaddafi. - Approx. KM.RU) ... Even places like China, Russia ... Everything is very restless there. People want freedom. It is precisely the freedom of the people of Libya that has reached, "- a bit confused, but on the whole, quite unequivocally (in the style of a black advertising parody:" How do you still prohibit holding gay parades? Then we fly to you on the bombers! ") Arizona in an interview with Fox News, the Libyan triumph of Western “democratizers” (which, by the way, contrary to the White House’s desire to give what was desired, is far from an accomplished fact).

Of course, the endlessly cynical wording about “freedom” that supposedly “reached the people of Libya” (essentially a victim of armed intervention by the coalition of the Western powers) deserves to be included in the annals stories along with the classic fascist epistolary "netlenkami" like arbeit macht frei at the gates of concentration camps. In theory, such a loud and persistent "alarm bell" (sometimes turning into a full-fledged bell alarm) should be awakened by the Russian leadership, who until recently was in a half-nap reboot. However, given that the statement of Senator McCain, who acts as the mouthpiece of the "collective unconscious" of the American political class (the official Obama administration still can not afford to voice such overt threats to the global nuclear and economic "heavyweights", which are Russia and China ), this is not the first precedent of this kind; certain doubts on this score still exist.

Recall that back in February, immediately “hot on the heels” of the overthrow of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, absolutely loyal to the United States (which once again underlines Washington’s inclination to get rid of his “sons of sons” at the right time) without any sentiments . "I do not think that all these events (revolutions in North Africa. - Approx. KM.RU) are limited to the Middle East ... This wind of change is blowing and spreading, and if I were Vladimir Putin, I would have been a little less self-confident while in the Kremlin with his clique from the KGB, ”the failed resident of the White House with columns at Washington, Pennsylvania Avenue, 1600 said in an interview with CBS. "And I would feel less secure (after the revolutions in the Middle East), relaxing at the resort where President Hu and several other people control China and decide the fate of 1,3 billion people in this country," the ex-candidate ominously pointedly hinted. for the presidency.

As we can see, the “mentally contused” high-ranking American veteran of the Cold War was already not particularly embarrassed by the expressions. And the use of popular propaganda clichés of the "KGB" (long ago, by the way, nonexistent) or the "Kremlin" as a symbolic embodiment of a wiped-up American political technology blistering about the "evil empire" (note the overseas gentlemen of Russophobes: Vladimir Putin has been moving from the Kremlin to the house for several years government on Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment), shows that for political hawks like John McCain, the Cold War, if it ever ends, it will be only after the world’s political map t finally erased the name "Russia".

However, given the extremely restrained reaction of the Russian side to the almost undisguised diplomatic “hitting”, such excesses should be considered logical. A spokesman for the prime minister in response to such a shameless attack instead of the expected rhetorically “symmetrical response” did not come up with anything better than conciliating in front of the verbal aggressor, noting that “we have great respect for the senator, his rich experience, but in this the case, of course, is regrettable as he followed the example of emotional incompetent assessments ... ”, etc. etc. The “missed” later by Russia in the UN Security Council, the notoriously memorable Libyan resolution 1973, which made possible the international legitimacy of the NATO aggression against Libya, also shows that the Russian leadership still chooses the “ostrich position”, preferring to evade joining a tough clinch at the expense of appease the "humanitarian interventionists" and surrender to them their geopolitical allies in the Arab world. In this sense, it seems hardly to be surprised at the appearance of all-new insulting invectives addressed to the Russian Federation and its “top command level” by Western politicians, whom Moscow itself gives a taste for permissiveness.

Another loud application of the American leader for the implementation of the “color scenario” in Russia like the Arab revolutions in an interview with KM.RU was commented by Leonid Ivashov, President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems:

- The American elite (that the Republicans, that the Democrats) is absolutely united in the opinion that all the regimes in the world need to be changed to pro-American, without disdaining at the same time by any means, up to armed intervention. And encouraging them to similar forms of fascist aggression against sovereign states is that so-called. the international community is silent, and no one by and large does not object.

In this situation, international law simply stops working. The UN Security Council is developing in a direction that, figuratively speaking, can be described as a structure resembling an “international criminal grouping”, which, by issuing sanctions, does not prevent aggression, but encourages it. NATO actively intervenes in the Libyan events: the aerial bombardment, special forces, and marines - they all act on one of the warring parties. This is an international robbery and full-scale aggression. At the same time, the Security Council is silent, like China and Russia.

Therefore, McCain orients the American elite, and at the same time warns the entire international community: guys, we will do what we want. See what's happening in Syria today. These events repeat the Libyan scenario. There is an impact of forces from the outside - militants were launched into the country through the Turkish border. weapons in the hands and financed this operation. And all this was done almost openly. And then Bashar Assad prohibits the use of weapons, but, nevertheless, someone deliberately shoots oppositionists and policemen. And today the United States is already declaring that Bashar Asad should be biased. Although for the sake of justice, the fact that Russia refuses to vote for the Syrian resolution suggests that Moscow has nevertheless learned certain lessons. Our silence on Libya immediately lowered the geopolitical status of the Russian Federation to several levels. That is, we once again confirmed that we are following in the wake of aggressive American policy. The same was demonstrated by Europe and China.

As for Syria, this is the very case when there is simply no place to go below. Because then they will simply stop dealing with us. I once said to Mr. Solana, the NATO Secretary General, that it would be easier for me to negotiate with an American colonel than with you, because if you agree on a secondary issue with you, you will still look into the mouth of the Americans if they approve this arrangement. The same thing is now thought in the world and in relation to Russia. Why talk to Moscow — then it is better to bow to Washington and accept its terms, or even begin to negotiate directly with America. And nothing depends on Russia. We saw how, on the threshold of our elections, the treacherous position of Russian foreign policy was perceived.

True, regarding Libya, there was a split in the position of the president and the prime minister. Although I do not exclude that it was just played such a "tandem performance", when one bows to America, and the other allegedly objects. It turns out quite balanced Russian position. The same is about Syria. But I am not sure that Moscow will be able to fully maintain this line of political support for Syria (which the Syrian people are very hopeful of). I have a feeling that our elite has no confidence. When she thinks about her future, many hands are shaking. The example of Milosevic, Saddam, Gaddafi and Mubarak, as they say, is in front of everyone. That is why some politicians are guided by Gorbachev and Yeltsin, that is, those who all sold and acted on orders from Washington and the world financial authorities. This is an example of how you can survive if you act according to the principle “give everything and do not resist.”

McCain warns the power-oligarchic elite: everyone who resists American dictatorship will be punished. As they say, guys, draw conclusions - when we come, meet us with flowers. It is no secret that Libya and Syria are among our last allies in the Maghreb and in the Middle East. And Yugoslavia was kicked out as a historical ally of our country, and Iraq sympathized with us. Please note that the United States mainly deals with socialist and secular regimes historically associated with the USSR and Russia, without touching its own Arab autocratic satellites. They beat us the last points on which we could rely in the world.
Govorov Cyril
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