"Soviet backlog in the defense industry is almost exhausted"

Only a couple of fresh episodes with Russian military equipment - as if they were full-time ones - noticeably stirred up the Russian blogosphere. Frightened by the speeches of the first persons about the “junk”, which, among other things, the Ministry of Defense is trying to “vparit” for unsavory money, greedy designers, people in every excess cotton of the aircraft engine begin to see the collapse of the entire military-industrial complex.

They are right and not. Criticism, including from the most brilliant mouths, about not too deserving air conditioning of domestic military aircraft, ships, submarines and other weapons is often not without a reason, and basically boils down to insufficient development of them from the point of view of modernization. ). At the same time, Russia's strong positions on the foreign military market remain strong, and this is still a far more serious indicator. In fact, in this area we still have only one serious competitor - the United States, which overtakes our defense exports in all respects, but remains in a weight category comparable to us.

However, the facts - a stubborn thing. Thousands of spectators, foreign customers, and finally, very, very influential people were waiting for, probably, the main highlight of the whole show - the demonstration of the capabilities of the fifth generation fighter “T-50 run”. A malfunction of the engine, which was found to be very opportunely (anything better when it happens before the flight, and not during it), led to the fact that the show was canceled. As a result, bewilderment and bitter sediment remained: well, what, they say, right? Really it was impossible to check thoroughly every node before the demonstration of the car? Well, when it comes to testing: here the car is exactly the same as it is ...

Under the tests, they tried to disguise the trouble with the launch of the Bulava from the submarine Yuri Dolgoruky on the same days. Like, it is - an element of the exercise, aimed at developing the actions of the crew in abnormal conditions. He described the incident on Monday, 22 of August, the deputy general director of the shipyard "Sevmash", the head of the production of military equipment Marat Abizhanov. However, according to an anonymous source of Rossiyskaya Gazeta, the reason for the failed launch of the Bulava was the “failure to supply power to one of the submarine systems.” Other sources, however, sin on the rocket itself, asserting that all the launch systems on the submarine itself are working properly and everything is calibrated. I am afraid, however, that this is not at all the case when one can say that “the truth is somewhere in the middle”.

But as long as the planes do not take off, the rockets do not start, and the officials on the ground point at each other with their fingers, you can only draw a popular analogy from the world of fine art, when using the same set of colors you can draw a masterpiece canvas, or you can write a fence with curses .

In a conversation with a KM.RU columnist, the first vice-president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, the captain of the first rank, Doctor of Military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov commented on the recent failures of the Defense Ministry in the air and at sea and offered his recipe for saving the domestic military-industrial complex:

- If we talk about the fighter, then nothing special happened there. This is an experienced aircraft, and, of course, there are various problems during operation. Suffice it to recall the Su-24, which is now the main front-line bomber and generally a first-class car, but during the tests and fine-tuning of this aircraft, about 10 machines were lost and several testers died. So in the incident at MAKS there is nothing super-extraordinary. Unless you can say that in preparation for the demonstration, it should be carefully prepared and not go into any regimes that could lead to an accident: yet here is not a test of the aircraft, but its demonstration.

As for the Bulava, first of all it is necessary to ascertain the fact that the design bureau, which is engaged in its development, has not been able to form the necessary scientific school for the development of solid-propellant sea rockets. The Institute of Heat Engineering, which is engaged in the development of Bulava, has no experience in the development of offshore facilities, especially solid fuel. This was previously done by Makeev Design Bureau, it was they who developed the TR-39 rocket for the 941 project's submarine cruisers, known as the Typhoon, and it was assumed that they would also develop the Bulava. Of course, they would have coped with this task easily. However, in due time, thanks to “connections”, “friendly relations” and other labuds, which had nothing to do with business, a raider seizure of the scientific and technical order by the Heat Engineering Institute was made, and Makeev Design Bureau was excluded from the development of this rocket. The institute of heat engineering took over the development and could not do it. The Makeev Design Bureau, in the absence of orders and adequate funding, has largely lost personnel.

Now it is important to invest in the revival of the military-industrial complex. First of all, it is necessary to revive the scientific and technological schools, to reinstate old experienced veterans, who are now at 60, at work, to create conditions for young cadres to come to the design bureaus and research institutes. And so that these veterans, who remember something and are able to do so, could pass on their experience to young people, because the most efficient age - 30-50 years - is almost lost for the defense industrial complex. In the period of the 20-year period of the 90's timelessness and "zero" young people went to engage in trade, business - anything, but not a real deal.

Thanks to the Soviet developments, Russian armaments are still in line with world standards, so it’s necessary to say that you need to buy foreign weapon, can only amateur or lobbyist of foreign enterprises (well, if not an agent of foreign intelligence services). We now have the opportunity to develop weapons that meet all international requirements, but I must admit that this is already the limit. The Soviet side is exhausting itself, and the Russian Federation is not yet able to offer anything, because at the head of the state and, in particular, at the head of the Ministry of Defense are simply incompetent people. They are competent only in taking away what was once created.
Martynyuk Victor
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