Russia "helps" China technology

Russia "helps" China technology

So, the novelty flashed across the Chinese sky in January, causing great interest from foreign witnesses. Special interest was shown by some Russian analysts. It was the Russians who saw in the J-20 design the features of the 1.44 fighter that did not fit the domestic defense industry from the Mikoyan Design Bureau. Several years ago, representatives of the Corps of Engineers of the OKB Mikoyan, indeed, created a project of a new Russian stealth fighter, which was planned to be made to competitive American models with similar technology. But the 1.44 plane from Mikoyan was not destined to fly into the sky. Some attributed this to the notorious lack of funds, others to the fact that the technological parameters of the 1.44 model are weak, and this will make it easy to detect the aircraft with enemy radars. Anyway, the contract for the production of the Russian model was not concluded. However, the OKB employees managed to conduct a so-called pre-presentation of their “stealth” model, which was also attended by the Chinese guests.

Can this be called a coincidence or not, but after a while the Chinese created their own "Black Eagle", as they call it J-20. Some evil tongues in Russia started talking about stealing ideas. Although the word "theft" here can be used to a lesser extent, because the Russians themselves have demonstrated stealth technology at the very presentation. Other analysts are inclined to believe that the appearance of so much like the Russian prototype of the new J-20 fighter is due to the fact that the representatives of the Mikoyan Design Bureau themselves either gave the Chinese their technology or sold it. And if this is so, say representatives of the military department of the Russian Federation, this quite falls under the article on the illegal export of technologies and developments abroad. It turns out a strange situation: the technology of the Mikoyan Design Bureau, it seems, no one was left necessary, but as soon as they started talking about its implementation by another state, then there was talk about the criminal component of the transaction. For natural reasons, Mikoyan people completely deny the fact of selling their technology to the Chinese side, and they also perceive the words about a gratuitous gift as a joke. By the way, there are people in Russia who are confident that our authorities carried out the transfer of stealth technology to the Celestial Empire consciously. Like, in this case, we all will know about the Chinese aircraft. And what are they after this invisible ...

But no matter how the situation has developed, the fact that a V-generation fighter has appeared in China is an indisputable thing. And there is nothing supernatural about the fact that it is similar to the Russian version. After all, the cars of different concerns produced at the same time are also similar. In this case, no one says that someone has stolen body drawings from someone. It is already impossible to leave the world from globalization and multilateral contacts.
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