With Russia demanded $ 100 billion for the "genocide of the Kyrgyz"

With Russia demanded $ 100 billion for the "genocide of the Kyrgyz"
One of the candidates for the post of head of the Kyrgyz state sent an appeal to Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin

While the Kyrgyz authorities are declaring a rapprochement with Russia, negotiating the country's entry into the Customs Union, getting new Russian loans and asking for help, some presidential candidates of the Kyrgyz Republic (presidential elections should go there on October 30) are actively playing a Russophobic card in the election race.

According to the News-Asia portal, one of the contenders for the highest state post, Nurlan Motuev, called on Russia to recognize the “genocide committed against the Kyrgyz people” in 1916 and also pay Kyrgyzstan compensation of $ 100 billion. With such demands, Motuev on behalf of the Society of True Muslims of Kyrgyzstan, which he heads, addressed President Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Russia's Ambassador to the Kyrgyz Republic Valentin Vlasov.

“As a result of the chauvinistic military policy of the Russian authorities in 1916,” this candidate for the highest state post writes, “in Kyrgyzstan, they were exterminated and expelled through mountain passes around 200 000 Kyrgyz. The common population threw the inhabited villages, livestock, property, pastures, cultivated land and was forced to flee to China. The military jackals of Russia strongly oppressed the Kirghiz, and on the way of their flight did not spare anyone. The infants remained in the fields, slaughtered old men, and raped girls and women. Villages and villages were wiped out, turned into ashes. Such bloody disasters perpetrated atrocious Russian military. "

Further, Motuev compares Kirghiz with Chechens - and by no means in favor of his fellow tribesmen. It turns out that the Kirghiz are not such pious Muslims as Chechens, who do not run away for 400 years, face death in their eyes and fight with Russia. “And to the Kirghiz people, split by clans and tribes, mountains and plains, to the north and south, Allah may have sent this calamity as an outcome (urkun - outcome, extermination),” complains Motuev. “Never say that you are raising your children for your time,” Motuev quotes the words of the Prophet Muhammad to help his “logic.”

“That’s why we, the youth, the Muslims, will not just abandon this extermination,” threatens Motuev. “That's why we put a demand before today's Russian authorities: recognize the genocide committed against the Kyrgyz people!” Pay our state one hundred billion US dollars in compensation! In international law there are such examples, Germany still pays money to the Jews for the Holocaust. Perhaps, on the instructions of representatives of our authorities - weathervanes, who for the slightest reason run to you to bow, the 95 anniversary of this bloody massacre took place in the country with an eye to and ingratiation. However, do not forget that in addition to the official authorities in Kyrgyzstan there are a lot of dissatisfied people. ”

Thus, Kyrgyzstan has replenished (so far, however, unofficially) the list of “independent” states that have arisen on the wreckage of the former USSR, where they are planning to receive from Russia multi-billion dollars (in dollar terms) of compensation for the “Soviet occupation” or “genocide” of these indigenous peoples countries.

This list (and its total "balance"), it must be admitted, is impressive. For example, Lithuania (quite officially: a state commission works there counting the “damage” caused by the “Soviet occupation”) demands almost $ 280 billion from Russia. Latvia claims $ 100 billion. Estonia is clearly “modest” against this background: they counted claims Russia has “only” $ 4 billion. But little Moldavia, who wants to get $ 28 billion from Russia, has not been ashamed. Georgia (in any case) limited it to $ 5 billion. But appetite is the most among the post-Soviet republics broke out in Ukraine: during the presidency ARISING Yushchenko in western Ukraine was voiced by the amount of compensation almost $ 10 trillion - for the "famine-genocide ', forced collectivization, Bandera casualties, destruction of the war, and so on..

The “fashion” for the presentation of claims by Russia went even beyond the territorial limits of the former USSR: it was not averse to demanding compensation from our country Poland ($ 5 billion), Romania ($ 2 billion) and Hungary ($ 1 billion). As a result, the total "balance" of financial claims to Russia has already grown to a truly astronomical value, which makes no sense to calculate: Russia will never pay off these accounts anyway. Well, in the light of the new “Kyrgyz precedent”, it is possible that the rest of the countries that were once part of the USSR or the Warsaw Pact will also “justify” their financial claims to Russia.

It is noteworthy, by the way, that in the West something is not heard of voices that would call all these claims what they really are, that is, completely unfounded. And it is possible that in the future, the same Washington will suddenly say to Moscow: and the demands of Lithuania (Latvia, Moldova, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan ...) to Russia are not unreasonable. The Americans said recently that the Japanese had rights to the Kuriles, although at the end of the war the Americans themselves had subscribed to the fact that these islands were given to the USSR.

Well, how did Moscow respond to the newly-emerged “Kyrgyz precedent”? According to News-Asia, the Russian embassy in Kyrgyzstan demanded from the authorities of the country to evaluate this statement of the candidate for president of the Kyrgyz Republic. Meanwhile, Russia itself, in the meantime, did not introduce an export duty for fuel supplied to Kyrgyzstan this year. If this duty had been introduced, the current Prime Minister Almazbek Atambayev acknowledged recently in an interview with Rosbalt, gasoline would cost one and a half times more in Kyrgyzstan, which would have dramatically increased the cost of all other consumer goods.
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