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Who are these people?


“Samo Pomich Union claims seven to eight committees in the Verkhovna Rada of the new convocation.” About seven, about eight, but not nine. This was stated by some blonde with a nick-name “Olena Sotnik”. Judging by the fact that news published in the news feed of the agency "Interfax-Ukraine", the blonde went to the parliament according to the list of the above-mentioned "association", whose name I, for example, feel free to use often.

No, there is nothing wrong with masturbation. Especially in adolescence. However, to call a faction in the Rada in this way ... Even Oleg Lyashko would be ashamed. Although not a fact. But back to the topic.

Where does it ("union") come from? Why is it claiming as many as seven (eight) committees if it counts the entire 32 deputy “self-satisfied”? Who are these people, after all?

Well, many people know about the formal leader Andrei Sadovoy (mayor of Lviv, according to one Dnepropetrovsk oligarch “rear-wheel drive”). Although he did not become a deputy, because there is still a lot of work in the cultural capital of Ukraine. He just rented his top half for an advertising campaign. Hanging some time on the pillars, Sadovaya fulfilled his political mission. The next promoted brand "self" is Semen Balaklavovich Semenchenko. Specialist in the disposal of three volunteer battalion "Donbass". According to the version of the same oligarch Dnepropetrovsk ...

Well, I will not go into shocking homophobes details. We are all people, brought up on the values ​​of European civilization, which, according to the widespread version, was laid down in ancient times by primitive mammoths. Many have seen pictures of "Semen Semenchenko" in his balaclava and pre-balaclava periods, as well as with a crossbow. Personality known. Especially after the accelerated course of special training of marine animals of the US Army.

And finally, the third “self-satisfied” person, who has a certain publicity, is Yegor Sobolev. Also, by the way, European in every sense of the word. At the time of the historical Maidan, many were impressed by his desire to bring the matter to a close in a sharp, dramatic discussion with a colleague - also the leader of euromaidan Vitaly Portnikov. First lustrator in stories Ukraine.

But with the other twenty nine “self” with mandates, everything is very difficult. I was not lazy and read the official biographies of all these people. Immediately I warn you: do not do it at night, and even with a full stomach. To avoid unnecessary detail, I will immediately make a collective portrait of a typical, so to speak, average “self”.

First of all, this is TP at an age close to the onset of wilting. There are not TP, but with certain features. I will not delve into this rather delicate subject to avoid accusations of racism, sexism and even psakism. The latter is a special, extremely cynical type of political distortions in a deviant form.

Secondly, for some reason, most of them graduated from the School of Politic Studios in 2012. I don’t know why, but the School gave the whole galaxy “itself” to the world, which emphasize the fact that these courses were completed with special love and pride. We take "Vladislav Voskresensky" - graduated. The aforementioned “Olena Centurion” - bingo! “Anna Romanova” is the same. Some successful release was in 2012 year. It is felt that the European Union’s help was not in vain. If the “self” did not graduate from the School in the harvest year for the future 2012 deputies, then he necessarily studied in Michigan as an effective business manager or at the University of Ottawa.

Thirdly, the American company "Cargill", which is engaged in the business of sunflower seeds in Ukraine, for some reason turned out to be a center for breeding typical representatives of those who prefer to do everything alone (himself). Far from the list we will not climb, we take immediately the number one. This is Ganna Gopko. According to a centurion school graduate, this worthy TA should lead the BP foreign affairs committee. And why? Because she is very communicative. Moreover, she conducted the most successful anti-tobacco campaign in Ukraine in the history of the country. As for me, the most successful campaign was conducted by the Ministry of Health of the USSR, which warned that smoking, bitch, was dangerous for your health. But I will not carp at trifles. And where is the "Cargill"? So Gopko's husband works at Cargill. Family row turns out. The wife in the USAID is working without raising her head from the uncomfortable stationery table, and the husband is engaged in genetically modified seeds. There are “self” and more clearly marked representatives of “Cargill” in the list. For example, the entire ambassador of amers in the Cabinet of Ministers and in all the structures of power, without exception, Ivan Miroshnichenko. He worked there under the evil regimes of Tymoshenko, Yushchenko and Yanukovich. It is strange that his Egorka still has not lyustriroval. Of course, it is very natural when so many representatives of the international “Kargill business” gather in one party.

Fourthly, the “self” occupies an extremely active life position, which is reflected in the work in public structures based on grants from the EU and the USA. Take, for example, a certain Oksana Syroyed. Surname, say, not hello. And she herself ... But! We, blah, adhere to high journalistic standards and comply with the ethical code of jackals feathers. Therefore, we only note that Syroed should lead the legal committee of BP. Shrenali? So in fact, in the 2012 year (after all, it was a productive year), she headed the Ukrainian Foundation. Yes, many have forgotten this branch of the Soros Foundation. But the first president of "UPF" was Sergei Holovaty - the first in the history of the "regional" with gay. Therefore, the legal committee, of course, must go into the management of a woman with a strange surname.

And, finally, besides “Semyon Semenchenko”, there are other brutal commanders in “self”. Taras Shepherds, Pavel Kishkar, Yaroslav Markevich and even Natalia Veslova. Legendary names in the ATO. Yes, few of them know, but is this the essence of democracy? Of course not. The main thing - Semenchenko, according to the Sotnik, should lead the committee on national security and defense.

Many, of course, wondering who is behind the project "itself"? Some call the Dnepropetrovsk oligarch, well aware of the details of the personal life of prominent (in narrow circles) self-help figures. Other sources talk about the Polish Defenziv, which, taking advantage of the general confusion, turned the successful electoral project with the help of the same oligarch. Therefore, I can not say anything. In the end, I didn’t catch Sobolev by the hand, when I removed a pack of ribbed condoms for anal sex from Poland. But the future is it. All put in their places.

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  1. Renat
    Renat 27 November 2014 05: 28
    The author has a good sense of humor. In the morning the mood rose.
    1. Giant thought
      Giant thought 27 November 2014 10: 17
      Galicians, they are all self-satisfied.
      1. Oldwiser
        Oldwiser 27 November 2014 14: 09
        especially when menstruation of the stream of consciousness passes into verbal diarrhea.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  2. RusDV
    RusDV 27 November 2014 05: 33
    Who are these people?

    What kind of people are they ...? I doubt that they have a soul, even black ...
  3. A1L9E4K9S
    A1L9E4K9S 27 November 2014 05: 45
    Yes, the whole color of the nation has gathered in the Verkhovna Rada, you can be calm for the future of Ukraine’s nenki. Rejoice the people of Ukropia, your bright, happy and rich future is just around the corner.
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 27 November 2014 05: 46
    What country, such are factions with deputies. All specialists in "sexual orientation" and with thoughts of a gayrope. Here are gathered in one hand of any creature in pairs.
  5. Nikolaitch65
    Nikolaitch65 27 November 2014 06: 20
    Or maybe they specifically collect freaks in a bunch, and then once they’re not there, they’re lost .... Who knows, Putin’s hand, you know ....
    1. Lelek
      Lelek 27 November 2014 10: 27
      [quote = Nikolaich65] Or maybe they specially collect freaks in a bunch

      Like the puppeteer, so are the puppets. The former Ukraine got what it wanted, now it is a country of endless "happiness". bully
    2. Lelek
      Lelek 27 November 2014 10: 27
      [quote = Nikolaich65] Or maybe they specially collect freaks in a bunch

      Like the puppeteer, so are the puppets. The former Ukraine got what it wanted, now it is a country of endless "happiness". bully
  6. sv68
    sv68 27 November 2014 06: 27
    and these are exactly people? political and physical perverts and psychopaths — in a normal country, such creatures would already take their places — either not so distant with bars on the windows, or else they would undergo medical studies in specialized institutions for those whom nature had been deprived of the brain or given expired or even b \ y brain - for example, the brain of a rabbit or a like-minded pig.
  7. lwxx
    lwxx 27 November 2014 06: 32
    Maybe they really collect them all in one heap, that would immediately all together ... I remember a joke: .. I’ve been collecting you for five years.
    1. Penelope
      Penelope 27 November 2014 11: 31
      Fascist elements in Ukraine, no matter how they call themselves, will not be in power for a long time.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  8. Finches
    Finches 27 November 2014 07: 36
    It’s generally difficult to get a decent person in power, and even with the current rules in Ukraine, it’s practically impossible!
    1. Oldwiser
      Oldwiser 27 November 2014 15: 12
      Something Zubchenko has a "special attitude" to this political party - "Help yourself", probably somewhere there is "something personal", and not just "business"
  9. Gray 43
    Gray 43 27 November 2014 09: 09
    All "gifted" as from an incubator
  10. Walk
    Walk 27 November 2014 10: 22
    Oh, there is no sailor Zheleznyak with a machine gun on this Rada. Nobody even needs to ask to crouch.
  11. Aibolit64
    Aibolit64 27 November 2014 10: 34
    Someone voted for this herd.
    1. Oldwiser
      Oldwiser 27 November 2014 15: 13
      wide svidomity - who else?
  12. Vasily Ivashov
    Vasily Ivashov 27 November 2014 11: 41
    From a tactical point of view, it is possible and important who was elected and who got into which committees in the Verkhovna Rada, but strategically it does not matter much. A country under the external control of the "civilized world" and everything that is actually done there does not in any way correlate with the real benefits and needs of this country. I think that the best thing for us is to calmly look at everything that is happening there (of course, with the exception of those who are connected by blood ties with Ukraine) and not give offense to the South-East, although Putin has already said this.
  13. Vasily Ivashov
    Vasily Ivashov 27 November 2014 12: 08
    I cite a judgment that fits perfectly with the Ukrainian elections: "Democracy: a theory according to which ordinary people know what they want and should get it without any leniency."
  14. Vladimir 23rus
    Vladimir 23rus 29 November 2014 13: 21
    Repeat laughing Normal such a banter fellow