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New Georgian Police

Speaking about the new Georgia, or how it should be called “Georgia” in a new way, everyone first of all recalls the police reform. Indeed, the most noticeable changes have occurred in this area in the country. Prior to Saakashvili’s arrival, the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs was considered synonymous with corruption, lawlessness and thieves in the law (well, just like ours!), But now citizens have an attitude towards this department quite the opposite. For several years now, Georgian police have not taken bribes at all - and, according to polls, the police trust 87% of the country's inhabitants: only the Orthodox Church enjoys great prestige. Georgian policeman - second after God! Ordinary citizens say getting rid of traffic police was a great relief for people. Now the Georgian policeman receives a salary of 500-700 dollars (which is above the national average), does not take bribes, is polite and careful. In general, all the guys are an example.

New Georgian Police

1. In the 2004 year, immediately after Saakashvili’s victory in the elections, the heads of all security structures of Georgia were sacked - and, as usual, the road inspectorate became the main target of the reformers. Misha (this is not familiarity, as the president is called even on official sites) delivered an ultimatum: if extortion does not stop on the roads within a week, then all the police will be dismissed after the Minister of the Interior.

After the reform, in the first months of the patrols, the broadcast of the leading television companies was overwhelmed with the staff of giving bribes to the new “traffic cops”, which were filmed with a hidden camera by agents of the special services. Caught on a bribe in the amount of 50 dollars were sent to prison for a period of 10 years. This continued until their colleagues realized that they could not take it. During the first day of the law “On Patrol Police”, about 15 thousands of policemen lost their jobs. Then as much again. For three months Georgia lived without road inspection. At this time, new employees were recruited and trained, and, as a rule, they were young and without experience in the “old” police: the staff was updated with 85%! (In Russia, by the same to 2012, only 20% of policemen will be dismissed).

Before Saakashvili arrived, there were 5000 prisoners in Georgian prisons. After a year of reform - 25 000!

For employees of the new “patrols”, thousands of new Volkswagen Passat, Opel and Skoda were bought, in which they quite successfully began chasing after criminals on the streets.
It is clear that they planted not only servicemen, but also crooks of all stripes, from thieves in law to small pickpockets. Result? Honda stopped near the grocery store - and the driver went shopping, leaving the doors and windows open. Keys stuck in the ignition lock ... They say that all thieves are either sitting or escaping to Russia. Even the “thug romance” has fallen and the disfavor of the new government. Now in the restaurant, for example, you can not order thieves songs.

2. At the same time, the authorities began a campaign to popularize the police. On the streets hung billboards with photos of smiling "patrols" of both sexes. The police were invited — in the American way — to schools to conduct lessons. Georgian children instead of criminals began to play police who catch these criminals.

3. Georgian policemen are not hiding in the bushes - at night, the crews must always keep their flashers on so that they can be seen. With unaccustomed frightening every time, when a patrol car with a flashing light comes after you, but then you get used to it.

4. And this is a service agency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, where they take exams, issue driver's licenses, put up and deregister cars, register weapon. Up to 2000 people are served here daily.

5. Here you can get right.

6. You can rent it on rights from 18 years. To pass the exam you must pay a fee of 35 dollars. Examinations are similar to ours. First the theory, then the playground. You can come for exams at any time.

7. By the way, there is no medical certificate here, just a test for color blindness before passing the theory. The need for medical references has disappeared, since there is a single base where a policeman can find out if the person being examined has a problem with drugs or psyche. In case of problems, the system simply will not issue a driver's license and no purchased certificates will help. In Russia, almost all drivers of help buy, because no one wants to spend a whole day and run through polyclinics. In Moscow, the certificate costs from 1000 to 1500, you can buy it at every traffic police station.

8. You can take the exam in 8-mi languages, including Russian. Further, everything is standard. 30 issues and 3 errors.

9. Playground for rent on Skoda with manual transmission. Soon promise to buy with a gun.

10. Everything is fixed by the computer.

11. Registration of trans-funds.

12. If a man wants to register or deregister a car, he turns to the girl for a big reception. She herself submits and fills all the necessary documents. The vehicle is cleared and registered in one place. The girl has all the necessary documents. The whole procedure, including customs clearance, takes no more than 15 minutes.

13. The client chooses any number from those presented on the shelves, except for the first one (on the first shelf are paid numbers).

14. Registration price is 40 dollars. This price includes registration services, registration certificate and the number itself.

15. If you don’t like the number, you can choose any other one you like. For this, there is a terminal in the hall. The price is fixed and depends on the number of identical numbers and letters. Standard numbers are three letters and 3 numbers. Depending on the combination “beautiful number” will cost from 70 to 450 dollars. But you can move away from these rules. In Georgia, it is possible to make yourself absolutely any license plate. This service costs 6500 dollars. For example the number with my name, “ILYA”, is free. For all the time, about 65 short numbers have been sold. If there is no money, you can book a room. This service costs 70 cents per day. In reserve hundreds of rooms.


17. From the terminal, the data enters the room where the equipment for printing numbers is installed.

18. The master picks up the signs and starts the workpiece under the press.


20. While the customer pays the fee, the number is already ready. The license plate is not assigned to a specific car and can remain with the owner for life. The agency works 365 days per year, without holidays and weekends.

21. Any number is printed within 5 minutes. The whole procedure of registering a car takes on average 10 minutes. Everything is automated.

22. Requirements for applicants for the position of patrol officer
▪ Georgian citizenship
▪ Age 23-37 years
▪ Knowledge of Georgian (state) language
▪ Higher or incomplete higher education
▪ Knowledge of the Constitution of Georgia (Basic Provisions)
▪ Driving license

23. The department works without days off. Especially a lot of customers on weekends, as the automobile market is located nearby. But there are no queues.

24. The building has representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, tax authorities and customs, all problems can be solved on the spot.



27. Everything is also paid in the hall - there is a bank branch. Pay attention to the number of windows.

28. In the parking lot is a separate booth, where they print the data sheet. Made it to save latency. While the visitor fastens the new numbers, his registration certificate is already ready.

29. Two employees work here


31. All new police stations make it as transparent as possible so that any passerby can see what is happening inside. The new building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Tbilisi is also “glass”, but this is already an imitation of transparency. In addition, there are sentries on the approaches - and they do not let them in close without escorts.

32. By the way, bribery did not go away immediately. Head of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia Shota Utiashvili on reform:
“The main consequence of the reforms was the real fight against corruption in the country. In the field of anti-bribery, we warned the police that we would plant them for bribes. As a result, in 2005 alone, more than 200 police officers were planted for bribery. In 2006, there were even more, and only after that the number of policemen arrested for taking bribes began to decline.

The second important aspect in the fight against corruption was a sharp increase in wages to all employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. For example, in 2004, my salary was only 100 lar (about 70 US dollars), and now 2300 lar (about 1610 US dollars). That is, my salary during this time has grown 23 times.

Thirdly, the chiefs stopped demanding a tribute from their subordinates, some of which they had previously left for themselves, and some transferred to the top. In addition, many had to dismiss. In particular, if under Shevardnadze there were about 70 thousands of employees in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, now there are 16 thousands of employees in the police and state security units that make up the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In place of the dismissed took new people - young and more motivated.

One of the consequences of reforming the Ministry of Internal Affairs was the new system of personnel recruitment. So, if, under Shevardnadze, a young officer had to pay a bribe to get a job at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, now this is no longer the case. Currently, there is an 4-stage system for the selection of police officers, consisting of numerous tests. ”

33. Police patrol service: “If before the reptile was the one who pledged, will hand over his, then now the traitor is the one who takes the bribe, who substitutes his children. In the six years after the reform, the legal consciousness in the police has reached the “point of no return”, but everything is moving towards that. For a bribe will be sent on the bench not only those who took and gave, but the concealers. Although lately, patrol officers are more and more satisfied with “setting up” not so much to identify bribe takers (the problem has lost relevance), but rather to control the fulfillment of all duties. ”




37. Dining room in the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia


39. Arms of patrol service: - Israeli-made pistols “Jericho-941”, rubber batons, stun guns

40. By the way, the inspection has suffered the same fate as medical certificates. In Georgia, they considered that, as a hotbed of corruption, technical inspection does more harm than good, and canceled it at least until 2012, until a mechanism appears that excludes bribes. For the same reasons, by the way, the Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance and Fire Inspections were canceled ... Naturally, there were no more cockroaches or fires in Georgia.

There is no annual transport tax in Georgia. The only significant tax on car owners is customs duty, which depends on the year of production of the car and engine size. Curiously, the customs clearance of new cars is more expensive than second-hand. For example, for a car released in the current or last year - one and a half lari (a little more than a dollar) for the "cube" of the working volume, for a five year period - one lari each, if the car is ten years old - 0,5 lari, and only starting from 13- summer age rates are rising again: for customs clearance 15-year-old car - on 0,8 GEL for the "cube".

This is a reform ... For the sake of justice, it is worth noting that such remarkable changes did not happen everywhere. As one friend told me: “Yes, now the traffic police do not know, but investigators, investigators, etc. the old ones remained, so that rudeness and corruption had not yet completely disappeared from the bodies. ”Corruption, they say, remained, it just went upstairs. But this is also a good result.
Georgian Police - NTV Plot

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  1. alnikar
    alnikar 25 August 2011 10: 02
    For some reason, it’s all like usual window dressing.
    Although if not so good luck in the fight against corruption.
    1. dmitri077
      dmitri077 28 January 2012 03: 03
      go and see for yourself! and not noah .. The Georgians showed the European level in a very short time .. well done! they didn’t compose fairy tales, but they took and did! role model and white envy
  2. Rico1977
    Rico1977 25 August 2011 11: 07
    Yes, only a Georgian acquaintance who fled the "lamp of democracy" last year said that they were afraid of the police like plague. They can grab, beat, even shoot without explanation. and they will get nothing for it. Such cases never reach the court. A huge number of cases and victims, but they are silent about them - those journalists who wrote about it - all got acquainted with the methods of the Georgian police. All this is window dressing - they are worthy heirs of the NKVD and Beria
  3. Stiffmaister
    Stiffmaister 25 August 2011 11: 29
    Yes, the Georgian authorities succeeded in reforming the Ministry of Internal Affairs, not just ours, they kicked out everyone who was not needed and that’s all, the police! Therefore, there is no need to be afraid of radical reforms with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, you just need to take the first step so that you can then leave the car on the street with its doors open ...
  4. svvaulsh
    svvaulsh 25 August 2011 12: 06
    Changes on the face, although, I think, everything is simpler. Sahak copied the American police system. Here we can also learn from here. The question is different. In this economic situation, the welfare of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is not supported by internal reserves, but by US loans. Therefore, when the political situation changes, funding may decrease, or even cease. What then?
    1. Superduck
      Superduck 25 August 2011 12: 13
      Well, in general, there is an opinion that one conditional dollar launched into a corruption system steals from 4 to 7 dollars of GDP from the economy. In theory, all this pays off, but it is impossible to calculate the real effect. However, the effect that can always be calculated is votes on samples. Once Yushchenko tried to copy this reform but could not. The traffic police returned to their place, the inspection seems to have just been canceled, certificates are still being bought, you have to pay for the exam regardless of the result (although there are acquaintances who, for the sake of principle, did not pay and passed, but from the 3rd time, and this must have nerves of iron ) and in the traffic police you still communicate through the "embrasures" and, if there are minimal problems, I have to turn to the "runners". In general, the reform is very populist, it is clear that corruption in the Ministry of Internal Affairs cannot be tolerated, but the people like it, and this is the main thing for such regimes. But if it really works, then it is good news.
    2. dmitri077
      dmitri077 28 January 2012 03: 05
      and now give yourself the answer to the question: what then is the police in the USA and ours ?!
  5. cVM
    cVM 25 August 2011 12: 16
    Georgia underwent major reforms, it was more marketable before bridging the red bridge right now, you are afraid to give them a jail, in 2009 I bought and brought from there a car everything is conveniently honestly not tormented, it's worth calling
    1. zczczc
      zczczc 25 August 2011 13: 32
      This, and where do you live in general? Maybe you went to Georgia? :)))
      1. cVM
        cVM 25 August 2011 14: 02
        I live in Baku and I visit the state of Georgia) I heard Coca-Cola there for free on holidays
        1. zczczc
          zczczc 25 August 2011 14: 10
          Do you like Coke ???
          Do you want health - drink kvass, fruit drinks, kefir, ayran, koumiss, pomegranate juice, etc.
  6. zczczc
    zczczc 25 August 2011 12: 20
    I will not speak for Georgia - they have their own mentality there. I will say for Russia.

    We definitely cannot make the salaries of the police significantly higher than those of civilians on average in the region. And that's why - any place where "pay more" immediately becomes an attraction for outspoken henchmen. Look at our government - in any area, in any hole in 95% of cases, it sits on kickbacks and the sale of land, excuse me, a fat ass who sneezes at people, its function is to lick ass on a higher level in the hierarchy.

    Police, military officers must live on the problems of the people, otherwise they will never defend him. They will degenerate into a layer close to the king - the secret police. Can you imagine raising the police salary 23 times? What do you think, in a difficult moment for us, he will think for a long time before shooting in the crowd?

    But differentiation must be made within the organs themselves - if an officer fought in Chechnya, caught armed bandits, didn’t buy it and surrendered a geek from the ranks of the government — serious allowances.
    1. cVM
      cVM 25 August 2011 14: 03
      you know, if our policemen pay 50 thousand dollars a month, they will take bribes in every way, who will refuse us extra money)
      1. zczczc
        zczczc 25 August 2011 14: 14
        Refuses, because risk losing 50 thousand dollars, which they will not collect on bribes (we are talking about low and medium ranks). But with such a salary, it’s not the police, but the mercenaries - they plow in a trite for the salary and are ready to carry out any order in general, otherwise they will lose their salary.

        And in Russia, a policeman always had a balance in his head between "curry favor with the authorities" and "not lose face before the people." And this is not an empty phrase.
        1. svvaulsh
          svvaulsh 25 August 2011 16: 52
          And from my carrier an hour ago, 200 re sludge, it's all against the backdrop of the fight against corruption and renaming in PIDRs.
    2. Stiffmaister
      Stiffmaister 25 August 2011 18: 42
      My opinion is that it is precisely for this that the salaries of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are raised several times, firstly, so that they do not take bribes, and secondly, that when necessary, they could disperse people without a doubt at rallies, demonstrations, putsch, etc., because motivation equals salary!
  7. makrus
    makrus 25 August 2011 14: 28
    Not so long ago, an army reform was carried out in Georgia. As you know, this did not help them. Police refoma is a political project, hence the PR. By the way, this is the only force on which this mode is held. Therefore, the police should live well.
    Quote: cVM
    you know, if our policemen pay 50 thousand dollars a month, they will take bribes in every way, who will refuse us extra money)
    I will refuse. And if the Ministry of Internal Affairs really paid 50 thousand rubles (not $), I would go to work there tomorrow, since education allows. What we are observing today is the result of the decomposition of our society in the 90s. In Russia, in civilian life you can earn twice as much as working in the POLICE. In Georgia, the situation is diametrically opposite; therefore, it makes no sense to compare us. For bribes, I think there is a very small percentage of the population that can offer a serious amount. COUNTRY JUST A POOR.
    1. Goldpirat
      Goldpirat 26 August 2011 01: 37
      Well, you all worked out one tone, the POOR, POOR, and not rich, but where does the wealth come from, there is no oil, no gas, no gold, no fig, people live as it turns out.
      In Russia there is everything from the primitive primitive hydrocarbon to high-tech systems such as BK-0010-01 and EU 1018 wink and how you live is visible with the naked eye (Moscow doesn’t count)
      And what about your "smart" words like - I think there is a very small percentage of the population capable of offering a serious amount - ......... please, the approximate income of an average family in Georgia in a studio, salaries and stuff like that, you think mine wink .
      It’s better to keep silent about American loans, where do you get all this from? I don’t understand, and indeed, are you really joking about being old grandmothers on a bench in front of the house who are discussing everyone in a row, sharing gossip and rumors and looking enviously at either a rich neighbor or a young a girl in a mini, and even without a reason, they themselves enviously compose the filth they say -.luha- like Rico1977 ????????
  8. Professor
    Professor 25 August 2011 14: 34
    In July 2008, he was at the Russian base in Gyumri. Local guys told me that they like to go on vacation in Batumi by the sea. According to them, the traffic police of Georgia really do not take bribes and do not find fault with nothing. Moreover, for violating the rules, the Armenians were only chided, they say, "drive more carefully - after all, not at home."
  9. datur
    datur 25 August 2011 15: 23
    makrus, I think that you’re a brother of rights - dogs on whose batons he holds a teddy bear feed well.
  10. Leo848
    Leo848 25 August 2011 16: 47
    Something is too sterile in the areas, there is no * working * order, or they do not work, or the cleaning staff has put things in order and they will not let the gentlemen of the police go to work places until the crew of the county.
  11. rumpeljschtizhen
    rumpeljschtizhen 26 August 2011 01: 09
    I’m thinking how much I had to plant on the scale of a small country ... (the bear was right to unite his country and not our leadership) we recall the 37 year to see in the USSR it was not all smooth .... we plant now .... consider everyone who is in power from the housing and communal services to a simple official .... and that’s the repression of 37 years ..... THIS IS CORRECT Vissarionitch came across this and found a way out .. that’s why every family has a reprimand .... HE is a thief !!! ....
  12. rumpeljschtizhen
    rumpeljschtizhen 26 August 2011 01: 19
    and most importantly, they found an external enemy .. Georgia ..... funny ... they came up with two states that are not even puppet (they still show their character) .. and they themselves are glad .. these "friends" .. we will be sold at a quarter of the price and all this know
    1. POBEDA
      POBEDA 16 October 2013 02: 20
      I didn’t guess, it was just necessary to maintain a military presence with bases on the territory of Georgia. in 2007, the bases were taken out of Georgia, the Americans reached out ... not good! in 2008, the bases were returned, just in a different location.
  13. SVD
    SVD 5 September 2011 12: 52
    If our government does the same - it will put a policeman (official) for ten years for a bribe of 10 dead presidents, then I will forgive this government a lot!