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288-I artillery brigade

LJ user lady-sumerki writes in his blog: August 11 took place, perhaps, one of the most interesting and intense trips from military_press, which I was able to visit. When we left Moscow, it was + 14 here and it was not the most pleasant rain. In the Nizhny Novgorod region, the summer heat was waiting for us (the thermometer showed + 30), a lot of sand, fire and sounds of volley guns ... But the first number of our program was the military field camp, where we had pasta and stew at the same time.

288-I artillery brigade


2. The camp is very comfortable. Life - at the highest level.


4. Stengazeta - far from the highest form of creativity, we met in a field camp. There is a real fountain in the camp, which was built by one of the employees, a designer by training. We also noticed a car with the words “Club” and benches around it. On the pillars in the camp hang megaphones, of which throughout the day hear the spiritual music of military subjects.

5. But we came to gape, and the soldiers - service.


7. From the camp we immediately went to the next point of our route - the command post for monitoring and controlling the fire of artillery battalions.

8. Get down to the trench.


10. From here you can see the smoke of battle.

11. So, for example, looks like a shot of a howitzer “Msta-S”

12. And this is a shot from “Hurricane”



15. How they controlled and commanded, they were impressed by the smoke - it's time to go to the most interesting point of the route.

16. We managed to see the whole process of firing - from charging the system to the direct shot.






22. Before a shot, disguise must be removed so as not to burn.

23. The fire!


25. We had a chance to get not on the surrender of standards or combat scientists, but on training sessions. The guys are serving recently, so it was not without hitches. Well, it is useful for soldiers to gain experience, but it is more interesting for us when everything is real. One machine did not work, and we once again witnessed the process of loading the system, already in real conditions. Well, because In connection with its successful location, bloggers placed the greatest photo hopes on this car, nobody relaxed and the camera did not let go of the camera. True, hopes never came true. Either we finally got bored, relaxed and listened to everything, or we simply didn’t shout to us, but the shot came a little unexpectedly - no one had time to shoot it. But the impressions of this shot were the most vivid. When you are intently waiting for a command and looking at the world through the viewfinder, a good half of emotions pass by.





30. Protection of settlements and equipment provide a security post.



33. And we are moving to the final point of our press tour - the firing position of Msta-S self-propelled artillery mounts.

34. Volley immediately from four installations. They promised that it would be loud. It was tolerable Hurricane, of course, louder. However, the ears, as when shooting from Kalash, never laid.



37. This time I got a lot of portraits.






43. Finally, we were fed a delicious lunch in the officers' field canteen. It's time to Moscow.
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  1. Cedric
    Cedric 25 August 2011 08: 47 New
    The unmasking effect of the shots is obvious. When will the normal gunpowder begin to be applied?
  2. Zhenya88
    Zhenya88 25 August 2011 12: 08 New
    From 2004 to 2006 served in this part.
    The truth then about self-propelled and rocket artillery, and there was no talk.
    There were 2A65 and D24.
    Nice to see, thanks for the article.
  3. rumpeljschtizhen
    rumpeljschtizhen 25 August 2011 15: 28 New
    Here it is the power .... of the armed forces.
  4. datur
    datur 25 August 2011 15: 33 New
    Cedricand that NATO stealth shoots gunpowder.
    1. zczczc
      zczczc 25 August 2011 15: 42 New
      Smokeless gunpowder (nitropowder; English Smokeless powder or nitro powder) - the group name of propellant explosives used in firearms and artillery, which do not give smoke at the time of the shot, unlike ordinary (black) gunpowder.
      1. Leo848
        Leo848 25 August 2011 16: 13 New
        Smokeless gunpowder is a conditional name, it smokes, but is much less black, as for the latter, it has not been used in army-type ammunition for a very long time. And many other factors play the role of unmasking a shot, well this is chemistry and physics .... ..
      2. nnz226
        nnz226 25 August 2011 17: 19 New
        In addition to gunpowder, the raised dust also unmasks: Msta has a good muzzle brake, and how the gases fly out of it must be seen, and the weather is dry - that’s dust as a pillar!
  5. rumpeljschtizhen
    rumpeljschtizhen 26 August 2011 15: 25 New
    Yes, and here the gunpowder sdes .... the photo shows that this whole team is armed as in the movie "back to the future" in general from 40 years ago