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In LPR appointed "new old" Prime Minister

Gennady Tsypkalov was appointed chairman of the government of the Lugansk People’s Republic, who had already acted as an official of this level. The appointment of Tsypkalov as prime minister is confirmed by the head of the LPR Igor Plotnitsky. Carpenter quotes RIA News:

Gennady Tsypkalov was appointed Prime Minister. Today, the main tasks of the government are to restore the infrastructure of the Luhansk People’s Republic, to restore objects of social importance, to restore the banking system, to pay pensions and wages.

Igor Plotnitsky:
We work with Gennady Nikolaevich together. I can say that he is an expert in solving many issues, both military and civilian, an excellent organizer. He can rally people around the solution of this or that problem.

In LPR appointed "new old" Prime Minister

In the photo - the chairman of the government of the LC

At the same time, the head of the republic noted that the LNR had not yet decided on holding elections for municipal elections. Igor Plotnitsky said that everything will depend on how much money will be required from the budget for elections in the municipalities of the Luhansk People's Republic.

Gennady Tsypkalov, who assumed the post of chairman of the government of the LPR, said that active restoration work and preparations for the launch of 17 enterprises in the region had already begun. The priority of the Premier of the LC is the solution of the issues of restoring the republican infrastructure, employment of the population.

Tsypkalov’s candidacy during the vote was approved by the 36 deputies of the Republican People’s Council with one abstention.

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  1. zao74
    zao74 25 November 2014 16: 46
    Well ... good luck on his new-old post.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Giant thought
      Giant thought 25 November 2014 16: 50
      And he was not a boxer if he was a young man in his youth, but it is very similar.
  2. Drew
    Drew 25 November 2014 16: 47
    it’s time to start restoring. Or rebuild. But the work is definitely a shaft.
      FREGATENKAPITAN 25 November 2014 17: 04
      It’s not serious to talk about some kind of restoration now, when massive shelling of cities takes place daily, for the first time since the beginning of summer, an air raid on Lugansk was made ....... and the intensity of artillery raids only increases .... the only thing that can be done is to try at least to maintain a minimum level of infrastructure for the life support of the republics ..... Until the problem with the troops of the ukrovermacht standing on the threshold of the capitals is respected
      1. Lelek
        Lelek 25 November 2014 17: 51
        . Until the problem with the ukrovermaht troops is resolved

        There can be only one solution here - to drive ukrov beyond the Dnieper. There are no alternatives to this. The Nazis will not stop contactlessly hammering the cities of Novorossia. This tactic was suggested to them by overseas puppeteers and the puppets adhere to it, saving "meat" and destroying the infrastructure of cities in order to provoke protests from the population.
  3. Black
    Black 25 November 2014 16: 49
    At the "anti-Maidan" show a press conference of the Cossack-Lugovites. I recommend looking (there is probably some kind of archive).
    Oh, everything is not easy there .... Relations with Plotnitsky are burdensome.
  4. Viktor Kudinov
    Viktor Kudinov 25 November 2014 16: 50
    For one beaten, two unbeaten give. Experience, the son of difficult mistakes, is especially needed today to restore the economy of New Russia. smile
    1. Drew
      Drew 25 November 2014 16: 52
      one experience will not be enough. Somewhere it’s necessary to dig money, but rather big.
  5. Oldwiser
    Oldwiser 25 November 2014 16: 51
    The faster portfolio sharing ends and concrete work begins to improve people's lives, the stronger will be the rear, and the more powerful will be the preparation of BCH resources for the upcoming offensive.
  6. Vasily Ivashov
    Vasily Ivashov 25 November 2014 16: 53
    What really is needed most of all in New Russia is, among other things, good and managerial business executives and very well if at the same time with extensive connections.
    1. Penelope
      Penelope 25 November 2014 16: 57
      It is good that the old chairman of the government has become new, he knows all things, just have time to solve problems.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. vostok sibiri
      vostok sibiri 25 November 2014 17: 06
      Well, well, the manager-manager, especially after his attitude to the presented expensive filtering installation.
  7. andrejwz
    andrejwz 25 November 2014 17: 02
    But wasn’t it about a very necessary, but abandoned installation for drinking water in VO materials a couple of weeks ago?
  8. An-mi
    An-mi 25 November 2014 17: 20
    Judging by the appearance - harsh dad!
    Otherwise, it’s impossible! War.
  9. postoronim V
    postoronim V 25 November 2014 17: 21
    Gad was put forward, there was an article from Banshee about the treatment plant, this is about him. Actually, you have to push such to the wall, how are you blind if you got this out of the toilet. People, you can’t forward to your chapter this article with a photo proof of his betrayal? Sorry for you in advance.
  10. alone
    alone 25 November 2014 19: 15
    Quote: postoronim V
    Gad was put forward, there was an article from Banshee about the treatment plant, this is about him. Actually, you have to push such to the wall, how are you blind if you got this out of the toilet. People, you can’t forward to your chapter this article with a photo proof of his betrayal? Sorry for you in advance.

    name at least one normal there)))) every second calls the first a traitor with a pile of dirt))) and the first does the same against the second))
  11. Tribuns
    Tribuns 25 November 2014 20: 21
    This should not be the case if Gennady Tsypkalov is the same Donetsk official, at whose request Russia made a filtering installation for obtaining drinking water, and the Russians brought it themselves to Donbass with torment, and this official brushed aside these Russians and did not provide them with any assistance .. There was a photograph of this installation, gathering dust in an open place near some Donetsk house ... There was an article on this topic in "VO" and almost all bloggers condemned Tsyplakov's bureaucracy, even doubts were expressed about his patriotism and loyalty to Donbass ... now Internet users have turned 180 degrees and approve of Tsypkalov's appointment as prime minister of the LPR ... But, after all, there were no denials from Donbass officials about Tsypkalov's unseemly act ... Let's ask Igor Plotnitsky a question-phrase from the movie "White Sun of the Desert" : "How do you order to understand you, Said?" ... And why in the Donbass people like Strelkov, Bezler, Mozgovoy are slowly being "removed" from the leadership ... then gave such an installation? Or maybe someone wants to "discourage" the Russians' interest in the fate of their Russian brothers, who are dying in the South-East of Ukraine at the hands of Kiev punishers? ... Many questions have accumulated ... Who will answer them?
    1. Des10
      Des10 25 November 2014 20: 42
      the same and what? The solution to them is much higher and the f.installation - by their standards - trifles.
      Maybe there’s no choice - you won’t appoint commanders, but bureaucrats ran away, there were scammers and crime. So they choose from what is.
      1. alone
        alone 25 November 2014 20: 50
        Quote: Des10
        and bureaucrats - fled, there were scams and crime

        and this is Novorossia - swindlers and crime? Who needs this?
  12. vladsolo56
    vladsolo56 26 November 2014 05: 03
    the next step is the return of the oligarchs. and all people's power can be said not allowed, buried in the bud.