Iron Dome - Multi-Level Security

Against the backdrop of a new aggravation of the ongoing conflict between Palestine and Israel, there are reports of new weapons by the Israelis, which are designed to protect the location of the military units and the city from missile strikes from the Arabs. it weapon called the "Iron Dome". The idea of ​​Israeli designers is simple: the new system works to intercept unguided projectiles and enemy missiles at a distance from 4000 to 70000 meters. "Iron dome" can be called a tactical missile defense system. Today, the Iron Dome operates to intercept the Palestinian Qassam and multiple rocket launchers such as the Grad.

In principle, this weapon would not have aroused interest in the media if it were not for the talk about the acquisition of the Iron Dome by American troops. Already today, a special consortium, which aims to promote a strategic missile defense system the United States market. The question is why the stars and stripes need the “Iron Dome” if they have their own counterpart, which is called “C-RAM”. Pentagon officials say that the Israeli model has a very impressive performance characteristics.

If we consider the "Iron Dome" from the point of view of its protective characteristics, it stands out, above all, its specialization. The same "C-RAM" is much more universal. The versatility lies in the fact that the "C-RAM" allows not only to defend against cruise missiles, but also reliably withstand grenade attacks and ballistic missiles. As you can see, C-RAM still has one flaw. It is just what is possible, and the vulnerability of the missiles, whose motion is controlled by no one. It is worth noting that one battery "Iron Dome" allows you to "cover" the territory 150 The complex may even cancel the interception, if the radars determine the place of impact away from the buildings and military locations.

Iron Dome - Multi-Level Security

It turns out that buying "Iron Dome", the Israelis, the Americans closed the gap and get a multi-level security system. This protection can serve as the perfect shield for advancing mechanized infantry units and other military groups. If we imagine a battle against the American army equipped with the “Iron Dome” and “C-RAM”, then options for hitting any target with a missile or an enemy projectile are completely excluded. In this case, indeed, the offensive process can take place, as it were, under a dome, which provides super-reliable protection for army units. Why is it about offensive? Because Americans have no such problem as the Israelis, connected with the shelling of their cities. But it is interesting to use a weapon of defense in the attack on the enemy's position Americans are in the course of any, they unleashed the war.

By the way, there was information that the interest in the "Iron Dome" manifests and Georgia. Apparently, Saakashvili also wants to see the effect of «Iron Dome» in the field. I do not set out to test whether he was again on the Russian part of the strength and patience of the international community? Time will tell.
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