The imperial occupation of Mexico and the election of the year 2012

The imperial occupation of Mexico and the election of the year 2012
The creation of the antiterrorist and anti-drug "defense line" in Mexico is being carried out by all the law enforcement agencies of the United States. They achieved the greatest success during the reign of Bush Junior, bringing the most "controlled" presidents to power. stories The Aztec countries: first Vicente Fox, then Felipe Calderon.

These politicians, masking their affiliation with the "neoliberal international" with patriotic phraseology, adhered to and adhere to the capitulatory (pro-imperial) course on almost all fundamental issues of domestic and foreign policy. As a result - the fall of the authority of Mexico in the international arena, and especially - in Latin America. They are increasingly talking about the imperial occupation of Mexico as a fait accompli, and a direct analogy to the occupation of Iraq or Afghanistan suggests itself, but without bombing and rocket attacks. Calderon “surrendered” the country to the Americans under the pretext of “the inevitable expansion of drug cartels and the threat of their seizure of power in Mexico”. The militarization of the fight against drug cartels has not given encouraging results. There are tens of thousands of victims of this quiet war. The drones that use the US military "to identify drug diversion channels from Mexico to the United States" serve as a frightening symbol of its escalation.

Washington is doing everything possible to extend the occupation regime. In July, the 2012 of the year in the Aztec Country will be held the next presidential elections. Political analysts predict that the Revolutionary Institutional Party (PRI), which has dominated Mexico’s political scene for decades, may return to power after an 12-year opposition. The most likely presidential candidate from PRI is considered to be the governor Enrique Peña Nieto, 45 years old, a proven party frame with the appearance of a good hero telenovelas, without visible flaws or compromising evidence. The biggest claims that competitors place on him are: the dubious origin of funds spent on electoral needs and on image maintenance. Millions of dollars are spent on representative cars, costumes, Cartier watches. How is this luxurious lifestyle ensured if the politician does not have his own business? But this is, in principle, trifles, when you need to put your man on a key post. That is why Washington prefers Pena Nieto.

The preliminary "bride" Peña Nieto in the United States began with a visit to Congress, where the Mexican made a favorable impression. “Private” meetings were also held with representatives of various influential departments. Peña Nieto, “the future president of Mexico,” as he was represented in official offices, promised interlocutors to strengthen the fight against drug cartels and terrorist organizations threatening the United States, as well as unconditional support for Washington’s activities aimed at limiting the influence of the countries of the “populist bloc” and their return to “ democratic values ​​”within the framework of“ non-confrontational ”regional organizations. Peña Nieto made it clear that he is a “reliable alternative” to the threat of “reviving Mexican populism” in the person of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who heads the National Revival Movement (Movimiento Regeneración Nacional - MRN).

Washington’s “Obrador problem” is a growing concern. In 2006, it was solved by large-scale fraud of election results in favor of Calderon. In 2012, it will be much more difficult for Washington and the Mexican oligarchs to “nominate their president”. Therefore, already a year before the elections, an intensive promotion of Peña Nieto began through television and radio channels. It is served as a nationwide leader. But Obrador in the mass media is interpreted as a “secret admirer of Chavez,” a marginal figure doomed to failure, far from the actual problems of our time and their solutions in the interests of the Mexican people. Meanwhile, it was Obrador who traveled around the country in the conditions of the information blockade all the years after the “defeat”, met with voters, created the MRN structure and an alternative to the neoliberal model program for bringing Mexico out of the permanent socio-economic crisis.

“We reject any form of US intervention,” Obrador repeated. “We do not want to be a foreign protectorate, a colony of a foreign government.” The politician opposes the course of Mexican liberals on military cooperation with the United States, insisting on the priority of trade and economic relations. “Instead of the“ Merida Plan ”and the transfer of arms and helicopters to us (Mexicans),” Obrador says, “we offer the US government, if it really wants to help Mexico, give us loans without degrading usurious conditions. These funds will help revitalize the economy, create jobs, create conditions for reducing the migration of our citizens to the United States. "

Obrador rejects the current strategy of the “war on drug cartels”, which is used by Washington and the Calderon government to justify the use of the army of Mexico and the United States in Mexican territory. The fight against drug-related crimes should be dealt with by the police and relevant special bodies. That is why Obrador (if he wins the election) promises to recognize as invalid those agreements of Calderon with the US administration that are demeaning for national sovereignty reinforce the occupation regime of the Empire de facto.

Agreement of this kind was signed a lot. Washington used the political incapacity of Calderon to achieve its geostrategic goals in Mexico, which, along with Colombia, is regarded as a springboard for fighting the "populist" countries of the ALBA bloc. In Mexico, (in fact) parallel structures of power, headed by American diplomats, are deployed. Among the units under their control are thousands of “non-governmental organizations”, “volunteers” of the Peace Corps, contractors under various coverings, “fifth column” structures, etc.

Political analyst Pedro Echeverria calls the US Embassy the operational center: “It is located in the most important geographical, economic and financial district of the capital, occupies an impressive complex of buildings in Chapultepec district, on Reforma Avenue, 305. In addition, there are American consulates in various states of the Republic, but most importantly, the embassy coordinates the work of tens of thousands of CIA agents, the FBI, the Department for Combating Drugs (DEA), etc., which managed to penetrate the main, key institutions of power. ” . The inner-solitary telephone directory reflects the “inclusiveness” of this kind of activity - from “supervising” food and agrarian issues to military intelligence. If all the military who serve in the US Embassy in Mexico City, dressed in uniforms and went to Reforma Avenue, the association would be obvious: there is a branch of the Pentagon. In other major cities in Mexico, especially in the port, the illegal activity of the US military has become common practice.

Not far from the US Embassy, ​​on Reform, 225, is the headquarters of the Merida Plan, which coordinates the fight against drug trafficking and organized criminal groups. Representatives of the special services of the USA - the DEA, the CIA, the FBI, the Department for Combating the Smuggling of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms weapons and explosives (ATF), Immigration and Customs, and others. The Mexican "partners" are tentatively subjected to special tests by the Americans in order not to allow the "holy saints" to plan joint operations for helpers of Mexican drug cartels and criminal structures. Of course, Americans are not sharing their operations with colleagues. So, one of them was carried out "through the ATF" from the United States. The “controlled delivery” of 2 to thousands of AK-47 barrels and sniper rifles to Mexico to identify drug cartel supply channels turned out to be a failure in Mexico. Most of the "supply" is out of control of operational workers. Observers point out that weapons are being transferred to Mexico through various “controlled and uncontrolled” channels to Mexico without any special opposition from US border guards and special services. Daily Mexican customers get up to 1500-2000 trunks. Less is removed by an order of magnitude - it’s necessary to report something ...

New Ambassador to Mexico, President Obama sends Earl Anthony Wayne. That he will ensure victory in the election of "candidate of the United States." Will the ambassador at the height of the task?

Wayne began his career in 1975 year in the CIA station in Morocco. Until June of this year. He was the second person at the US embassy in Kabul. He has a reputation as an expert in combating terrorism and drug trafficking. Political scientists have paid attention to this: "Vane will use his rich Afghan experience in Mexican conditions." His closest assistants to the ambassadorial team will be John Feely and James Williams. Fili is an adviser to the envoy, who received a start in life in the ranks of the US Marine Corps (he was a helicopter pilot). He studied at the Military College and at the Faculty of Foreign Service of Georgetown University, from whose walls more than one generation of intelligence officers came out. He mainly worked in the “problem” countries of Latin America, including El Salvador and Colombia. Of course, Williams, a diplomat with a “combat past,” who once served on the destroyers of the Second and Sixth Fleets, would not fail. It is remarkable that he participated in the implementation of the “Plan Colombia”, worked “under the roof” of the embassy in Islamabad and other exotic places where it was necessary to “put things in order”.

Many other "diplomats" have military biographies. Everything confirms the version that the US Embassy is preparing to work in crisis conditions. It should be noted that at the initiative of the Revolutionary Institutional Party (PRI), the reform of the Law on National Security was included in the working agenda of the legislative and executive authorities. The draft provides for the provision of additional powers to the President to suspend constitutional guarantees and use the army to suppress "street violence" (social protests).

Some political scientists believe that the adoption of the law is planned under the presidency of Peña Nieto. He will have to “punch” many unpopular obligations given to Washington, including with regard to the use by the US Army of the territory of Mexico, its air and sea space against “potential enemies” in the region. Should we again decipher who they are, these enemies?
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