The leader of the Russian Communist Party predicts the fate of the USSR to the USSR

The leader of the Russian Communist Party predicts the fate of the USSR to the USSRThe leader of the Communists of the Russian Federation, Gennady Zyuganov, on the anniversary of the State Emergency Committee told reporters about the "era of great betrayal," which followed the defeat of the coup. According to him, the events of August 1991, "was preceded by a great anti-Soviet training," which was covered by the so-called. glasnost and democracy, "supposedly renewed socialism." In reality, from the very beginning, the task was to “destroy the USSR, liquidate the CPSU and sell everything cheaply,” said Gennady Zyuganov.

According to the leader of the Russian Communists, the events of August 1991 of the year, all of these are consequences of the course of betrayal of his country, which “was implemented by Gorbachev, Yakovlev and their whole camarilla”. Boris Yeltsin, the first president of the Russian Federation, continued the same, only in a drunken state. Zyuganov also said that he personally personally hoped that other presidents of the Russian Federation - V. Putin, D. Medvedev would come out of this “thieving dirty rut,” but in reality “they continue to crawl over it, selling the latter.” At present, Russia is, in fact, the only country that has completely devoted its entire domestic market to foreign goods. “During these 20 years, we have lost 15 million people, of whom 14,5 million Russian. Here is the final, ”said G. Zyuganov.

The leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation is confident that at present Russia is in the same situation as the Soviet Union at the end of perestroika. And our main task now is to “get out of this impasse”, otherwise Russia will face the same final as the USSR in August-December 1991 of the year. Only here, not a new putsch is possible, but the collapse of the state. G. Zyuganov told reporters that the world is currently on the eve of the second wave of crisis, and the fate of the Russian Federation with its raw materials economy is sad there.

In his opinion, the current gold and foreign exchange reserves (more than half a trillion dollars) needed to be invested in the development of the domestic market, with its own production, support of small and medium businesses, to build new industries and enterprises, to provide the population with new jobs, to invest in development agriculture, development of water infrastructure, forestry. The country would receive huge revenues from this, and not depend on sales abroad of hydrocarbons. And during the second wave of the global crisis, very sharp fluctuations in oil prices are possible, which could undermine the stability of the Russian Federation. “Instead, 200 has thrown billions of dollars into the markets, pumped them into banks, into speculative operations. Production does not develop, there are no prospects, "the leader of the Russian Communist Party summed up the results.
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