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At the crash site "Boeing-777" collected all marked by experts from the Netherlands

Today, the units of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Netherlands experts have spread statements saying that “all the main” wreckage from the crash site of the passenger aircraft “Boeing-777” was collected. It is reported that these fragments will help experts to recreate one of the sections of the aircraft en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur and collapsed near Donetsk.

“Interfax” quotes a representative of the Ministry of Emergency Situations DNR:

We collected all the wreckage, which experts marked their stickers. 21 November is considered the last day of the work of the Emergencies Ministry staff, together with experts from the Netherlands. In our opinion, these were the main fragments that are necessary for the investigation.

In other words, the fact that it is precisely these debris that the Dutch need for conducting the investigation are assumed by representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the DPR themselves. But what will the Dutch actually do with sawn debris? - nobody knows yet.

In addition to the wreckage at the work site of the group of specialists, human remains were again found, which lay in the field near the village of Grabovo for more than 4 months. It took so much time for the Dutch experts to get to the crash site and start large-scale work.

Today, the formation of the train, which should transport the wreckage of the Malaysian "Boeing" in the place that was determined by experts from the Netherlands. About where exactly is such a place, not yet reported. Earlier versions appeared that this may be Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk or Zaporozhye.
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  1. Bear in the north
    Bear in the north 21 November 2014 13: 47 New
    Earlier versions appeared that it could be Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk or Zaporozhye.
    And maybe Kiev. There are many different specialists.)))
    1. Himalayan
      Himalayan 21 November 2014 13: 50 New
      Just a reminder ...
      1. Boris55
        Boris55 21 November 2014 13: 55 New
        Quote: Himalayan
        Just a reminder ...

        Well recalled, so what? What did you want to say then?
        1. Wheel
          Wheel 21 November 2014 17: 54 New
          Quote: Boris55
          Well recalled, so what? What did you want to say then?

          I didn’t want to say anything ...
          Pluses cut down for the second post ... laughing
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Момент
      Момент 21 November 2014 13: 58 New
      I doubt that Holland still needs these fragments, simply, faster than out of sight, out of mind, to say that they could not make a picture of a downed plane. The whole project for America and the EU is closed.
      1. APASUS
        APASUS 21 November 2014 20: 29 New
        Quote: Moment
        I doubt that Holland still needs these fragments, simply, faster than out of sight, out of mind, to say that they could not make a picture of a downed plane. The whole project for America and the EU is closed.

        The process of destroying evidence has been completed, a signal has been given to Kiev - do not worry.
        We can safely say that they assembled exclusively the front of the fuselage. I think now there will be only one version of the death of the aircraft and it has already been voiced by the West
    4. Giant thought
      Giant thought 21 November 2014 14: 00 New
      And that Boeing had only one section, wouldn’t it be enough for a comprehensive investigation.
      1. Sid.74
        Sid.74 21 November 2014 14: 13 New
        Will the militia now go on the offensive! what
    5. The comment was deleted.
    6. vodolaz
      vodolaz 21 November 2014 15: 27 New
      How interestingly did the mattresses put pressure on the same Dutch so that they drag out the investigation into the death of their own citizens?
    7. mamont5
      mamont5 21 November 2014 15: 45 New
      Quote: Bear in the North
      And maybe Kiev. There are many different specialists.)))

      If only to conceal evidence, then yes.
  2. Noncombatant
    Noncombatant 21 November 2014 13: 48 New
    I have no doubt that all these “tagged wreckage” of the so-called “independent experts” will be thrown into the ditch after crossing the border of their Netherlands. It is a pity that so many guys from the militia gave their lives and health while guarding this scrap metal and these shit * yukov, in the hope that they would really figure out the causes of the disaster.
    I recently read an interesting article on VO about a South Korean Boeing (KAL-007), shot down on September 1, 1983, I am not an expert in this, but since then little has changed. Americans tested this technology with airplanes.
  3. Major Yurik
    Major Yurik 21 November 2014 13: 49 New
    Well, I just want to believe that the Dutch will really understand it objectively, I want to, but I can’t believe it. There are two opinions on the crash of a Boeing, the Abamkino, and the wrong one. hi
    1. Artful73
      Artful73 21 November 2014 13: 59 New
      After so much time and so many shelling of the crash area, a third has appeared. "Boeing was shot down by terrorists from a Grad MLRS." With these "objective" will.
  4. Ober.K
    Ober.K 21 November 2014 13: 55 New
    No matter how much the USA and K * try to draw Russia into this provocation, nothing has come of it! Used all the known methods and all to nothing! Russia has come out of this even stronger and more powerful !!! The merit in this is first of all the Lavrov team !!! Well done !!! Without hysteria, without sprinkling ashes on my head, and professionally, with dignity and the realization that they represent a great state - Russia !!!

    PS Keep it up always and everywhere !!!
  5. Federal
    Federal 21 November 2014 13: 56 New
    We will not wait, apparently, for an objective investigation, not for that his fascists of Bandera, at the behest of the mattress, were shot down so that the culprit of this tragedy would be called to the whole world. For them, all ways are good to denigrate our country.
    1. Penelope
      Penelope 21 November 2014 15: 47 New
      And those that are not tagged by the Dutch will now be tagged by feral dogs.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  6. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN 21 November 2014 13: 58 New
    Something tells me that a conclusion on the causes of the crash has already been written, the perpetrators of it are identified. And all these creeps for the form and compliance with formalities.
  7. Dezinto
    Dezinto 21 November 2014 14: 00 New
    Come on!!! They collect debris. SIMPLE QUESTION - Where? still?. the conversations of the pilots in the cockpit, where? still published data on altitude, speed, location, etc., in two black boxes of the aircraft contains ALL the necessary information to understand what happened. Both boxes found! WHERE? Messages about their contents ???

    In the place of the boxes, they distract us with the collection of debris. Which is being sawn, and what would get into the cars. So oooh .... Everything ... everything in the swamp (secret archives of departments) is buried. IMHO.

    The operation failed. The operation must be forgotten.

    And why are the boxes in London? And why so far no information? Questions are rhetorical ...
  8. wolf7
    wolf7 21 November 2014 14: 01 New
    The umbilical cord will be untied, they want too much and at once. Their time is running out.
  9. Andrea
    Andrea 21 November 2014 14: 04 New
    For four months the Dutch traveled to Donbass (walked, or by sea, through Cape Horn?). Now for four years they will assemble a puzzle and, as a result, will say that the militias are to blame for the poor preservation of the wreckage and nothing can be determined. (There is such an ugly thought) .
  10. dr.star75
    dr.star75 21 November 2014 14: 06 New
    But didn’t it be necessary to do this the day after the disaster? They waited 4 months. Now we can say for any damage: and this is probably the militia on the ground already made a nail with a nail!
  11. Mainbeam
    Mainbeam 21 November 2014 14: 14 New
    There are experts and there is politics. The fact that the wreckage was allowed to be collected only after 4 month speaks poorly about politics, not about experts. I personally have no doubt that the experts will conduct a thorough investigation and establish a clear reason for the death of the aircraft. Whether we see the official B-777 crash statement based on expert judgment depends on the politician. Or there will be a stuffing of information, as with a photo about a fighter

  12. Viktor Kudinov
    Viktor Kudinov 21 November 2014 15: 30 New
    It is necessary to take out the wreckage outside Ukraine. Otherwise, there is a danger that they will sort it out for souvenirs, and the examination will be left with nothing. stop
    1. chelovektapok
      chelovektapok 21 November 2014 15: 47 New
      They will hand over everything to the reception centers for scrap metal ..... Druzhban buried my father. Himself historically comes from Ukraine. Lives a long time in Siberia. Grave, Monument. It’s necessary to leave, but it’s necessary so that it doesn’t warp tightly. Say the formwork, grille with reinforcement made of steel concrete and a monument from above. There are no problems with payment! Answer: -We will do everything here with steel reinforcement today and tomorrow they will destroy everything and turn it over for scrap .... So it was 10 years ago. What is it now? Moreover, tsvetmet and "ends in the water" are interested in the downed ukronatsists ....