On the threshold of chaos

Chaos in the world around us is only a reflection of chaos in ourselves. Michael GERBER

The planet is covered by a real “epidemic” of various riots and unrest. Events in London and other English cities did not become a lonely flash. Unrest, clashes with the police noted in the United States, Spain, Sweden, Germany, China and several other countries.

The British authorities, after knocking down a wave of pogroms and looting, began to “tighten the screws.” In an interview with the Sunday Telegraph, British Prime Minister David Cameron pledged to meet the wishes of the residents of decent London districts (who collected thousands of signatures on 100 to demand more repression against the riots, and throw out unemployed people who were engaged in looting and unrest last days). According to the British Prime Minister, in relation to those phenomena that he called "street crime", a program of the so-called will be introduced. zero tolerance, "zero tolerance." It includes the rejection of various benefits, repression for the slightest violation, the introduction of maximum penalties. The US experience of zero tolerance will be used, which in the States is used in the so-called. “War on drugs”. True, the critic immediately noted that the American “war on drugs” did not lead to apparent success - the violence in the border areas of Mexico only grew, and the American drug addicts still consume as many drugs as before. Another of the disadvantages of this practice is the sharp exacerbation of relations between the police, which is becoming mainly a repressive body, and social groups that are under pressure from the authorities. In the neighborhoods there will be an increase in hidden crimes.

In addition, in Britain, another interesting "signal" was noted to society - on the new government website, a question was raised about the new law that would have introduced the death penalty for murderers of children and police officers in the country. If this proposal picks up 100 thousand signatures, there is a possibility that it will be discussed at a meeting of the House of Commons. True. All the main British Churches stand against the death penalty, the British Baptist Union and the Methodist Church expressed their negative attitude towards such a project.


States did not stay away from this "wave", so the city of Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, East Coast, with a population of one and a half million people), trying to solve the problem of unrest, which are organized by local schoolchildren from poor people - mostly blacks, with the help of social networks, imposed a curfew. From now on, residents of Philadelphia under the age of 18 were forbidden to appear on the streets of the central area after 9 hours in the evening. For the first violation, a penalty was introduced in 100 - 300 dollars, for the second - a conclusion up to 3 months. In your area it is allowed to walk until 10 hours of the evening.

Dozens of participants of a protest rally organized against the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline have been arrested in Washington, it will connect Canada and the Gulf of Mexico (its length will be more than 2,7 thousand km). The protest was organized by supporters of the protection of natural resources.


20 August festivities in Hamburg (Schanzenfest) escalated into mass battles with the police. German youth burned tires, garbage cans, tried to break through to the bank building. The crowd was only pacified when law enforcement agencies concentrated 2,5 thousand policemen and used water cannons. According to German media, these riots were organized by left-wing extremist movements. The pogrom participants left inscriptions on the walls: “London is everywhere,” which means that the events in London caused a great resonance, became the first stones in a big avalanche.


In Spain, the occasion of the mass unrest was the visit of the Pope. "We do not want to pay for the father" - under similar slogans tens of thousands of Spaniards went to the main squares of Madrid. The pope received an invitation from King Juan Carlos to attend the International Congress of Catholic Youth, the cost of his admission was estimated at 50 million euros. The bulk of the amount went to ensure the safety of the person of the pope. People thought it was too expensive for a country in crisis - budget programs, salaries, high unemployment were severely curtailed (second in the EU, second only to Slovakia, every 5 Spaniard is looking for work). The police had to use water cannons, batons and arrest dozens of people to calm the crowd.

On the threshold of chaos


11 in August in the south-west of China, in the province of Guizhou, a clash of police and an enraged crowd of thousands of people took place. The reason for the collision was very insignificant - a woman, in the opinion of the police, put the car in the wrong place. In a dispute with her, the police "went too far" - the woman was injured. Hundreds of people witnessed the conflict (it happened in a crowded square). The crowd in anger turned the police car over, then crashed a few more police cars that arrived to the rescue. Then they took a "circular defense" blocking the approaches to the area of ​​trucks. As a result, there was a real riot. No further details were given to the press; China is a rather closed country in this regard.

Southern Sudan

Extremely difficult situation in South Sudan, there are processes of formation of a new state. According to UN data, in the first half of 2011 alone in South Sudan, two thousand 368 people have already died as a result of various clashes. The latest news on this topic - in South Sudan in the state of Jonglei was a bloody massacre caused by the clash of two local tribes. As a result of this massacre, at least half a thousand people died. In addition, an angry mob virtually destroyed and burned down one of the cities in the state.

The conflict began on August 19, when representatives of the Murlet tribe tried to steal the herd from a cow to the Lou Nuer tribe. As a result, the massacres and pogroms continued until August 21. Independence for the South did not bring its inhabitants an immediate increase in welfare: the centralized government has not yet been strengthened, the national currency is not put into circulation, there are problems with supplying the population with food, manufactured goods, the problem of tribal hatred is not resolved, etc.

A number can be continued by events in Israel, Egypt, Syria, Libya, a series of terrorist acts in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Iraq, which have already become commonplace for most people.

What does this mean?

According to the director of research programs of the Center. Bertolt Beitsa of the German Society for Foreign Policy (DGAP) Alexander RahrAll the protests we see in the world are “a sign of future change.” In a couple of years, the “Western socio-economic model will have to be repaired and partially reformed.” The West, in its standard manner of hypocrisy, uses “double standards” - unrest in Arab countries is called “democratic revolution”, and when people, young people take to the streets of European cities, they are tamed by the most cruel methods, “screwed on nuts” - they tighten laws, talk about “Hooliganism, randomness of events.

Among the political consequences of these unrest will be the following: among the indigenous population of both England and the states of the rest of Europe, hatred of “visitors” and “radical nationalism may increase”. In addition, a number of countries will think about the aspect of “openness” of borders, for example: England is an overpopulated country, mainly due to the movement of people from its former colonies. As a result, we must understand that in the "old form the system can not be saved." Europe needs to look for a new model of some kind of justice.

Vladimir Lakeev, The first secretary of the Communist Party Group of the Moscow Communist Party, a deputy of the Moscow City Duma of the 4th convocation, believes that such “events will be repeated. London is more flowers. Ahead more large-scale riots in many European cities. " According to him, commentators of events in England do not name the main cause of this explosion - the crisis in relations between two civilizations, the high-tech, developed, rich North and poor, but experiencing a rapid demographic explosion South. Most of the participants in the London riots are immigrants or their descendants. The main reason that caused a wave of emigration is a huge disproportion in the level of economic development of the South and North. For example, in Pakistan and Nigeria, and these are not the poorest former European colonies, “GDP per capita is lower than English by 60 times”! The huge difference between consumption levels, of course, Asians and Africans tend to Europe's “consumer paradise”. And capitalist society cannot solve this problem, it can be solved only “when the existing gulf between North and South is destroyed”, and for this you need to create a “controlled planetary economy” that will allow to destroy this huge abyss with the help of conscious redistribution of resources. "Otherwise, all this will be repeated, and even greater shocks are waiting for us."

According to analyst Sergey Kurginyan, The media savor the details of the events, but do not talk about their background, shifts, which indicate that "the world is entering a phase of turbulence." It is necessary to understand that under the film of European visible well-being “huge energy is boiling”. “It is impossible to put humanity to sleep until the end, including European. A person cannot become a contented pet, a sheep ... A person cannot be like that. Can not". This well-being and tranquility comes to an end, the events in Norway (Breivik’s action) and London are signs of future cataclysms.

It is necessary to understand that in many ways the well-fed, quiet life of Europeans, the so-called. "Golden Billion" was provided by the presence of the USSR. The Europeans "fed tasty food" so that they "did not swell, and did not lie under the USSR, and did not rave about communism." Now it's time to pick up those benefits, since the Europeans did not earn them, the laws of capitalism are very harsh - so why pay Europeans, if you can hire 10-20 hardworking, not picky Asians for one white person’s salary? The USSR is no longer there. That is, it is clear that the Europeans will not be “fed” at the same level. But the question arises: “How not to feed them, if they are accustomed to the fact that they are fed nourishingly, and ambitious? This is a dead end. And a dead end not only in Europe but also in the United States.

Currently: “The American political class does not know what to do. He, as a very cruel, still very strong and sick beast, pinned to the wall, does not know what to do. ” Therefore, it should be expected that Washington will act (or rather it is already acting) in the already familiar style - to play the most powerful “strategy of tension”. There is no other choice - only complete capitulation, it is doubtful that the American elite will go for it. Therefore, Europe will become an oasis of concern, which we are witnessing.

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