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United States and Saudis continue to deceive the UN


The United States and its allies, especially in the face of the Arab monarchies of the medieval type, continue to deceive the world community regarding the situation in Syria.

The Third Committee of the UN General Assembly (Committee on Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Affairs) 18 in November considered a draft anti-Syrian resolution submitted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And again, one of the most reactionary regimes in the world, the absolute monarchy, took upon itself the role of teaching freedom and democracy a country in which there is a parliament, and presidential elections, and a completely democratic Constitution.

As Bashar Al-Jafari, the Permanent Representative of Syria to the UN, said at the meeting, this is a real theater of absurdity, since the Saudi terrorist regime does not recognize the right to vote for its own people.

The document submitted by the Saudi kingdom, however, found support primarily from the United States - these “great fighters for democracy”, who for some reason do not pay the slightest attention to the rights of ordinary people in KSA. Yes, and Saudi Arabia itself would hardly have submitted such a draft resolution without agreement with its Washington “elder brother”.

The false document, unfortunately, was supported by 125-th countries. 13 states voted against, 47 abstained.

Among the countries that rejected the resolution was Russia. Anatoly Viktorov, Director of the Department of Humanitarian Cooperation and Human Rights at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, stressed that this document creates an atmosphere of confrontation and mistrust. “And this is at a time when it is so necessary for the international community to consolidate efforts to achieve a peaceful resolution of the crisis in the SAR,” the representative of Russia said. He added that the authors "act in defiance of the logic of a politico-diplomatic settlement, placing the main responsibility in the country on the government, while not it, but the foreign opposition needs to be pushed to start negotiations with the authorities."

The resolution calls on the Syrian authorities to stop the shelling and bombing of the territories controlled by the "opposition." The situation is absurd - at a time when the United States is allegedly fighting terrorism by bombarding the territories of foreign countries - Syria and Iraq - at the same time Syria is trying to ban the fight against terrorism on its own territory! Indeed, otherwise as an absurd theater, such a situation can not be called.

As for the actions of terrorist groups, their terrible crimes, murders, torture of unwanted citizens, indiscriminate mortar shelling - in this Saudi-American resolution, as always, not a word was said. Even the recent killing of the citizens of the United States, Britain and France by the “Islamic state” has not been touched on in this false text!

It is characteristic that the same Third Committee of the UN General Assembly adopted one more equally biased resolution against another state that is not acceptable to the United States - the DPRK. It recommends that the Security Council refer the case of “violations of human rights” in this country to the International Criminal Court. Syria, Russia, China, Belarus and another 15 countries did not support this resolution, but, unfortunately, there are very few independent states left. Characteristically, the strategy of former US President George W. Bush, announced shortly after the 11 events of September 2001, continues to be implemented - there is an “axis of evil”, which includes Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea and Syria. Some of these countries have already been brought to their knees and turned into an arena of bloody battles, against others - such fraudulent resolutions are being adopted.

While there is such deception of almost the entire world, terrorist crimes continue in Syria. 16 November in the city of Hama because of the explosion of a car bomb killed two people and two more were injured. In the province of Damascus, a woman and a three-year-old girl were injured due to mortar shelling of the Al-Wafidin refugee camp. In the city of Duma, one of the Islamist groups attacked a residential neighborhood, killing and abducting several citizens. In response, residents of the city organized a protest demonstration against such actions of militants. The terrorists opened fire on this peaceful demonstration, killing eight people.

On November 18, in the province of Deir ez-Zor, “opposition” militants brutally murdered five people who outraged their bodies.

In Damascus, in the Al-Amar quarter, an explosive device set in motion by terrorists was attached to a bicycle left near the entrance. Three local residents suffered.

Such a sad chronicle is replenished almost every day, but for the authors of the anti-Syrian resolutions the blood of the Syrians who were killed and wounded at the hands of “opposition” terrorists does not matter. They continue to support criminals at the highest international level.

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  1. Starover_Z
    Starover_Z 20 November 2014 07: 26
    The resolution requires the Syrian authorities to stop shelling and bombing of territories controlled by the "opposition". The situation is absurd - at a time when the United States allegedly fighting terrorism, bombing the territory of foreign countries - Syria and Iraq - at the same time, Syria is trying to ban the fight against terrorism in its own territory!

    It reminded me of a situation from the story "The Guardian Bird" by Robert Sheckley. There, crazy electronic guard-birds, protecting all living things from killing, began to kill people who were harvesting "live" grain and trying to kill mosquitoes and flies.
    And how else to interpret the essence of the article, as well as instructions from the States even to its satellite in the Middle East Israel - "Do not punish terrorists who killed people!" fool
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. ya.seliwerstov2013
      ya.seliwerstov2013 20 November 2014 07: 36
      Many thanks to Western politicians and US President Barack Obama!
      Every day they do everything so that the Russians are more and more proud of their country, their history, their President!
      1. knn54
        knn54 20 November 2014 11: 24
        What is no reason to invade Syria ...
    3. opus
      opus 20 November 2014 11: 11
      Quote: Starover_Z
      "Guardian Bird"

      Yes, but the "Guardian Bird" acted there WITHOUT its own benefit to itself (or to someone), it was (described) a failure of a logical discrepancy in the program.
      Here, everything is different: they pretend to be fools, in favor of themselves, and only when it is NECESSARY.
      And when they don’t need to, they immediately bomb Afghanistan, for example, or Serbia
    4. Max_Bauder
      Max_Bauder 20 November 2014 11: 16
      After America, you should break the KSA, the rest will run away.
  2. slizhov
    slizhov 20 November 2014 07: 40
    soon the US will strike at THIS FRIENDS. As soon as they leave the team for any slightest reason.
    Obama will lift the hem!
  3. Goldmitro
    Goldmitro 20 November 2014 10: 47
    <<< The resolution requires the Syrian authorities to stop shelling and bombing the territories controlled by the "opposition" ...... trying to prohibit the fight against terrorism on their own territory! (At the same time) The Saudi-American resolution, as always, does not say a word about the actions of terrorist groups, about their terrible crimes, murders, torture of unwanted citizens, indiscriminate mortar attacks. >>>
    I bow to the Syrian people, who have been opposing the combined power of Western globalizers, their allies-Arab monarchies for so long and literally grinding in any hard bloody struggle any rabble and jihadist evil spirits gathered by them from all over the world to destroy the Syrian state! Indeed, further on, one of the main goals of all this scum, if successful in Syria, is declared Russia! So Russia has no alternative, how, having spit on all these resolutions, to render and render all necessary and comprehensive assistance to Syria in its just struggle!
  4. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 20 November 2014 10: 50
    The United States acts in accordance with all the rules of ideological warfare - one of them says: ".... to assign an easy-to-remember" slogan "to a discredited enemy and constantly circulate it at any opportunity in as many media as possible, during public speeches of responsible persons, etc." So the USSR was assigned the slogan: "Evil Empire" which "smoothly migrated" to Russia, countries that did not agree with the US policy were assigned the slogan "Axis of Evil". But why don't we take countermeasures? Why don't we give the USA the slogan "Empire of Lies"? Why are the EU countries not assigned the slogan "Axis of Lies and Double Standards"? Why are these slogans not circulated by our responsible persons and the media controlled by us?
  5. Charles_NK
    Charles_NK 20 November 2014 16: 18
    The article is correct. That's just the headline let us down. UN no one cheats. All about everything in the know.
  6. sharp-lad
    sharp-lad 20 November 2014 23: 54
    From tomorrow I introduce personal sanctions against the United States of America!