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On December 8, 2009, the Object 188M tank was presented to V.V. Putin before the meeting on the development of Russian tank building, which was held attank the capital "of Russia - the city of Nizhny Tagil. Covering the visit of the Prime Minister, the journalistic fraternity “burst” a lot about the commanding version of the serial T-90A MBT equipped with a software and hardware complex integrated into the automated tactical command and control system, and about the “EMK” standing on the demonstration site of the GVDC next to the T-90AK, and which showed a real, genuine, sensation of the show - not a word!

The “188M object” is created as an initiative-based development of the Ural transport engineering design bureau, as opposed to the Burlak design and development project, conducted in Omsk design bureau. Called OCD is a sample illustrating the mess that has formed in the industry, and the reckless spending of public funds. OCD "Burlak" provides for the creation of a unified fighting compartment for the modernization of primarily tanks T-90 and T-72. At the same time, UKBTM OJSC - the developer of these machines - is constantly working to improve the design of the T-90 MBT and the modernization of the T-72. It would seem that it should be engaged in this work, but no ... ROC Burlak was transferred to Omsk KBTM, which is a very good technological KB, but having weak capabilities in new and even more promising design.

ROC "Burlak"

The main advantage of the solutions in the framework of the ROC Burlak is an integrated approach to the issues of ensuring the security of the tank and its firepower.
This is achieved through innovative solutions that implement, within the existing layout and without fundamental changes to the chassis and combat compartment, to create a tank with promising characteristics based on existing technologies and profound changes in mass production. Layout solutions offered in the framework of Burlak can increase the survivability of the tank with the defeat of the ammunition, with its placement in an isolated compartment, equipped with expelling plates.

Moreover, the KBTM has not and had nothing to do with the T-90 tank. And such an organization is entrusted with such a complex work! As a result, the advance work was successfully eaten, “inventions” were protected by patents, and Burlak itself was not and is not. According to some reports, KBTM cannot adapt its BO to the T-90 "cart" and has already requested technical assistance from UKBTM. In addition, the mass of the developed structure is such that even such a powerful undercarriage as Tagil's T-90 does not withstand it. The excess of any allowable load norms is so great that it affects the resource in the most disastrous way. Of course, a negative result is the same result, but let me ask, why would GABTU then arrange a tender for the development and supply of simulators for this most failed Burlak? Why not allocate funds UKBTM to complete work on the "Object 188M" - the next milestone improvement T-90?

The new Tagil machine, the “188M Object”, is distinguished, first of all, by a completely new tower design, the protection of which is practically devoid of weakened vulnerable zones and is all-round. Not only the frontal, but also the lateral projection and feed are much better protected. The most relevant in terms of protection is improved roof protection. The machine has a substantially improved MSA. Its feature is the inclusion of the commander's three-channel thermal imaging panoramic sight. During the development of the LMS, the developments obtained in the course of the highly successful OCR “Frame-99” and “Slingshot-1” were used. The smaller dimensions of the scopes and their very serious protection against small-caliber artillery fire, bullets and fragments of large caliber shells attract attention. This is especially noticeable against the background of the Ukrainian Oplot-M tank presented in March of the outgoing 2009. In general, visibility on the 188 is given special attention.

BMPT (Fighting vehicle support tans) "Frame 99" - Terminator

The fruit of mutual love "Uralvagonzavod" and "Ural Bureau of Transport Engineering" - the first in its class tank support fighting machine. The official name is like a Soviet haircut, by golly: “Frame-99”. However, the military quickly renamed the new product to the "Terminator" - this is more solid, and more accurately conveys the purpose of the car. The power of its weapons is crushing: here you have both guns, and four launchers for anti-tank missiles, and a machine gun, and automatic grenade launchers. BMPT per minute can shoot nine hundred 30-mm projectiles, six hundred 30-mm grenades and two thousand 7,62-mm bullets, and enough ammunition to burn everything alive on an area of ​​3 square. km Needless to say, BMPT missiles pierce the armor of any tanks and concrete bunkers at a distance of 5 km, and can also shoot down a helicopter and even low-flying enemy aircraft. Well, the AG-17 grenade launchers with a mounted grenade trajectory ensure the destruction of targets in the trenches in the area up to 1 km.

Also created good conditions for the crew - the ergonomics Tagil machines clearly goes well! The machine is equipped with a new gun with improved ballistic characteristics. It can be installed as already standard for serial Russian cars gun 2А46М5, as well as a completely new tool - 2А82. In addition to the new automatic loader designed for BPS large elongation, a container for additional BC is provided in the aft part of the tower. In our opinion, this is not the right decision, but in the best possible way it corresponds to the latest standards of the international armored fashion. Not left without attention and auxiliary weapons. ZPU replaced by remote-controlled autonomous machine gun installation. 188M has new secure communication systems, a navigation system, integration into the automatic control system.

At present, only the tower is manufactured by the UKBTM pilot production. The manufacture of the body is constrained by insufficient funding. To be shown to the Prime Minister, the tower, as befits a combat module, was easily installed on the first available chassis - this is precisely what explains the presence on the body of the Kontakt-V DZ instead of the designed Relikt. In addition, the hull “Object 188M” also provides for the enhancement of WFD protection through the installation of a new combined booking package. The roof of the hull is reinforced - especially in the area of ​​the driver's hatch. In addition to the introduction of a modern fire extinguishing system on the tank, the likelihood of fire is reduced due to the rejection of the fire-hazardous antineutron breakdown and the replacement of the undercoat with a fire-resistant Kevlar-type splinter material.

To improve the operational characteristics of UKBTM together with Chelyabinsk enterprises ChTZ and Elektromashina, they are working on the development and implementation of a one-piece power plant based on a V-shaped 1000-strong turbo diesel B-92C2 or its BNXXX X-version of X-NUMX. and motion control systems using a handwheel. Successful demonstration of the new Russian combat vehicle to the leadership of the state and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation will undoubtedly give new impetus to the work on the radical re-equipment of our Army with qualitatively new equipment, which in turn contributes to strengthening the export potential of Russian engineering and increasing interest in Russian tanks from foreign customers.
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