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The basis of the rocket troops today are contract

Missile Forces and Artillery are currently on 70% staffed with contract soldiers, reports RIA News with reference to the Chief of MTA and Mikhail Matveyevsky.

The basis of the rocket troops today are contract

Today, November 19, Russia celebrates the Day of the Rocket Forces and Artillery.

“In general, the staffing level of the military personnel under the contract of military command bodies, formations and military units of the MTAA today is about 70%. Since 2012, there has been a positive growth in the number of military personnel under contract in positions of ensigns, sergeants and soldiers in the formations and military units of the branch of the armed forces, ”said the major general.

According to him, the level of preparedness of the personnel of the troops has increased significantly due to the increase in the number of exercises and surprise checks.

“We have managed to achieve an increase in the level of MFA training due to regular tactical exercises with the launch of combat missiles and live firing. In 2014 alone, over the course of combat training, more than 24 thousands of fire missions were completed from open and closed fire positions, and about 240 thousands of artillery ammunition were spent. As a result of the readiness checks that took place this year, 23 from 29 (85%) of MTA compounds are rated as “good” "- Matveyevsky said.

Affected at the level of combat training and increasingly popular military competitions.

“The competitions showed the increased professional skills of artillery officers, their ability to perform fire missions with a combat shot, prepare data for firing and defeat the enemy in a difficult tactical situation in unfamiliar terrain”- said the head of MFA.

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  1. askof
    19 November 2014 15: 24
    Gods of war, HOLIDAY!
    1. herruvim
      herruvim 19 November 2014 15: 38
      Gods of war, HOLIDAY!
    2. Denis fj
      Denis fj 19 November 2014 15: 46
      Happy holiday men! All good health, and all the best !!!)))) drinks
    3. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 19 November 2014 15: 57
      Happy holiday to all the gunners! I would also like to congratulate the artillerymen of the Kalmius brigade, whose work I have been observing in my area for four months now, but I think they are prohibited from alcohol. Since 6 am, two Msta-B militias have been firing at the batteries of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Avdiivka.
  2. Roman 1977
    Roman 1977 19 November 2014 15: 25
    Well, right, the Strategic Missile Forces are the only troops where you do not need a visa to get to another country
    1. RU-Officer
      RU-Officer 19 November 2014 19: 24
      For those who are not in the subject: stop
      Strategic Rocket Forces Day - December 17 soldier
      The Strategic Rocket Forces (Strategic Missile Forces) as a service of the Armed Forces were created on December 17, 1959, by decision of the USSR government. On May 31, 2006, on the basis of Presidential Decree No. 549 "On the establishment of professional holidays and ..."

      And above in the text "herruvim" flashed with erudition ... negative Google and Yandex to help you ...
  3. Same lech
    Same lech 19 November 2014 15: 27
    The basis of the rocket troops today are contract

    Not quite right ....

    The basis of the officer corps (the backbone of the ARMY) and then contract soldiers or conscripts ... whatever you want.

    I join in congratulations to the rocket and artillerymen.
    1. pahom54
      pahom54 19 November 2014 16: 26
      Quote: The same LYOKHA
      Not quite right ..

      Unfortunately, the current officers also serve under the contract ... We were drumming without contracts for 25 years ...

      So they said that 70% of the personnel are contract soldiers.

      However, the sum does not change from the rearrangement of the terms - the artilleryman-rocket launcher remains a rocket-man - artilleryman always. Happy holiday to all the missile!
  4. Giant thought
    Giant thought 19 November 2014 15: 27
    The growth dynamics of the missile forces' combat capability is evident, contract soldiers played an important role in this.
  5. Ober.K
    Ober.K 19 November 2014 15: 30
    And what officers are not contract soldiers! ?? They are generally signing contracts !!! All of them are ordinary contract servicemen, and there are also conscription servicemen ... If someone is not in the subject ... laughing
    Quote: The same Lech
    The basis of the rocket troops today are contract

    Not quite right ....

    The basis of the officer corps (the backbone of the ARMY) and then contract soldiers or conscripts ... whatever you want.
    1. Same lech
      Same lech 19 November 2014 15: 42
      And what officers are not contract soldiers! ??

      smile There’s a difference, the professional officer and the army are his whole life,

      a contractor can be anyone who has served an urgent and decides to connect his future life with the army.

      An increase in the number of contractors is a good indicator ... the prestige and respect of young people is returning to the army ... it pleases, there are prospects.
  6. Ober.K
    Ober.K 19 November 2014 15: 35
    I am also a contractor !!!
    And I'm proud of it because I serve Russia !!
    1. quote
      quote 19 November 2014 15: 58
      I congratulate all missile and artillerymen on their professional day. I wish you a peaceful sky over the heads of your compatriots and happy smiles on the faces of your relatives. Let there be no scratches on the body, and neither sadness nor longing on the heart. I wish you unlimited health, decent earnings and respect for the public.
      1. Penelope
        Penelope 19 November 2014 16: 20
        Gods of war, God bless you!
      2. The comment was deleted.
  7. Vend
    Vend 19 November 2014 15: 43
    Happy holiday gods of war.
  8. konvalval
    konvalval 19 November 2014 15: 47
    Happy Holidays, brothers in arms!
  9. Tra-ta-ta
    Tra-ta-ta 19 November 2014 16: 06
    Happy Holiday, Lord!
    ODERVIT 19 November 2014 16: 08
    Happy Holidays friends !!! Success in protecting the Fatherland !!! We rely on you.
  11. Lopatov
    Lopatov 19 November 2014 16: 11
    In 2014 alone, in the course of combat training, more than 24 thousand firing missions from open and closed firing positions were completed

    Direct fire with an extra barrel is also a fire task ... But who counts them at all?
  12. erased
    erased 19 November 2014 16: 13
    Happy holiday, Gods of War! Not a missile past a target, not a missile into milk!
  13. Vityok
    Vityok 19 November 2014 16: 20
    Happy Holidays! drinks
  14. surovts.valery
    surovts.valery 19 November 2014 16: 21
    Already gathered with a critical comment to get out, I completely forgot, but then the holiday turns out to be! Moreover, just a few hours ago I drove into the uncle’s case, and there the men are sitting at the table in the courtyard (we still have warmth and the anti-alcohol law is not rampant), it turned out that retired officers-gunners note. Happy Gods of War! To all gunners - all the best!
  15. semen777
    semen777 19 November 2014 16: 23
    Everyone who wore and wears guns on their buttonholes is happy Holiday! Special greetings to the air defense veterans who fought and served in the S-75 air defense system, guarding not only the sky of the motherland!
    TECHNOLOGY 19 November 2014 22: 17
    And to ruin the most powerful division in terms of combat potential in the world, there was enough political will. Military unit 34139.p. Kedrovy. In common parlance, Krasnoyarsk-66. The remains of the past ...
    1. Massik
      Massik 19 November 2014 22: 29
      Yeah, well, it's a holiday today, let's not tar our heroic armed forces.