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Flights on China Air Show-2014

The weather yesterday did not let us down. With the help of smoke, the sun and small clouds managed to catch just such beauty.

While she was shooting the vice-premier at Sukhoi, the flights began. While on the taxi got to the opposite side of the airport, the start with pilots on J10 "First of August" was missed.
The second started the Arab Al Fursan.

Smoke this time did not regret.

On the part of the audience, because of the haze, everything looks much paler.

On the roof of the hotel, the traditional sold-out, but still not the same as at the opening. Entry here now costs 200 Yuan, the first day of 300, and last year 100. And in 2010 it was generally 60 ...

For the whole crowd of hundreds of people, there are five Russians and two Frenchmen.

They are driving home past the "Russian Knights".

The next number of our program A380.

In the distance, outside the exhibition area, the people climbed onto a bus.

Airplane almost vertical takeoff.

I've been photographing this A380 for nine years ...

On the roof they strengthened the fence and put up different-sized chairs, they used to be plastic.

Warriors flew to the exhibition on the CRJ.

To Beijing probably ...

Then the program worked three stools SR20 AVIC. Although the program was listed only one aircraft. Or maybe it's not SR20?

Knights in 14: 00 advanced.

22-th on taxiing, 02 on the platform taxis follow, 12-th starts extreme.

The crowd at the fence noticeably thickened.

First, the five of us, then the four of us, then the two together and the solo pilotage.

Released chassis.

Caught a cloud.


Traditional counter aerobatics.

And the sun!

Finally I successfully caught the moment when the braking parachute unfastened.

We applaud the pilots!

Then flew Chinese "pack" J31.

And immediately a snatch from the wings.

A little reminded Su-47. Probably because of the color ...

Pass with the released chassis.

Meanwhile, Sergei Bogdan is already taxiing.

J31 sat down.

Vityazi already sheathed.

J31 is smaller in size than Cy27. Perspective distorts.

Let's go!

Su-35 only starts from the middle of the runway with a short run-up.

A dense forest of all raised lenses was observed only during the flights of our Su and J31.

There, even with soap, someone is trying to remove something.

The girls liked it.

The program closes the funny plane Avacs KJ200.

As noted Leon, "a crocodile with an enema on the nose."

Su-35 has landed.

Spun and taxiing past J10.

The next two days, Sergei Bogdan rests and will continue flying on Saturday and Sunday to the general public.

That is such a beauty!

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  1. mgfly
    mgfly 20 November 2014 08: 00
    Thanks for the review, beautiful photos!
    1. crazyrom
      crazyrom 20 November 2014 17: 42
      Marinka is well done, professional, everything cleverly and efficiently uses filters.
  2. USSR-2.0
    USSR-2.0 20 November 2014 08: 09
    Cool work. Photograph offset.
  3. zllllo
    zllllo 20 November 2014 08: 13
    cool, thank you
  4. Dazdranagon
    Dazdranagon 20 November 2014 08: 55
    Damn, the Chinese are also flying !!! laughing
    1. Serg 122
      Serg 122 20 November 2014 11: 37
      The program closes the funny plane Avacs KJ200.

      Only reminds me of a parody of the An-12?
  5. new communist
    new communist 20 November 2014 10: 51
    Thank you for the photo, I liked the report, su -35 handsome, only Chinese people want to buy it yet, which is strange, they have a lot of dough, they could buy not only 24, but 48 as well, it allows them loot, Poghosyan flew, but didn’t break through while the contract. I liked their ji -31, it looks like f-35, how far it will surpass it is not clear. Ms. and their AWACS are also not bad, though funny, but economical, a war horse.
  6. nsumm
    nsumm 20 November 2014 10: 54
    good photos. happy for the 31st :)
  7. new communist
    new communist 20 November 2014 11: 02
    But - As Lenya noted, "a crocodile with an enema on the nose." - something Antonov's is visible, but for a naval power, an effective means of reconnaissance and targeting.
  8. new communist
    new communist 20 November 2014 11: 06
    But the stools are incomprehensible, is this the L-15 analogue of our yak -130? In general, for the training do not look bad.
    ROMANO 20 November 2014 14: 34
    [quote = Serg 122] Only reminds me of a parody of An-12? [/ quote

    Copywriters, what do you take from them?
  10. studentmati
    studentmati 20 November 2014 21: 32
    It would be nice to have more often such events and wider geography! drinks