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Persons New Russia. Alexey Mozgovoy

The phenomenon of this character can be discussed endlessly. Probably, this man is the most controversial phenomenon in the whole of New Russia. Noise and scandals on the Internet, harsh statements, apparently accompanied and will accompany him for a long time. Such is he, nothing can be done.

Therefore, taking up this material, I discarded completely everything I saw and read on the Internet. And I decided to draw a portrait of Brain, using only what I saw myself and heard from its fighters.

Our meetings were rather short-lived. Just no other way. But the findings allowed to do.

So, Alexey Borisovich Brain-eyed.

The main thing that amazes at the meeting is his energy. This is a whirlwind. Loud-voiced, and in most cases simply screaming, swirling whirlwind. Moves either in slow motion, or very fast pace. But it really exhausts people who are forced to move with him to exhaustion. Per day.

I talked with the guys from his guard. There are only four of them. But with Brain ride only two. In a day. Because then half a day it is necessary to move away from all the pokatushek and run errands. Sometimes "hang out" on duty and for several days. Then just sadness.

The real case: we sit in Donetsk on the base, unload, rest. I am talking with the replenishment that is awaiting the transfer to Alchevsk. Here comes the Mechanic and says that Borisovich is coming here, in forty minutes he will be. All perked up, waiting.

The Patriot flies into the courtyard, four come out of it, recruits are interested in who is the commander. I show on the rights of an expert))). All in a voice: "In what it is ... small." Then Brain flies into the room, looks around and gives a monologue: “Do! How many of you are here! Hello! All mine? (A look falls on our chevrons.) Ah! "Review"! It can be seen ... not bad ... After 15 minutes, visit me one by one ”(this is for recruits). Immediately, he turns around, on the way to the door he grabs a piece of sausage from the table, left over from dinner, stuffs it into his mouth, and something is said through him, carried to the office of the Mechanic.

And only then security creeps into the room.

Then I asked the guys, did he always wear this? Yes, when podustanet - so. And usually faster ... The clock was around 5 in the morning. And after 40 minutes, talking to those who waited for him (two people in suits on a black Toyota Camry), helping newbies (although there are novices, animals, the right word), talking to me a couple of questions, eating a couple of sandwiches Brainstorm departed. But not in Rostov, as planned, but somewhat far away. When they learned that the trip was not for 180 km, but for 1000, the escorts had resignedly resigned and left, saying goodbye, “That's how we live ...”

Such a life. At that time, the Ghost Brigade consisted of about 2000 fighters. They need to be fed, dressed, shod, armed, placed, replaced in the trenches. Now - twice as much. Accordingly, there are more problems.

You can say a lot about the fact that Brainstorming is not a media person. This is true. I would not let him to the computer with the Internet at all. Starts up too fast and gives in to provocations.

Not enough diplomacy. You can, of course, cut the language that is in my head, you can. But sometimes, in the best interests, it would be possible and that ... quieter. Only benefit would be.

You know, sometimes you look at a person, and you understand that he thinks and filters thoughts. And gives already sanitized. With intent, without ... With Borisovich not so. Immediately it is clear that in the head - and the output. Not everyone likes it. Well, the loudness of the pitch is generally something. Although there are people with whom he really speaks absolutely calmly. And even perceives criticism. Without ora and mats.

He is respected. And their own, and others. About their own, but about the enemies - now. Think about why for the video bridge ukrovoyaki chose Brain? He, as I said, is not a media character. He is not in the leadership of the LC. He is just a warlord. And they decided to talk to him. Why?


Respect for the skill, for honesty, for frankness. Honesty is generally a separate conversation, but I don’t want to touch it. Not discussed, no matter what anyone said.

And if your enemies respect you - it says a lot.

Ours are also respected. If not more. Do not idolize, no. Everything is in order here, the cerebral cult is not and never will be. Respect for the beliefs and goals. And go to him in the "Ghost" in the hundreds. And after all not for money, as in "Oplot" and "East". And from there I would meet experienced wolves, with such a past - Jack the Ripper would have turned pale. Not for a warm place, no. Everyone knows that the Brain with the supply - not very. But - go. They know how hot it was on the corridor - they are coming. They know that in Debaltseve a large group of ukrov-go. This is the recognition of the commander. The highest reward you can present.

I spoke with very interesting characters. Sasha, operas from Vinnitsa. He said that he was a good opera, but in spirit - Moskal. To the question why he answered here: he came to the “Stronghold”, he spent three months. Got it. I consulted with smart people and went to the Brain. I will fight as much as necessary, and then I will work with those who are in the “Stronghold”. There every second is my client. After the victory will have to do anyway.

"Bodun". From Kharkov. Was in Slavyansk. Then, after the "departure", he was picked up by the "Oriental". Was with them. Gone. Why did he leave? He came to fight for the idea of ​​New Russia. And in the "East" are fighting for money and share. “Understand, Rum, two thousand hryvnia per month in the case of a bullet in the forehead from Ukra - this is infinitely small. And if not for two thousand, but for living like you are in Russia, this is already a conversation. ” And such ideological - the majority.

Brainstorming - "romantic." He is not interested in the idea of ​​the specific principalities of the DNI and the LC. As he said to me, "the specific principality will sooner or later be given over." He is a fanatic of the New Russia. In alliance with Russia, as part of Russia - it does not matter. Not important yet.

You can talk a lot about his "kinks." And you can not speak. Because it makes no sense. This man is what he was born. And it's too late to change something.

I asked in one of the conversations why he did not go to the polls. Indeed, despite the lack of approval at that time from above, it would be possible to try. “Where am I going to go to people? They came to me ... And to go into politics not from my hand, my business is war. ”

And remember about the Council of Commanders, which the Brain wanted to collect? The intention was very good - the overall coordination of hostilities, supplies, and work with civilians. The idea was killed by an indication from above. "Who goes under the brain - deprive of all." Here in this vein. In the end - zilch. There were four who did not care about this order. The rest preferred not to aggravate the relationship.

Later, when the brain's relations with the upper ranks improved, when it came to Bugrov that Borisovich did not claim his place (which is true), the Ghost Commander was allowed to hold the Council. "Come on, Borisovich, gather the people, decide how you will act together." To which Brainstorm quite reasonably replied that now you collect and decide. And I will come and support, if that.

Got a couple of critics for it. As usual. They say they don’t make contact, the Council doesn’t want to collect, and in general, what they think about themselves ...

And I have another question: why should the Council of Commanders collect it? Why then the defense minister is needed? And if the leadership of the LNR needs the Council, coordination is needed, then why should the field commander do this? Nonsense, however.

I am pretty amused by the information about what kind of education Alexey Borisovich has. Brass band conductor. Well, the orchestra plays the envy of others. Now, after Zarya was destroyed a week ago by the stupidity and idiocy of its command, the Ghost Brigade is the largest and best division of the LC. Unconditionally.

Here is a portrait turned out. Not a diplomat. Cuts down the shoulder. What a word, what a deed. But, by the way, he had a conversation with a man who served a week in the basement with him. “What for you?” - “For business. Language dissolved ... "-" And now what? "-" ... I will be less! "Works. In the same post.

Astonishing performance. Mad energy. The ability to win over people. Here, apparently, it is necessary to make a reservation: people who do not see a competitor in it. And since many see him as a competitor in the LC, there are always some kind of clashes.

He perceives criticism, as well as advice, but he does basically everything in his own way. Not because I do not respect someone else's opinion, I understood this: in a couple of days this pace just forgets.

The “inconvenience” of the Brain promises problems not only to him. It would be an unforgivable loss if Aleksei Borisovich received a reprimand or disagreement of the 7,62 caliber in the back. I heard about this from various sources, some of which are more than trustworthy. I hope that this still does not happen. Again, this would be an irretrievable loss for the LC.

You can still talk a lot about his personal qualities. But Aleksey Mozgovoy is an integral part of Lugansk region. Soldier of New Russia, as he says about himself. And the cause of Novorossia, to which he devotes himself, he will not betray and exchange for anything. For some reason I am sure.

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  1. mirag2
    mirag2 18 November 2014 08: 40
    Brain’s ideas will not work, no matter how people support them.
    What would happen exactly the "social-socialist" revolution ... No, I think this will not happen either now or in 2-5 years.
    Hoping for this is utopian., As in 1917, counting on the victory of people led by the idea of ​​anarchy.
    Could not Brain fight the oligarchs.
    Unfortunately, this is true, just as the truth is that anti-Russian sanctions will intensify.
    Well ... Well, let’s worry. In essence, this is also a blow for OUR future, and how it will become dependent on us.
    1. Stanislas
      Stanislas 18 November 2014 08: 59
      Quote: mirag2
      Could not Brain fight the oligarchs. ... We will worry. In essence, this is also a struggle for OUR future, and how it will become dependent on us.
      The way out of the political impasse in Ukraine lies in Russia, but, of course, not in the confluence of the DPR and LPR, which is what Western politicians and their sanctions lead us to. If we change our political situation in such a way that it is easier for Mozgovy to fight the oligarchs there, then I think these self-proclaimed people's republics will become New Russia soon and grow Little Russia.
    2. andj61
      andj61 18 November 2014 09: 07
      Quote: mirag2
      Well ... Well, let’s worry. In essence, this is also a blow for OUR future, and how it will become dependent on us.

      The people love the brain and those who are in power cannot tolerate those in power. Charismatic leaders are needed during the struggle, but they have no place in civilian life. Kotovsky, Frunze, even Makhno, whose army the Bolsheviks used until the capture of the Crimea, are such examples.
      I really would not want Brain to add to this list.
    3. Velikoruss
      Velikoruss 18 November 2014 21: 29
      Brain’s ideas will not work, no matter how people support them.

      Whether Brain’s ideas pass will depend ONLY on how the people support them. And there aren’t any new ideas that Alexei Borisovich came up with. Everything has long been known. But Mozgovoy is the one who began to fight for his dream, and did not sell it for a high-backed chair closer to the feeder. Because even his enemies respect him. And they are afraid, afraid of his integrity and determination to go to the end.
      Good luck Alexey Borisovich!
  2. Gray 43
    Gray 43 18 November 2014 09: 28
    From the beginning of the war, Brain admired the iron man !!!! If only he would not die.
  3. pahom54
    pahom54 18 November 2014 09: 35
    "Alexey Mozgovoy is an integral part of the Luhansk region. A soldier of Novorossiya" ...

    Such people need to be respected and protected ... It is a pity that his ideas do not fit with the ideas of "those in power" or "those who are striving for power" ...
    It turns out that the Brain battle on two fronts is actually - one against officially ukrov, and one against those who put sticks in wheels (to put it mildly) ...
    It remains only to wish the respected person health and mental strength on the way to the goal ...
  4. calocha
    calocha 18 November 2014 10: 34
    It would be better to write about sausage, it turns out better ... portraitist, however.
    1. atos_kin
      atos_kin 18 November 2014 11: 52
      Quote: calocha
      portraitist, however.

      This is not so with artists smile . They see the world differently ...
      And A.B. Brain is Chapai of our time. It is necessary to protect such. Describe the colors is not enough.
      1. calocha
        calocha 18 November 2014 12: 10
        I know Mozgovoy personally and understand him, but for the author, I respect him for his approach and grasp ... only a writer with him is still nothing ... this is my opinion.
    2. Black
      Black 18 November 2014 21: 50
      Quote: calocha
      portraitist, however.

      If that ... is not a portrait painter, probably, but not a sofa tapping on the keys, as we are. Hands off Roman!
      1. calocha
        calocha 18 November 2014 22: 39
        Eccentric letter - M! What kind of hands are you writing about ?! If it’s tight with your head, then to the doctors ... He said that the writer is NEVER! Someone likes Blok or Yesenin, and someone Akhmatova or Mayakovsky .. Everyone’s business .. For that and a platform to express your opinion ... And for his initiatives, They don’t look for good from kindness .... Minus me to the bulb ... laughing
  5. Egoza
    Egoza 18 November 2014 10: 42
    I think that in spite of the past elections, the people will sort out "xy from xy" in the leadership. This is a provisional government of appanage princes. And rightly Mozgovoy says that "the appanage principality will become udanny". The people got up to have a PEOPLE'S republic. This will be, but entirely NOVOROSSIYA. And Mozgovoy will take a worthy place in her leadership.
    Threat. Thank you Roman! Great description of a man! Article +++++++++
  6. Gomunkul
    Gomunkul 18 November 2014 11: 28
    Thanks for the article Roman. I am glad that honest and decent people who, as before the revolution of 1917, could say: I have honor, have not been translated into Russia! hi
  7. Yaro001
    Yaro001 18 November 2014 13: 11
    Thanks for the info! In general, this is how it turns out, at the top there is a bickering for the power of not the best sons of the fatherland. And the "lower classes", so to speak, are at war, perishing for a common idea, and it can also come from the other side. Sadly, this was such a good idea for Novorossiya. With such an approach, those who hold power and those who want to receive it, it will not be New Russia, but some kind of dimeletorized zone with an incomprehensible future.
    So my friends, my conclusions are disappointing: if there is no unity of the LPR and the DPR at all levels, then about that New Russia and which we are here We could all have reasoned to forget.
    But in spite of everything, our task is to continue to help you through VO and others who are more convenient for those people in New Russia who truly believe in its idea.
  8. Tamanskiy
    Tamanskiy 18 November 2014 13: 19
    That in Novorossiya Mozgovoy is respected is indisputable. But on the body the bridge was not called for this. They insisted that he would flare up and be kind of possessed in the eyes of viewers, which would discredit the militia as a whole. But, failed to provoke.
  9. Avas2006
    Avas2006 18 November 2014 21: 11
    Now, after a week ago the Zarya was destroyed by the Ukrainians due to the stupidity and idiocy of its command, the Ghost brigade is the largest and best unit of the LPR.

    For the first time I hear about this sad event. Is it possible more about this?
    And thanks for the article.
    1. Black
      Black 18 November 2014 21: 57
      Quote: Avas2006
      Is it possible more about this?
      And thanks for the article.

      In the Metalworker ..... according to ukrostviyam- about 100 soldiers were killed ....
      It’s not clear by the numbers .. but it looks like big losses ...
      As I said, for a beaten one, they give two unbeaten ... But they beat ukrov in August severely .... And there are the same Russians, snot rubbed in the face, the scientists became evil.
  10. mivail
    mivail 18 November 2014 22: 06
    Quote: mirag2
    Could not Brain fight the oligarchs.

    He will not be able to. But if the fight against the oligarchs in Russia begins, then it may survive.
    Quote: Yaro001
    It’s sad, but such a good idea was Novorossia.

    On the Maidan, too, they jumped for a good idea, supposedly they would remove the president-thief, join the geyropa, raise their salaries twice, etc. etc. Only, all the organizers of the Maidan deceived, and Kiev and Kharkov and Donetsk. All thrown to the fullest. The loot itself is rowed, it’s profitable on human grief, and ordinary citizens suffer and die for their damn damn.
    1. Black
      Black 18 November 2014 22: 38
      Quote: mivail
      But if the fight against the oligarchs in Russia begins, then it may survive.

      This is fantastic, my friend. not even scientific.
  11. воронов
    воронов 19 November 2014 22: 28
    For the time being they use it, then they will throw it out.
  12. VadimSt
    VadimSt 20 November 2014 02: 06
    Though they blew it, but I didn’t like the article!

    A series of articles about Mozgovoy, which has been pouring lately, as if from a cornucopia, is more like a series of excuses. But it is not clear to whom they are intended? Probably everything is much more prosaic - there is a large armed formation on the territory of the LPR, there is the territory of the LPR controlled by the brigade, there are ideological and other frictions of A. Mozgovoy with the leadership of the LPR. Everything! This is what you need to talk about and try to find a compromise. And so, what happens. So, TV bridges with representatives of the punishers of Donbass are needed to understand each other, and a dialogue with the legitimately elected authorities of the LPR, to protect against these punishers, is not needed? Then, what happens, personal interests exceed public ones? I’m not in the sense that this is Mozgovoy’s position, but the whole series of articles, and there are already about a dozen of them since the start of the company, looks exactly like that.

    Don't you need to come forward with such articles, in the role of some kind of lawyer? Brain, quite capable of doing everything himself! He, like anyone who grew up outside the city (well, not the city of Svatovo), has such a "natural streak" - to do everything himself and in the way he sees fit. So let him do it himself, guided not by his own emotions, but by the interests of the people he volunteered to protect. Quiet, without excitement, for the benefit of the common cause. Yes, it brings emotionality, first speaks from the "soul", and then thinks about resonance. But he is the same person as others, with feelings and character.

    As they say: - "Cool down, do not stomp your feet and do not raise more dust!"

    Personally, A. Mozgovoy, I respect for the principles and ideas of democracy. But at the same time, I believed and still believe that the policy of "war communism", which he promotes, exhausted itself in the thirties of the last century.
    The mentality of the industrial cities of Donbass is not at all the same as in those areas where Alexey lived and worked for a long time. This must be taken into account and must be reckoned with. Since the time of the Union, these are two different "worlds". One and the same approaches cannot be applied, as, for example, to a Muscovite and a resident of a village 100 km away.

    And what does the "people" live and talk about? And the people are afraid and angry! He is afraid that the confrontation between the "Cossacks" and the authorities of the LPR will lead to the self-destruction of the LPR, and is angry because he is being ignored. This is how he lives, or rather survives - without work, salaries and pensions, which the commanders of brigades and detachments will never be able to provide for them, without confidence in protection and so on, for one simple reason - feudal fragmentation and unpredictability of everyone and everything!
  13. The comment was deleted.