Russian Terminator

In recent years, in discussing the situation that has arisen in Russian tank building, high-ranking Russian officials and representatives of the command of the armed forces have subjected to harsh criticism, samples of armored vehicles, which are in service, as well as being developed. The criticism was oriented towards the Russian JSC NPK Uralvagonzavod, which today is a monopolist in the development and production of BTT. Tagil developers could not adequately cope with the problems encountered in the development of promising models - BMPT and tank, and made delays to modernize the existing T-90A tanks.

The experience of using armored vehicles in armed conflicts of recent years demonstrates that the armament system installed on it is sometimes quite effective for hitting dispersed and disguised targets: grenade launchers, machine gun crews, ATGM operators and snipers. Even with obsolete weapons, all of these objects pose a real threat to tanks, armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles, especially in settlements, mountains and forests. Wherever the aimed fire, in most cases, opens unexpectedly.

Today, a unique fire support fighting vehicle has been created in Russia, which Rosoboronexport showed at IDEX-2011 exhibition. It possesses special all-round protection against anti-tank weapons and a powerful armament complex for the destruction of enemy personnel and low-flying and protected targets, and the suppression of anti-tank weapons before they begin to be active. The Russian machine has no analogues in the world by its own qualities and complex of tasks. No wonder that media representatives called her the Russian Terminator.

The BMPT is intended for operations in various types of battles in the composition of motorized rifle and tank units and subunits. With all this, the main task of the BMPT is to suppress and destroy dangerous for tanks manpower (TOZHS). The use of 100 mm. The 2А70 pilot plant as part of the main armament of the BMPT, together with a huge ammunition load, provides an opportunity to hit hidden targets at a distance of up to 5 thousands of meters. When using AP 2А72 at a distance of up to 2,5 thousands of meters, effective target suppression was provided. The grenade launcher delivered in the 40 tower makes it possible to effectively destroy enemy's manpower at a distance of up to 2 thousands of meters when firing from a stationary place and in motion.

The defeat of infantry fighting vehicles and tanks at a distance of up to 5 thousands of meters is ensured by the use of Arkan missiles launched through the 2А70 test station. Also for the destruction of enemy armored vehicles on the BMPT, the Kornet anti-tank missile system installed in special containers protected from shrapnel and bullets was installed. In both of these weapon options, it is possible to effectively combat low-flying aircraft and tactical helicopters on oblique trajectories at a distance of up to 4 thousands of meters.

At the stage of preliminary field trials, an assessment was made of the effectiveness of the destruction of the enemy's protected manpower when firing fire from a subsurface fire fighting unit, artillery fire, and artillery fire.

Russian Terminator

Modern aiming and observation devices, as well as the distribution among all members of the crew of their own responsibility zones, allow timely identification and identification of enemy targets. The armament complex guarantees simultaneous firing at 3 targets. This means that 3 crew members have every chance to conduct independent fire on the targets detected in the 360 degrees sector. In other words, the high efficiency of BMPT is guaranteed by the multi-channel armament complex.

Particular attention when creating a unique car was paid to the degree of security of the crew. Due to the relatively small size and deforming color combat vehicle is hardly noticeable. Built-in dynamic protection significantly increases the level of protection from both armor-piercing sabots and single-piece cumulative means of destruction, anti-tank cumulative missiles with separate warheads. The automatic curtain system is an additional protection against artillery shells with semi-active laser homing heads and anti-tank guided missiles. At the same time, interference is caused to artillery systems equipped with laser range finders.

The sides of the BMPT are completely covered with screens with dynamic protection and special lattice screens, which, together with the armored compartments located on the sides of the hull, provide solid protection for the crew against the RPG. Fuel inside and outside the car is placed in a powerful armored compartments. The stern projection is covered with trellis screens. Protection of the crew against the penetration of fragments inside the hull and turret is guaranteed by fabric splinter shields.

Ignoring the impressive presence of armored protection, the combat vehicle has high mobility and maneuverability. This was achieved by installing an improved diesel four-stroke engine with an HP 1000 power. with turbonaduva and liquid cooling, perfect chassis and transmission, providing a smooth ride and a high degree of patency.

It should be noted and the fact that the modular placement of the main weapons provides the ability to install it on different types of tank chassis. For example, in the case of modernization of tanks. When changing the degree of protection and the mass of the module, it can also be put on light chassis (BMP) or light-duty ships.

However, who and in what form will order this car, time will tell. At the moment, on the basis of the results of the test, one thing is obvious: the use of BMPTs will significantly improve the degree of combat capabilities of subunits, reduce the loss of people and equipment, and, most importantly, effectively solve all the assigned combat tasks.

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