On the essence of the Russian government

On the essence of the Russian government

Many in Russia understand that the Russian authorities are by their very nature “anti-people” since they have been pursuing a policy against the peoples of Russia for two decades. Although the majority of the authorities, in reality, "do not care" for the people. It is clear that there are few direct "enemies", according to Stalin's expression, or enemy "agents of influence". The bulk of them are engaged in what they would do, by virtue of their psyche, which is far from the ideals of humanity, the overwhelming majority and the “ordinary” citizens of Russia are getting rich. In 1991, the opportunity arose to rob a huge civilization, in front of the riches of which all the treasures of the ancient Mayans, Aztecs, or Indian rajas pale.

It’s clear that they don’t want to go too far, so in Putin’s power 1999 turned out to be V. Putin, to find a balance between plunder and the most elementary interests of the population (at least in plain sight) - education, medicine, work, water cranes and so forth. Rob was so profitable that the ruling clans were objectively on the side of the people - the collapse of Russia was not in their interests. The main task of the political elite, as was the process of ensuring the prosperity of a narrow group, which began to belong to the real assets of the entire people. More or less tolerably, those who were close to the “pipe” (all directions of exporting the country's wealth — from military and space technologies to the forest, crude oil, children, women), and the creative intelligentsia serving the government, plus all kinds of artists, workers spheres of brain removal to the population.

The "anti-people" essence of the elite can be proved with just one sign. Where do children study and live, where do they buy property, where do they keep their capital? In the West.

But for a certain period of time, the Russian elite sensed a threat to their assets — the planet was "smelled" by the real world war, the loss of control over the richest part of the land. As a result, two groups began to stand out in the “elite”, those who want to continue the course of “democratization” and “privatization” as a result of completing the operation to solve the “Russian question”. Another group includes those who want to keep Russia's assets behind them. As a result, this group objectively plays on the side of the people, but not because they are so good, but simply because they feel that they are the “masters” of this vast territory, and they don’t want to give up power over it. In addition, there is an understanding that they are currently in the elite of the entire planet. And who will they be if they surrender Russia?

Understanding this, one can assess the actions of V. Putin - which at the same time irritates patriots of Russia and at the same time is repeatedly noted in actions that objectively play to the benefit of Russia. For example: lobbying the interests of Russia in India, Venezuela, etc. In the same vein, one can understand the feverish attempts to reanimate the military-industrial complex, arm the army, into which parties of the new weapons, contracts for the purchase of new weapons. If Russia is occupied, the political elite will lose its assets, so the "gnomes" must be armed. Therefore, there is an attempt to eliminate the threats inside - in the form of Islamic radicalism.

But since there is no complete concept of how to implement the Russia Forward program, there are a lot of mistakes at the exit. Rob and "cut" because it is much easier than to build. Hence all the attempts to “raise Russia” to the best of their understanding - all these “skolkovo” investments in the Olympics, the APEC summit, the football championship. Feverish attempts to carry out the integration process in the CIS.

The main reason for all this “stirring” is the pressure of global processes, the world smells like a lot of blood, the United States staggers, Jews are fleeing Israel, the destructive processes in the EU and at the same time leading to the creation of a single neo-fascist Europe, the Arab world is already burning. Interesting processes are also taking place in China - explosions, terrorist acts in national suburbs, and unrest in large cities.

Part of the Russian elite is now objectively "playing" on the side of the peoples of Russia. Although not professional, while maintaining its anti-national essence. But in this particular period of time, our interests coincided - it is necessary to preserve Russia and its statehood. Not to rock the boat in which we live, all sorts of liberals, Nemtsovs, Prokhorovs, Kasparovs, etc. are engaged in this. The people are not objectively interested in revolution when the planet is in such a difficult situation. It’s better to watch on TV how London and other European cities are being raided, how the US National Guard will pacify riots and insurrections, how Israel will crush. And there it will be seen. There is still no other political elite, the victory of the revolution in Russia will lead to the repetition of the 1917-1921 situation and not the fact that our people will be able to withstand this ordeal. The revolution will lead to the collapse of the country in Bantustan, intervention, famine (given the fact that there are few peasants in the Russian Federation, the population will be significantly thinned out), epidemics, and massacres on national and religious grounds.
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