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Expert: Yanukovych relieves the Ukrainian army from the "Soviet loafers"

Expert: Yanukovych relieves the Ukrainian army from the "Soviet loafers""The reduction of the Ukrainian army, proposed by President Viktor Yanukovych, is deliverance from excess cargo, which, in particular, arose from the fact that hopes for military cooperation with Russia were not fulfilled," Ukrainian political analyst Nikolay said in an interview with REGNUM 17 in August Mikhalchenko.

"The reduction of the Ukrainian army by five to ten thousand troops, in principle, does not solve anything. This is a reduction of those units that are not involved in combat crews or mobile units. These are, in the majority, residual bases that are still not closed, although It’s long time ago - as in Mukachevo, or they are in the process of closing, ”noted Mikhalchenko, in particular. "Thus, these cuts will not affect either the combat capability of the Ukrainian army, nor its logistical support. This is the reduction of inactive military structures. There are a number of military units that are in liquidation. Some of them were created in expectation of cooperation with the army Russia, the CIS countries. But in practice these calculations were not justified, "the political scientist continued his thought. “It is also possible that they will reduce the number of oversliders, since there are quite a few loafers in the Ukrainian army who are not modern military men. They are still remnants of the Soviet army. Thus, this is a purely auxiliary contraction,” the political scientist said.

As REGNUM news agency reported, the President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, initiates a reduction of the Armed Forces of Ukraine over 2012 for the year by thousands of people, including by 8 thousands of servicemen. So, Yanukovych introduced the draft Law “On the numerical strength of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for 5 year” as urgent for an extraordinary consideration in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Until the end of next year, he proposes to bring the number of the Ukrainian army to 2012 thousands of people, including 184 thousands of military personnel.
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  1. Superduck
    Superduck 19 August 2011 10: 51 New
    Some of them were created with the expectation of cooperation with the army of Russia and the CIS countries. But in practice, these calculations did not materialize.

    I would like a couple of examples, otherwise I don’t get it.
    1. svvaulsh
      svvaulsh 19 August 2011 13: 13 New
      If we are talking about Mukachevo, then most likely we are talking about over-the-horizon radar, but it was created back in the USSR. So, objects that are part of the global space tracking system will probably be reduced. I think the next will be the radar in Sevastopol.
      1. Superduck
        Superduck 19 August 2011 18: 52 New
        Well, Russia, like a station of the Voronezh class, began to build itself. And in general it’s right, the little thing is strategic, but no matter how hypothetically Ukraine would be friendly, another state.
  2. vlbelugin
    vlbelugin 19 August 2011 15: 03 New
    I don’t understand why Ukraine needs its own army?
    Ukraine will never be a state playing any role on the world stage. Therefore, it will be all the same with someone (or under someone) in union.
    If with NATO, then NATO will cover. A minimum amount of amusement troops is needed.
    Otherwise, Russia will NEVER leave Ukraine in trouble. And our soldiers will go to protect the little brothers. Which, I do not rule out, will later be to blame for them.
    Why then spend money, which is already not enough for yachts, villas, etc.
    1. escobar
      escobar 19 August 2011 17: 27 New
      I can explain why: to loot army loot. I’m from Ukraine and I’m talking about what. Yes, it’s not an army but a circus (a green frock for a bastard). I leave the border guards and special forces, the rest are at home. .
  3. mitrich
    mitrich 19 August 2011 17: 07 New
    Everyone wanted to ask SuperDuck:
    Ukraine has its own airborne forces?
    1. Superduck
      Superduck 19 August 2011 18: 12 New
      One airborne brigade and 3 airborne brigades.
      1. Superduck
        Superduck 19 August 2011 18: 53 New
        In general, I poorly understand the difference, now such a separation is becoming less common both in the media and in information from the Moscow Region.
        1. Serge
          Serge 20 August 2011 14: 51 New
          The Ukrainian Airborne Forces brigade is landing along with equipment (BMD, BTR-D, etc.), the Ukrainian Armed Forces brigade does not have airborne equipment, the technique is like a mechanized brigade, and the personnel are trained in airborne operations (landing from various types of aircraft both by parachute method and landing).
  4. The Crimean
    The Crimean 19 August 2011 18: 07 New
    airmobile brigade
  5. Garfild
    Garfild 19 August 2011 23: 26 New
    That's who is interested in everything about the Ukrainian army and other military units. On the left side (under the chevrons of the military branches), you can choose at the bottom - "Russian language"
    1. Chaplain
      Chaplain 7 September 2012 22: 23 New
      Thanks for the link to the site, it’s interesting to know what our neighbors think about us. And, after scrolling through a couple of articles, the interest is mutual.
  6. PSih2097
    PSih2097 19 August 2011 23: 36 New
    Until the end of next year, he proposes to increase the size of the Ukrainian army to 184 thousand people, including up to 139 thousand military personnel.

    184k - 139k = 45k lobsters ... or so.
  7. kress42rus
    kress42rus 24 October 2011 11: 47 New
    All RUSSIA is one solid Ukraine, everyone came out of Kievan Rus, so we have nothing to share, and all that is happening is Western bums and everyone who is trying to separate our people is a provocateur of the West !!!
    1. plotnikov561956
      plotnikov561956 25 March 2012 08: 06 New
      Quote: kress42rus

      All RUSSIA one solid Ukraine all came from Kievan Rus

      You put a cart in front of the horse in this place. The rest is 100% true.

      Ukrainians, when did this nation appear? The Slavs agree, we will look at the root
    2. does it
      does it 23 July 2012 09: 18 New
      you think so, and Ukrainian politicians remember this when gas prices need to be brought down.