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A billion people live on our planet 7,2, but the US is afraid of only Putin

A billion people live on our planet 7,2, but the US is afraid of only Putin

There are 7,2 billion people living on our planet, but the United States is only afraid of one thing - Vladimir Putin. This happens because on almost every front of the new Cold War, the Russian president poses a great danger to the West. Fear sometimes forces people to do strange things. Forbes magazine for the second year in a row calls Putin the most influential person on the planet.

It is said that the Russians long harnessed, but quickly go. After a slow and long process of restoring the Russian economy from the ruins, Putin is ready for a “fast ride”. In Syria, the Crimea, in Ukraine, the West had to retire and swallow the bitter pill of humiliation. In the field of energy, for example, it is Russian, not Western, pipelines will occupy a dominant position in the Eurasian space.

He knows their DNA.

Thanks to his killer past, the Russian president understands better than any other leader how the policy of the United States functions. Their “modus operandi” (synchronized with the British) is the organization of coups, riots and local revolutions in countries where the leaders are uncomfortable for the Americans. Chile, Iran, Ecuador, Venezuela, Panama and Ukraine can serve as classic examples.

John Perkins, in his book Confessions of an Economic Killer, described in detail how he and other “economic killers” were sent to developing countries, officially as consultants, but with the real goal of bribing diplomats, managers and politicians to fulfill the will of the United States Quite often, they succeeded, but in case of failure, the CIA sent their “jackals” to the country - professionally trained killers who organized the death of those who stood in the way of American domination.

These one - two-way combinations, turned by economic killers, were so effective in the banana republics that the United States rarely had to resort to other means. Among the rare cases when Americans had to use military force to achieve their business goals, were Iraq and (to a lesser extent) Libya.

Putin knows that the United States tried to do something similar in Russia. As a former KGB general who served in East Germany, he easily distinguishes the style of "economic killers."

"In order to understand why he turned out to be such a strong player, it is necessary to know that he, in particular, is very familiar with counterintelligence methods", writes Joaquin Flores. “Counterintelligence is not only exposing spies, but, more importantly, hindering the work of other agents deployed to destroy state institutions from the inside.”

In parallel with the American covert operations, an open war is developing. It has now become clear that the economy of the United States (like their sidekick of Britain) is the economy of war. The adviser to the Russian president, Sergei Glazyev, said during a round table in Moscow: “The Americans benefited from every war in Europe - from the First, Second World Wars and the Cold War. The wars that took place in Europe are at the heart of their economic miracle and their prosperity. ”

Obviously, the war in Ukraine is only an excuse to draw Russia into direct military conflict with the Ukrainian armed forces and organize a new regional war in Europe.

Russia's response was twofold.

On the one hand, by refusing to be directly involved in a military conflict, Putin thwarted the cunning plans of the Americans. One Chinese general called America's helplessness in Ukraine a strategic "erectile dysfunction."

Destroy the economic predator

Putin, on the other hand, uses asymmetrical strategies to stop, and ultimately defeat, the American Empire. And in the first place, he intends to strike at the very heart of American power — the American dollar. With the help of the BRICS countries, Russia is now moving away from the use of the dollar in international trade - a step that could hit the American economy very painfully.

According to analysts of the financial portal Zero Hedge, “the countermeasures proposed by Glazyev aimed primarily at a key element of the American military machine, that is, at the Fed's printing press. Putin’s advisor proposes creating a “broad anti-dollar alliance” of countries that are willing and able to drop the dollar in international trade. Alliance members will also refrain from storing their foreign exchange reserves in financial instruments denominated in dollars. The anti-dollar coalition will be the first step towards creating an anti-war coalition that can stop American aggression. ”

“It’s not surprising that, according to Glazyev, the European business community should play the main role in creating such a political coalition, since America’s desire to stir up a war in Europe and a cold war against Russia runs counter to the interests of big European business.”

“Judging by what efforts have recently been made by business leaders in Germany, France, Italy and Australia, in order to lift the sanctions imposed against Russia, Putin’s adviser is right in his assessments. For Washington, this war in Ukraine can suddenly grow into a European war of independence from the United States and a war against the dollar. ”

Russia is also promoting some institutional changes. The new BRICS Development Bank with a registered capital of 100 billions of dollars will not only limit the influence of Western credit institutions, but also stop the flow of currency from developing countries to the West.

In the modern world credit system there is a bias in favor of Western countries. When the World Bank or the IMF offer a loan, a huge set of conditions is attached to it. For example, money can be used to buy only Western goods or services. Or, with the money allocated, you can build dams, but they cannot be spent on improving the drinking water supply system.

And of course, technologies and materials for the construction of dams should also be purchased in the West. And since the provision of drinking water remains low, there is a need to organize the supply of bottled water from the West. Thus, the new bank will hit the most sore point of the West - in his pocket.

While Putin repeatedly makes the right moves on a geopolitical chessboard, his opponents also do not sit with folded arms, watching the decline of their empire. Currently, the ruble is falling against the US dollar, while Saudi Arabia deliberately lowers the price of oil, and, most likely, at the behest of its American overlords. Americans will continue to try to overthrow Russia by any means, since this is the only country that stands in the way of the United States to world domination.

However, Putin is a judoka who knows how to use the power of his opponent against him. The reinforcements come from the East, mainly from China, but also from India. The defeat of the forces headed by America is just a matter of time.

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  1. Fedya
    Fedya 17 November 2014 06: 30
    And it pleases !
    1. SHILO
      SHILO 17 November 2014 07: 07
      Quote: Fedya
      And it pleases !

      What pleases you? belay That Russia is on the extreme list for "democratization"? sad
      1. smart Fox
        smart Fox 17 November 2014 08: 38
        Do you need such a "democratization" as in Iraq, Libya or Ukraine? Well, then you go there.
    2. Giant thought
      Giant thought 17 November 2014 10: 40
      And for evil we are all bourgeois petrodollars shoe.
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. Denis fj
      Denis fj 17 November 2014 20: 05
      I make an amendment. Putin was not a KGB general. He rose to the rank of colonel, then with the collapse of the USSR he left the service in intelligence.
  2. Magic archer
    Magic archer 17 November 2014 06: 38
    Fear has big eyes. Let them fear.
  3. pexotinec
    pexotinec 17 November 2014 06: 39
    A great future awaits us, and I have no doubt about that.
    1. Момент
      Момент 17 November 2014 07: 01
      It would be nice to live up to the time when you can decorate the Christmas tree with green pieces of paper. Strength and good luck, and now this is the most important thing, you Russia, before the next test.
      1. mihasik
        mihasik 17 November 2014 10: 23
        Quote: Moment
        It would be nice to live up to the time when you can decorate the tree with green pieces of paper

        For an impressive part of our population, such a "decoration" of the Christmas tree will mean the collapse of everything in the world.
    2. Finches
      Finches 17 November 2014 07: 41
      If you measure the history of the state not longer than the life of one generation, but wider, then Russia is a great power, despite the collapse of empires: the Russian and the USSR! We have a great past, a grand present and a brilliant future, like the largest, multinational country in the world!
      In general, the time has come to look a reptile (USA) directly in the eye!
  4. dimdimich71
    dimdimich71 17 November 2014 06: 40
    Live? Live!
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 17 November 2014 06: 40
    Reinforcements come from the East, mainly from China, but also from India. The defeat of the forces led by America is just a matter of time.

    Rakesh Sima, in my opinion, made the right conclusions. Well entered into the article VVP's professional skills for working in an "office".
  6. Lyton
    Lyton 17 November 2014 06: 42
    Quote: Fedya
    And it pleases !

    Undoubtedly, we should completely abandon this green paper inside Russia.
    1. Barakuda
      Barakuda 17 November 2014 06: 46
      For this, the central bank should be taken in a fit. Least. Parasites sit in favor of the USA ..
    2. DV69
      DV69 17 November 2014 07: 51
      Quote: Lyton

      Undoubtedly, we should completely abandon this green paper inside Russia.

      And tell me please, where is it calculated in US dollars in Russia? Or do you offer exchangers to close?
  7. Barakuda
    Barakuda 17 November 2014 06: 42
    Putin rose to the captain, why be afraid of him? Let it just be! angry
  8. morpogr
    morpogr 17 November 2014 06: 52
    The frayer's greed will destroy. Apparently in the West they are not familiar with this saying.
  9. el.krokodil
    el.krokodil 17 November 2014 06: 52
    Putin knows that the United States tried to do something similar in Russia. As a former KGB general who served in East Germany, he easily distinguishes the style of "economic killers."
    as far as KGB GDP captain is known laughing the author raised the title, then respects laughing they are not afraid, they are banal o.chkayut .. they will be afraid later-when RUSSIA re-equips the ARMY AND THE NAVY when UNCLE VOVA will no longer call the p and nd wasps "partners" laughing
  10. shishakova
    shishakova 17 November 2014 06: 54
    To be strong, you need to weaken the enemy "?!))
    To be strong, one must be healthy and smart, and besides, never forget the boomerang law.
    To be strong, it is useful to love your neighbor.
  11. T2014
    T2014 17 November 2014 06: 55
    Well done Vladimir Vladimirovich! The main thing is not to step back a step, the whole world will be respected!
  12. Rurikovich
    Rurikovich 17 November 2014 06: 56
    Given the adaptability of our population to adversity (the Second World War and the devastation of the 90s is an example of this), we conclude that sanctions are useless. They are aimed at the "elite" in the form of oligarchs and business. That they will displace Putin. And grandfather Stalin would probably have acted asymmetrically - he would have simply removed the concept of the elite from the consciousness of the people, then the people would have become even more resistant to shocks and the imposition of other orders from outside.
    Hybrid, economic and other wars against Russia and the Slavs as a whole can be successfully fought! You just need to have an unbending will and iron och.ko! Only then we will win !!! soldier
    And they are not afraid of Putin alone, but of the people standing behind him!
  13. GRF
    GRF 17 November 2014 07: 02
    Maybe it makes sense in some sort of mandatory pre-presidential training? Naturally, everything is in advance ...
    With mandatory informing the people about the learning process of each candidate for the presidency?
    1. gunya
      gunya 17 November 2014 17: 17
      GRF SU  Today, 07:02 AM

      Maybe it makes sense in some sort of mandatory pre-presidential training? Naturally, everything is in advance ...
      With mandatory informing the people about the training process of each candidate for the presidency

      Of course, there is a sense, but you have to change the constitution and the system of presidential elections.
      besides, the mass of PR managers will be left without work.
  14. ya.seliwerstov2013
    ya.seliwerstov2013 17 November 2014 07: 10
    Putin is not only afraid. Many countries envy Russia that it has such a President! And they are right, I’m also glad that such a person rules the State! I’m not afraid of anything with Him.
  15. Flinky
    Flinky 17 November 2014 07: 16
    Article plus. However, the author is most likely wrong about the Saudis - it is beneficial for them, because the shale bubble should burst.
  16. Barakuda
    Barakuda 17 November 2014 07: 20
    A third of the world's raw materials. You need to think about it. The military-industrial complex is not in vain Vovka Putin revives.
  17. sv68
    sv68 17 November 2014 07: 25
    More than seven billion people live on our planet, and among them the most dumb down planet Banana Obama also unfortunately still lives alas! am
    1. Barakuda
      Barakuda 17 November 2014 07: 34
      Well, give an ice pick to your hands, and let’s put a monument to him.
  18. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 17 November 2014 07: 27
    All applicants for the presidency in Russia must study at the Foreign Intelligence Academy. And to work against "partners" for several years. It's like a plague vaccine. You will not get infected after such preparation with liberal ideology.
  19. Andrea
    Andrea 17 November 2014 07: 30
    Here and another ally is planned! It seems that India expressed a desire to join the Siberian gas pipeline?
    1. Barakuda
      Barakuda 17 November 2014 07: 38
      And where are we without India, or is it without us? Sanskrit is very similar to Old Russian. Glagolitic is resting.
  20. mahnabar
    mahnabar 17 November 2014 07: 35
    A TUNNED monkey is simply from the words Vladimir, Russia, the mace shrips its saliva and loses peace of mind ... you look at the descendant of slaves before he became president and after! 2 different people! Another half year in power and the monkey will catch heart attack
  21. fridge
    fridge 17 November 2014 07: 44
    A billion people live on our planet 7,2, but the US is afraid of only Putin
    The article has a cool headline, and if the enemies didn’t forget about our armed forces and the navy, it was provided with a shake in the knees. yes
  22. Denis
    Denis 17 November 2014 07: 55
    Tremble ... (hereinafter referred to as swearing)
    1. assam4
      assam4 17 November 2014 11: 03
      There is no need to compare them, firstly, Putin is still far from Stalin, and secondly, their political views are completely opposite. And the image of the enemy Putin is beneficial to the United States in order to bring back its weakened allies and force them to pay American military expenses.
      1. Denis
        Denis 18 November 2014 00: 58
        Quote: assam4
        the image of Putin's enemy is beneficial to the United States

        Better to be a friend? Yes, such friends for ... and to the museum!
        There was a couple, spotted Judas and a drunk boar, was everything right?
        We still disentangle
  23. frost1979
    frost1979 17 November 2014 08: 42
    As a former KGB general who served in East Germany ...
    As far as I remember, Putin has the rank of Colonel ... or is there other data?
    1. Alexey M
      Alexey M 17 November 2014 08: 53
      I will tell you a secret that Vladimir Putin is still in the service of the Fatherland. So he definitely has a general for service. smile
      1. Setrac
        Setrac 17 November 2014 09: 08
        Quote: Alexey M
        Vladimir Putin is still in the service of the Fatherland

        ...... there are no ex!
  24. zero12005
    zero12005 17 November 2014 09: 06
    Quote: SHILO
    What pleases that? That Russia is on the extreme list for "democratization"?

    We crawl out of shit into which we were tagged with an alcoholic. And they have been on the list for 500 years already, so do not flatter yourself that they wrote it yesterday ...
  25. KBR109
    KBR109 17 November 2014 09: 07
    Supreme Commander - that's for sure. And what have we for years of service have already begun to give generals ??? Lieutenant colonel.
  26. afecn
    afecn 17 November 2014 09: 20
    If it is true that we are purposefully buying gold ... In general, I am more and more convinced that not a philosopher (according to Plato) should sit on the throne, but an intelligence officer. If the dollar collapses, then, most likely, there will be no real world currency and the world FS will inevitably switch to the "gold standard" ... Oh Ukraine, what have you done !?
  27. Vend
    Vend 17 November 2014 10: 51
    Can not wait! I would like to see the fall of the US and the EU.
    1. Petrik66
      Petrik66 18 November 2014 00: 17
      I am only for, but so far we have waited for sanctions and a dollar for 48 rubles. It would be nice to deal with internal affairs, otherwise we will become like Ukrainians - it’s freezing with us, but we are discussing how soon the cursed will bend.
      1. Vend
        Vend 18 November 2014 10: 27
        Quote: Petrik66
        I am only for, but so far we have waited for sanctions and a dollar for 48 rubles. It would be nice to deal with internal affairs, otherwise we will become like Ukrainians - it’s freezing with us, but we are discussing how soon the cursed will bend.

        I don’t know what’s where anyone’s freezing, but Russia is acting quite effectively. And sanctions are only on hand and the dollar too. The dollar is the problem of those who buy abroad, go there to relax and can not imagine their lives without this and imported products. I am watched by lovers of US and EU lovers laughing
  28. an_pearl
    an_pearl 17 November 2014 13: 12
    Our cause is just, the enemy will be defeated, victory will be ours!
  29. andrereu74
    andrereu74 17 November 2014 13: 43
    uh, more real friends to us !!!
  30. Tribuns
    Tribuns 17 November 2014 15: 07
    When asked by the West why Vladimir Putin was "bold and lucky," we answer:

    1. "Why, my friend, yes because
    That he did not teach life from a textbook ... "
    He was a judoka,
    He was a scout ...
    And preserving the laws of the genre,
    We wish him long summers!

    2.Russia and Putin are at the same time,
    They shoulder each other ...
    Ah, the West with its sanctions ...
    Sent to the famous "mother"!
    So that from the "unfinished",
    Get it "done right" ...
  31. xavbek7
    xavbek7 17 November 2014 15: 57
    Everything is perfectly done by the Supreme ... !!! Only I would not be late with a successor !!! - We don’t need a second "cornman" !!!
  32. nogicune
    nogicune 17 November 2014 16: 22
    As a former KGB general serving in East Germany
    I could have missed the guys, and when Putin was promoted, he (if I'm not mistaken) is a colonel
  33. Petrik66
    Petrik66 18 November 2014 00: 14
    The bravado in the article is inspiring. In Australia, it became clear: Our elite overestimated the independence of Europe, underestimated the decisiveness of the United States in Hohland, underestimated the consolidation of the "winners". who are not going to revise the status quo at all. China and the rest of the BRICS were afraid to give a quick voice - they say not dare to offend Putin ..... Russia is again alone against a consolidated gang of international gangs ... s. Our "friends" are waiting and wanting to cash in on our grief like a dad. Turning to the east - smacks of some confusion and unpreparedness (from our side). We chatted for a long time about the technical revolution, and oil remained ours, they profiled the shale revolution in the USA ....... isn't it too much? And on the site you can hear everything - That's how it was planned ... we all, they are afraid of us and so on. Industry and agriculture need to be developed, then you won't have to tell Putin that everything is fine, beautiful marquis ...