Russian BTR-82 - deep modernization of the "eighties"


On the Russian modernized armored personnel carrier BTR-82 tells the press secretary of "Military-Industrial Company" Colonel Reserve, candidate of military sciences Sergey Suvorov.

- We were tasked to make two samples of such a machine in July by the end of November (versions with the 14,5-mm machine gun and with the 30-mm automatic cannon). We made them, as promised, on November 30, both cars rolled out of the shops and had a "photo session". Back in July, when the extended technical conference was held at the military industrial complex on the territory of the Arzamas Machine-Building Plant, the head of the GABTU General A. Shevchenko was ordered to designate the new BTR-80 and BTR-80А by means of a deeply modernized BTR-82 / 82А. And the machines are ready for testing.

The need for such modernization of the BTR-80 is long overdue. During our trips to the troops, we often heard from people using our equipment that the BTR-80 was a great machine, everyone was happy, but we need drives of weapons, we didn’t even talk about stabilizing weapons, but just talking about drives.

Our designers went further. Now on the BTR-82 there are not only drives, but also a two-plane weapon stabilizer, a combined sight with independent stabilization of the visual field. In the version with the 14,5-mm KPVT machine gun, a power supply system appeared with a single ribbon on 500 cartridges, i.e. there was no need for the crew to reload the machine gun 10 times (10 boxes for 50 cartridges, so it was on the BTR-80).

The tower for both variants of the BTR-82 is unified, only the main one is different weapon - or a heavy machine gun, or an 30-mm automatic cannon.

In addition, protection and habitat conditions were somewhat improved through the use of anti-shatter podboy and the installation of air conditioning. By car installed new means of communication, orientation.

The mass of the car has grown to 15 t, so I had to make changes to the design of the chassis and power plant. On the BTR uses a new engine power 300 hp, strengthened chassis and transmission. The standard chassis of the BTR-80 was designed for a load up to 15 t, therefore a further increase in the mass of the car was fraught with failure of the elements of the chassis of the BTR and the loss of its mobility.

Even in a nutshell, the BTR-82 and BTR-80 differ in many design changes, so the assignment of a new index to the upgraded armored personnel carrier is justified. It was also once with a tank T-55 after the modernization of the T-54B, with the T-90 tank after the modernization of the T-72BM, this happened with the BTR-82.
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  1. NOT Ivanov
    14 December 2010 21: 36
    Katsapetovka, does the BTR-82 look like a BTR-3? Raced
    1. Alexey Prikazchikov
      26 October 2011 11: 21
      Go to the Hohlyatsok offspring am
  2. dred
    1 January 2012 19: 22
    BTR-82 is beautiful and most importantly reliable.
  3. schonia06rus
    April 24 2012 20: 49
    dred, yeah! armored personnel carrier 80 from a shot from an RPG 7 burns like foil
  4. malkor
    12 February 2013 20: 29
    good upgrade option btr80
  5. +1
    8 September 2014 23: 34
    Ahaha, similar to the BTR-3)))
    And the fact that the BTR-80AM is based on the BTR-82A nothing ???
    And the fact that the BTR-80AM was developed earlier, whose BTR-3 is nothing ???)))
    Ucropatriots, as always, live in a parallel universe
  6. -1
    24 December 2014 17: 01
    Dynamic armor would weigh it! That’s really fighting survivability has increased!