Army: why soldiers glamorous berets?

Army: why soldiers glamorous berets?

In 2010, after two years of "serious" thought, the State Duma of the Russian Federation approved a new form of the Russian army. Valentin Yudashkin, personal stylist Svetlana Medvedeva, having mastered 170 million rubles, presented the high authorities with new models of military uniforms for all military branches. It turned out "something", quite remotely resembling a form, but more like club jackets and coats of "golden youth". The new uniforms for women, fitted, well-emphasizing the shape of V. Yudashkin's models, but completely unsuitable for the daily service of women of different ages, stand apart, especially the astrakhan beret, which is very “glamorous” accessory for the active army.

Evil tongues say that the coat of the General of the Russian Army is reminiscent of Martin Borman’s coat from the TV series “Seventeen Moments of Spring”, but the uniform of the soldiers and officers of the Third Reich looks more perfect than the current hack of V. Yudashkin, who is much better at wedding dresses than the uniform soldiers and officers of the army of the Russian Federation.

The choice of the stylist for the new form by the Ministry of Defense was dictated, of course, not by the talent of the developer who conducted numerous surveys and combined in his project all the best achievements in the form of leading countries of the world, but proximity to the ruling establishment. As a result, a lot of money has been spent, and the result is not just zero, but sharply negative. Insulation is absolutely not suitable for winter conditions, after -15 it freezes through, the so-called three-layer fabric with membrane technology, in fact does not release steam to the outside, but instantly cools and freezes, creating a greenhouse effect in the heat. The field uniform does not withstand any criticism, “stickies” no longer hold their pockets, turning all clothes into a shapeless pile, “shoulder strap on the belly” has already become the hero of many ridicule and apt expressions. The cover of the sweater is reminiscent of a NATO sweater, but this little dirty V. Udashkin looks like a joke, against the background of the fact that the field uniform has no double seam and is constantly torn, cutting pants with pockets on the hips is good only for dancing, but not for fighting.

The main question that arises when meeting with these "masterpieces" of V. Yudashkin, for what purpose was the new form created? For parades, beautiful views of the high command, or for the conduct of hostilities? In fairness, it should be noted that the military uniform of the 1994 model of the year is also not much better. B.Neltsin, apparently wanted to reduce the cost of maintaining the army, simplifying the form, reducing much of the clothing allowance. The modern command of the Russian army went even further, with a total reduction in the number of soldiers and officers, the generals decided to divide the army into two parts - masters and servants. For the caste of gentlemen, club uniforms, for servants, poorly adapted to the harsh demands of Russia, which is more suitable for NATO’s local summer operations to prevent nations from striving for self-determination. Such behavior of the high command of the Russian army, otherwise as a betrayal, cannot be regarded. In addition to the total destruction of the army by reducing it, depriving the morale of the Russian soldier, there is a mockery of the officers themselves and the soldiers who honestly perform their duty, loyal to the oath taken. This state of affairs in the Ministry of Defense cannot continue any longer, this is the way to lead the country to perdition, when the best officers who understand the betrayal prefer to leave the service than to be in the same ranks with the destroyers of the combat power of the Russian army.

The military uniform, except for the front door, must be adapted for combat operations, for service in different circumstances and weather conditions. It is in the fighting that all the advantages and disadvantages of uniforms are checked, in addition, we must not forget that in the event of war, the tailoring of the uniform must be adjusted anywhere, attracting untrained people for this. Consequently, the fit of the field uniform should be simple, in critical places reinforced with double cloth, the materials used should, if possible, only natural be used as the most hygienic and easily replenished. What is bad tuner model 1943, cloak - tent, jacket and trousers? Add to this the officer's sheepskin coat, felt boots and earflaps, a greatcoat with a collar and tarpaulin boots. Boots are good for dry terrain, for example, in the American army they give out three changes of socks every day, but what about combat conditions, what is important to deliver first of all - ammunition, kitchen or socks? The answer is obvious - the first and second, and more, so the socks are likely to be replaced with footcloths. During the Great Patriotic War, in the winter, soldiers preferred boots (if there were no felt boots), since they could additionally wrap footcloths and lay with a newspaper, which is not the case with boots.

The created modern form does not take into account the realities of the fighting at all, but the army is not created for the parade, but for possible war. Why did nobody take this into account? V.Yudashkin simply could not, by virtue of his specifics, but the customer - the Ministry of Defense had to intervene at the stage of developing military uniforms. Apparently, the current leadership does not present itself in the role of military leaders and, in the event of hostilities, immediately leave Russia on personal jets to their foreign nests, leaving us a broken trough - the Russian army.

We, the Russian people, must first of all understand that it is not high-precision homing weapons and not numerous bombardments that are winning on the battlefields, but soldiers! Only a soldier’s boot can pass from Moscow to Berlin, only sooty black hands will cling to every blade of Russian land, biting into it until the very last breath. That is why we are simply obliged to make a very convenient and practical uniform, providing for not only strength, but also the maximum possible disguise, as well as the creation of fast tailoring in various enterprises and even in field conditions. It is necessary to study not only the experience of foreign armies that never howl in our harsh conditions, but also the experience of two Patriotic Wars that shook our Homeland in the twentieth century. A military uniform, as a “second skin” of a warrior, must keep it from enemy bullets, protect it from cold and rain, be able to dry quickly and be easily cleaned from dirt, because in war conditions there is no time to constantly maintain uniforms in working condition.

This is a nontrivial task and it needs to be addressed now, otherwise we will simply be swept away, especially in the light of recent events on the financial markets of the whole world, when the collapse of the existing monetarist idea has become so close that it is clear to many what it will end in - the Third World War. Russia will again find itself in the crosshairs of sights of many countries of the world and it is not necessary to hope that everything will cost. No cost, we need to prepare for war! But how to prepare for the upcoming hostilities, if the army is reduced as “shagreen”, losing not only soldiers and officers, weapons and scientific and technical personnel, but also “second skin” - uniforms? At this stage, only one can be prepared - an understanding of the treacherous essence of the higher generals of the Ministry of Defense and the ruling Kremlin elite, who do not develop the doctrine of a future war, do not prepare for it, but plunder the budget of our country, destroying everything that falls into their hands.

A.E. Serdyukov, the Minister of Defense, does not have a doctrine of conducting a future war, no one understands the gravity of the current situation in Russia. The greatest threat to us is China, which is constantly increasing spending on armaments. Undoubtedly, the military command of China is developing the future offensive doctrine of the war of aggression with its closest neighbors - Korea, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, etc. Our “far-sighted” military leadership, together with the Kremlin's political strategists, literally drained the Far East and Siberia, dismantling the fortified territories, cutting off the armed grouping, reducing the number of military equipment and weapons. A huge number of tanks are abandoned and practically not guarded, and in fact a modern tank, even decommissioned, is almost ready for a dot with a very powerful gun and good protection. The southern direction, where the ambitions of Turkey clearly extend to our Caucasus, the Crimea and the Stavropol Territory, is also very dangerous for us. That is why all the leaders of the gangs were in the Masonic Turkish lodge "Young Turkey", including M.Shaimiev and R.Aushev. The growth of separatist sentiments in Tatarstan and Bashkiria suggests that not only the Chechen Republic and Dagestan can give us a “surprise” by entering Great Turan - the future Turkey according to the plans of CIA strategists.

Anti-Russian sentiments in Ukraine indicate that the global backstage is also planning to divide Ukraine when the southern regions move to Turkey, and Western Ukraine becomes part of Hungary, Romania and Poland. The growing tension in relations with the Baltic countries, the aspiration of Finland to NATO, clearly indicate that the United States plans to strike from the West. But our most dangerous and insidious enemy is China, capable of gathering a huge army in numbers. You should not console yourself with the fact that she is not so well armed that the morale of an army that does not win a single war is low and is not able to withstand the Russian army. First of all, the soldier wins, and the superiority of the Chinese armed forces over ours can be fivefold or more; in such conditions, especially close combat, no high-precision bombardment will help, but only a well-planned tactic of conducting combat operations in the conditions of Siberian frosts and summer thaw. That is why it is so important now to develop the necessary uniforms for the soldiers and officers, fully commensurate with future military operations, to make it as reliable and simple as a Kalashnikov assault rifle.
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