Ivashov: there will be no novelty at MAKS

Ivashov: there will be no novelty at MAKSAt the MAKS air show there will be no domestic competitive innovations, said in an interview with “Actual Comments” the President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov. According to him, the Superjet 100 is assembled on 90% from Western units, and this is more of a Boeing than, indeed, a Russian aircraft.

"Again, TU-204, TU-304 already shown many times, but not in demand in the domestic market, this is what we show, but there will be no novelty there," said the source. He noted that “the process of destruction of our civil aircraft industry” will be demonstrated at the air show.

“The situation is somewhat better in the military aviation“, Ivashov noted,“ but without a general civilian aircraft industry, the military industry cannot look powerful and strong. They are interconnected, and therefore we will once again demonstrate the fifth generation fighter. "

Leonid Ivashov noted that the MiG-29CNT, which was presented at the MAKS-2010 air show, “is not being manufactured”. “So I’m afraid this will be the same with the fifth-generation fighter,” the expert said. In his opinion, “something is happening on MAKS, rather, ostentatious than real concern for the development of the domestic avistroitelnoy industry.”

Recall, as reported by “Actual Comments”, on August 16, the MAKS-2011 air show starts in Zhukovsky near Moscow, in which almost 850 campaigns from 40 countries will take part.
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  1. g.litasoff
    g.litasoff 17 August 2011 12: 10 New
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    Just once again, we will show the obvious - in Russia, everything is only destroyed under a plausible pretext, "reforming". Even if there is new technology in the Army, there will be no one to operate it. The Superjet 100 is another step towards the expansion of the aircraft building industry, old specialists will die out as “mammoths,” and new ones will not gain experience. So quietly and gracefully everything will die
  2. serezhafedotow
    serezhafedotow 17 August 2011 19: 13 New
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    Ivashov once again dismissed his snot. This old depresnyak got it already!
    1. zczczc
      zczczc 17 August 2011 22: 48 New
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      Colonel-General is not paid to incense incense. There are ministers and other top officials for this.
  3. PSih2097 17 August 2011 20: 57 New
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    “So I fear, it will be the same with the new fifth generation fighter,” said the expert. In his opinion, “something rather ostentatious is happening at the MAKS rather than real concern for the development of the domestic aircraft building industry.”

    about the golden eagle (s-37) they also said that it was a prototype of the 5th generation, as a result it became a laboratory for the 5th generation, although the flyers said that it was better than 33 and 37 drying.
  4. MaxArt
    MaxArt 18 August 2011 02: 09 New
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    "... introduced at the MAKS-2010 air show ..."

    SW. Ivashov forgot that in 2010 there was no MAKS ...

    nothing more to add, nothing new.